Covert Methods To Find Out If They Like You

10 Covert Methods To Find Out If They Like You

It’s natural to wonder if the person you have a crush on feels the same way about you. Insanity-inducing, right? Don’t second-guess yourself with these 10 covert methods to find out if your crush likes you back.

Even mature people frequently revert to their teenage selves when it comes to having a crush. When they can’t bring themselves up, they’ll have others do so for them, or they’ll go on group dates or send jokey flirting texts. This is all done to conceal the obvious. And it’s not easy to figure out if someone likes you when you’re always tiptoeing around the issue.

Everyone needs to mature now. Discovering if someone has feelings for you can be easy if you know what to look for. No need to inquire; it’s obvious.

It’s quite impossible to conceal your feelings for someone. You can get your point across through nonverbal cues even if you speak little. You’ll inevitably be more self-aware and deliberate in your actions and words while they’re around.


Having feelings for someone is both thrilling and terrifying all at once. They haven’t explicitly asked you out, so you can’t help but wonder if they like you. You can’t tell if someone is being sincere with their intentions because you don’t know all the telltale indicators that they like you.

Make an effort to take the initiative because let’s be honest; you want to see progress made! What if they don’t share your feelings, leaving you red-faced and ashamed?

The delights of courting, how I love thee!

It’s easy to tune out people’s actions while listening to their words. But the truth is individuals often fib.

I’m sorry, but you can’t deny the facts. Naturally, we enjoy seeing those we care about satisfied. Instead of paying attention to what people say, it’s best to focus on what they can’t change: their body language.

What signs do they give if they like you? You should just keep an eye out for a couple of these warnings.

Inevitably, they’ll be drawn to you.

They can’t help but approach you even when you’re in a large group. Consider that when you go out, you either hang out with the individuals you already know and like, or you meet new people and start to become friends with them.

Similarly, attractiveness is a two-way street. When you find someone you enjoy spending time with, you naturally pull toward them.

It’s unclear why, but they appear anxious.

The degree to which a person seems uncomfortable in your presence is indicative of their level of interest in you. They might appear awkward or shy when they speak to you. People who are nervous around you are impressed by you, which is not always the case.

They are probably trying too hard not to offend you or are simply at a loss for words, but they like you and want to create a good impression.

A lot of communication occurs between the two of you.

They’ll find an excuse to text you, whether it’s a joke, a plan, or just emoticons. When you’re liked by someone, you’re never in the way.

They will attempt to contact you even if you are unavailable. An SMS like “I’m bored, what are you doing?” is just as likely as a simple joke or a cute smiley face. They will invent a cause to contact you, even if it isn’t urgent so that they can chat. That is how you can tell if someone likes you.

They are quite curious about you.

They’ll try to learn more about you beyond the surface level by asking probing questions.

Asking you about your background is a dead giveaway, as are questions about your career aspirations, achievements, interests, musical preferences, and hobbies. Who, after all, is interested in learning so much about you all at once, anyway?

They pay attention to detail and act accordingly.

They’ll do anything, no matter how trivial, to put a smile on your face. You can get an offer to make you something or buy a drink if you’re hanging out with them. If you’re hosting an event, perhaps they’d be willing to assist with the preparations.

When someone you’re attracted to does something for you, even if it’s just as easy as holding a door open, it means much more. They could just be nice and helpful, but it’s also a sign that they like you.

They want to form a friendship via shared interests.

You’ll have a lot in common, bringing you closer together. It may be anything from spaghetti and meatballs to a certain genre of music, book, movie, or video game. Your shared interests can be about anything, so long as the two of you are enthusiastic about it.

There’s a good possibility that this individual likes you if they become enthused about your shared interest in whatever you two have in common.

When you’re around, everyone cracks smile after smile.

It’s tough to be miserable when you’re in the company of someone you care about. If you’re happy, your face will light up involuntarily. Maintaining a pleasant expression on one’s face is a good indicator of whether or not one is liked.

They possess open or closed body language and can convey a wide range of emotions.

Body language is another area where seeming contradictions exist. Someone who likes you and wants you to know it will have open, nondefensive body language.

They may feel at ease around you because their arms are at their sides rather than crossed over their chest.

On the other hand, certain people (again, the shy kinds) could exhibit very closed body language around you without apparent cause. This might include, for instance, crossing their arms over their chest.

Their eyes get bigger.

To verify this, you’ll have to give it a good look, because when we fall in love, our pupils get bigger.

Don’t accept this as gospel if you’re in a pitch-black room; it could just be a reaction to the light. However, if it occurs alongside other signals and the lighting is normal, you’re in!

Simply put, they can’t help but watch out for you.

It’s human nature to want to shield those we care about from harm, so when someone acts protectively toward you, you know they like you.

This might be anything from verbally defending you while you’re not present to physically intervening in a conflict on your behalf. A positive response is a strong sign of their liking for you.

Can you count how many indicators there are?

Remember that spotting just one or two indications won’t tell you anything, but spotting more than three, especially if they’re acting this way behind closed doors, will give you a pretty solid idea.

Sure, asking someone if they like you could be awkward, but there are other ways to figure it out.

Just by being drawn to you, talking to you, and going out of their way to do nice things for you, you can tell they like you. You should already know whether they are making an effort to impress you, discover common ground, and behave appropriately.

After all, when someone has feelings for you, it shows in some way, no matter how subtle.

In conclusion, the next time you are unsure if someone likes you, keep an eye out for these indicators. If they return your affection, don’t overthink things; go with the flow and see where the story takes you.

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