Annoying Things Your Partner Does That Can Make You Cheat

10 Annoying Things Your Partner Does That Can Make You Cheat

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you feel stuck with a partner who constantly annoys you, it can be frustrating, disheartening, and can even make you contemplate doing something drastic like cheating; here are some annoying things your partner does that can make you cheat.

Things change in the circle of life. Autumn turns into winter, day turns into night, stars are born and then die, and the person who used to be the love of your life has become a burden. He or she used to be your greatest source of pleasure and your ultimate romantic goal, but now he or she is just an albatross around your neck.

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Even worse, all of your friends are out having the time of their lives and telling you about every new romantic interest they meet, while you’re stuck inside with the person you’re supposed to be dating, who is a black hole.

Should I cheat or not?

Definitely, it’s a hard question. Can your partner’s behavior make it okay for you to cheat on them, even if they’ve become a troublesome, annoying lump of disinterest? Some people would answer this question with a strong “no.” For some people, the answer is a resounding “yes!”

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You, the reader, are the only one who can answer this question, and the answer will depend on you. If you’re a person who thinks it’s okay to have a fling every now and then, and your partner isn’t treating you as well as they could, the following ten things might make you decide to do just that. To cheat or not to cheat? – This will help you decide.

Things that annoy you and might make you want to cheat

Even though cheating is wrong in and of itself, you can’t deny that it can be very tempting, especially if your partner does these things.

#1 Flirting. 

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This can be a harmless habit most of the time, but if you do it too much or with too much sincerity, it can be very annoying. We’ve all met people like the octopus or the black widow spider. They’re all over friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, or anyone else who’s close enough to touch.

They seem to think this is okay, and they will always say they are innocent. But most of the rest of the universe doesn’t think that these thinly veiled attempts to molest are anything like that. If you’re going to use a behavior trait to justify cheating, you might as well use this one, which is very annoying for everyone.

#2 Being dismissive. 

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Every person wants to be heard. It’s not selfish at all; it just shows that your voice and opinion are valued, which is something everyone wants. But you don’t want to be cut off in the middle of a conversation, talked over, ignored, or even laughed at, especially by your partner.

If you’ve ended up with a jerk or diva who thinks that their opinion is the only one that should be heard, you might think that their behavior justifies a little cheating on the side. If they had listened, maybe they would have understood what you were thinking.

#3 Poor hygiene.

Annoying Things Your Partner Does That Can Make You Cheat
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Euuughhhh… Not nice. You seem to have found a partner who thinks you love them so much that they don’t have to take care of themselves and the relationship won’t be affected. You may have once cared a lot about them, but those feelings are quickly fading away in a stagnant bog of filth and smell.

Poor hygiene isn’t just a sign of being lazy or having low self-esteem; it’s also a sign that they no longer respect you or the people around them. No reasonable person would blame you if, in this situation, you ran off with a well-groomed, good-looking person who you would be proud to be seen with.

#4 Temper tantrums. 

Annoying Things Your Partner Does That Can Make You Cheat
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First, let’s tell the difference between being aggressive and having a temper tantrum. The first kind of violence should never be accepted and should lead to a breakup right away. Temper tantrums are silly and childish ways to show that you are unhappy when you don’t get your way. This is a way to act that is barely acceptable for a toddler, let alone an adult.

If your partner does this kind of annoying thing, no one would blame you for looking for more mature people to hang out with elsewhere. Is it okay to cheat? Quite likely.

#5 Jealousy. 

Annoying Things Your Partner Does That Can Make You Cheat
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This is a very bad way to act in a relationship because it shows a need to control the other person. The person who did something wrong doesn’t feel in control when other people are seen to have some kind of effect on them, whether they actually do or not. This is why they act in such a bad way.

This person probably complains about your friends and family, calls you twenty to thirty times a day, and accuses you of all kinds of wrongdoing, making your life miserable. No one could really blame you if you decided to treat this behavior with the disdain it deserves and give them something to complain about for a change.

#6 An absent sex life. 

Annoying Things Your Partner Does That Can Make You Cheat
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A good relationship is one where you can touch each other. It makes a couple feel closer, gets rid of tensions and stresses, strengthens their bond, and shows that they have a healthy and good relationship.

This part of the relationship can get worse over time for a number of reasons. On the other hand, you’ve put in the time and there’s been no response, it’s probably not a bad idea to look for it somewhere else. This is one of the most common reasons why people cheat in general.

#7 Too much. 

Annoying Things Your Partner Does That Can Make You Cheat
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Smothering isn’t quite the same as being jealous. It happens when your partner has given up everything in their own life to be with you. So, they follow you around the house like your shadow and insist on coming with you every time you leave the house to do some gardening or buy a newspaper.

It has less to do with control and more to do with insecurity, but it still makes you feel like you’re being strangled to death. It would make sense that you want to add some excitement back into your life by meeting someone new.

#8 Laziness. 

Annoying Things Your Partner Does That Can Make You Cheat
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One of the most annoying things is when your partner doesn’t want to go out with you, help around the house, go on vacation, get out of the chair, or even work. Well, why should you bother to stay faithful?

#9 Single-minded. 

Annoying Things Your Partner Does That Can Make You Cheat
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Not the kind of single-minded where you only want one person, but the kind where your partner still thinks you’re single. You’re always out with friends at local pubs, sports games, shopping trips, etc., so it wouldn’t bother you if your partner sometimes invited you to join in on his or her personal life.

But, unfortunately, you’ve become part of the furniture. They probably wouldn’t even notice if you cheated on them, so why not give them what they want and take advantage of the situation?

#10 Nil motivation.

Annoying Things Your Partner Does That Can Make You Cheat
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That person who was always getting things done has, well, kind of given up. They seem to pull you down into their own pit of despair. There are no big plans for the future, no attempts to improve their lives or make things better, and no suggestions or talks about a better future.

The only future that seems likely is one in which you get married to a huge, featureless ball of play-dough. If you looked elsewhere, would anyone hold it against you? Most likely not.

Annoying Things Your Partner Does That Can Make You Cheat
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If you want to cheat on your partner, chances are things aren’t going well anyway, but at least one of the annoying things on the above list will give you the reason you need.

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