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10 First Date Red Flags that Speak a Lot More than Your Date’s Words Do

10 First Date Red Flags that Speak a Lot More than Your Date’s Words Do

When it comes to first dates, there are some red flags that are simply red flags to some people. It’s possible that what you consider a red sign may actually be an advantage to someone else.

Say, for example, that hearing your date state that they travel frequently and don’t have much free time is a red flag for getting serious with you would be a red flag. However, if you’re looking for something informal and don’t have a lot of free time, this could be the ideal situation for you.

As a result, I’m going to throw a lot of red flags at you, but remember your situation. A date should be a time to think on what you intend to gain from it.

What are some red flags on a first date?

Seeing a red light in the dating world is a signal to stop. This is a huge flashing indicator that warns you that things are not going to go as to plan. Run the other way immediately.

That they keep human fingernails in their closet would be an obvious red flag. If you hear it, you should not only leave and change your phone number, but also probably call the police.

In addition to a murderous red signal, there are a number of other red flags that should be avoided at all costs.

This is a little less odd than someone saying they don’t like kids on a first date. In the future, when you want children and they don’t, it could be the beginning of the end if you disregard this since they have other nice traits.

First date red flags may have prevented this from happening.

What to avoid on your first date?

On a first date, these are some of the most prevalent red signals that should not be ignored. But I’m sure we don’t want to appear fussy.

In the event that our date shows up to a fancy restaurant wearing gym shoes and driving a shabby car, we want to be kind to them. If you’re looking for a red flag, you’ll need to look beyond your pet peeves and misgivings. Warning signs are intended to help you avoid a bad first date. The warning is up to you to take notice of.

1. They’re running late and haven’t informed you. Everyone has been tardy at some point. Maybe they were stranded in a jam of cars. When it comes to texting, there is no justification for not doing so.

If someone is late and doesn’t explain or apologize, it’s likely that they don’t respect your presence or your time. If this is the case on a first date, it’s a big red flag for everyone else.

2. They don’t ask you a single question. Someone who doesn’t ask you anything about yourself on a first date is a classic warning sign. They not only spend the entire time talking about themselves, but they also fail to elicit any information about your career, hobbies, or family members from you. On the first date, it’s not uncommon for people to verbally slur their words. If they’re even remotely interested in you, they’ll be eager to learn more.

3. They’re using their mobile devices. Someone who refuses to sit down and have a drink with you for an hour without checking their phone is likely to have an ulterior motive. It’s a massive red flag if this individual is on their phone during the first date unless they are a firefighter or a doctor on call.

The fact that they don’t care about how nasty they are shows that they aren’t prioritizing this date at all.

4. They’re way too enamored with you. We’ve all been a little scared on our first date, but rushing into things is a big no-no. A technique known as “love-bombing” can be used to trick someone into thinking you have a romantic interest in someone you hardly know.

If your date is showering you with compliments and romantic suggestions, it’s time to call it quits.

5. Having them around is a problem. You should avoid your date if they use racial slurs, deny feminism, or simply make sexist remarks. Some dude once told me that boys shouldn’t kiss their fathers after the age of two. I thought that was strange, but I didn’t pay attention to it, which was a mistake.

Rather than paying heed to the red warning that this was a sign of toxic masculinity, I allowed it to continue and paid the price.

6. They’re rude as hell. If your date is nasty to the waiter, valet, or even to you, it is not a good sign. I’m not saying they need to be the world’s most hospitable person, but they should be considerate to individuals in their immediate vicinity.

Greeting the waiter with “please” and “thank you” isn’t too much to ask. Don’t expect them to improve any further if they can’t even say a few words of fundamental etiquette.

7. Exes are a constant source of annoyance. In moderation, I think it’s perfectly fine to broach the subject of your previous relationships on a first date. Because your last relationship ended one year ago, mentioning that fact is advantageous. If you can honestly say that your last relationship taught you a lot about yourself, congrats.

It’s not a good sign if your date brings up their ex, however. It suggests that they haven’t come to terms with the loss and are still bitter about it. In the event that your date reveals that their ex cheated on them, it is acceptable. It’s an obvious red flag on a first date when they keep harping on about how crazy their ex is.

8. They have a narrow worldview. No one can agree. Listen to the other person even if you’re not interested in dating someone who has opposing beliefs, even if it’s just a little bit. First date red flag: if they can’t handle your stance on something.

There’s nothing wrong with dating an Atheist if you’re Catholic. Even though you accept each other’s beliefs, it’s not good if they attack yours because they don’t agree.

9. They openly admit that they’ve cheated on you or gone missing. Yes, we all want the world to be a more open and honest place. However, it is uncommon for someone to admit to ghosting and express genuine remorse for their actions. A person’s character is laid bare on a first date when they admit they cheated or ghosted.

If they deny doing these things in high school or college and say they’ve since changed their ways, don’t believe a word they say.

10. They’re too neutral. No one likes a person who doesn’t have an opinion. It suggests that they don’t give a damn. It’s a massive red flag if you ask your date how they feel about the border situation or how they feel about the healthcare system in this nation and they just brush it off as something they don’t care about.

It’s a sure sign that this person exemplifies white privilege, as well as their seeming lack of concern for the country’s or anyone else’s well-being. Decide if you want to spend time with that person. Will they care if you’re struggling if they don’t care about the broader picture?

On your first date, here are a few things to look out for. Do not feel bad about leaving a first date if something makes you uncomfortable.

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