10 Forms of Breadcrumbing People Use to Boost Self-Esteem

To bolster their self-esteem, some people will stop at nothing. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “breadcrumbing,” it’s important to familiarize yourself with the 10 forms of breadcrumbing.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “What the heck is breadcrumbing?” as you read this. It has nothing to do with actual bread, yet it can be excruciating when you first meet someone. To avoid the disappointment and grief resulting from falling in love too fast, it’s important to learn to recognize the breadcrumb indicators that appear in a fledgling romance.

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Do you remember ever meeting someone and just feeling an instant connection? You’re having a great chat and hoping for a positive outcome. This is an intoxicating experience, for sure.

You two seem to spend a lot of time communicating through texting and even phone calls, but nothing seems to progress beyond that. They haven’t been in touch to make plans to meet you or ask how you are. Perhaps you are still having this conversation at this very moment. If this has happened to you or is now happening to you, we have a term for it: breadcrumbing.

Breadcrumbing…what is it?

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If you want to know more about breadcrumbing, read on! Breadcrumbing, is the deliberate practice of luring another person on purpose for their enjoyment and ego. A breadcrumber will make conversation and flirt with you in an attempt to hook you.

And once that’s happened, they play hot and cold games with you. It stinks; we get it. Feeling like you have a strong connection with another person is always a pleasant experience. However, you’d rather not have that individual do it due to concerns about pride. See whether these breadcrumbing telltales sound familiar to determine if you’re being breadcrumbed. Then you can walk away while the going is good.

You’re familiar with the term “breadcrumbing,” but can you think of a practical application?

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You’d have to go ahead and ask them, though.

If you’re using breadcrumbing, you want to boost your self-esteem. There are opposing viewpoints. One is that it’s enjoyable to flirt, and they’ll get the impression that you’re interested in them. The second, though, is somewhat more ominous. Breadcrumbing involves alternately boosting and tearing down a person’s confidence. To some, that is a great source of enjoyment because it gives them a sense of superiority.

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If that’s the case, they’re probably not someone you want to spend much time with, but it happens. If you know what breadcrumbing is and how to recognize its telltale indications, you can steer clear of this person’s poisonous trap.

There are blatant breadcrumbs that you can’t ignore.

Find out what causes breadcrumbing and how to avoid it.

1. They are a polar wind.

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Hot and cold games are a timeless classic. They excel at this, and it should serve as a warning that you’re about to get breadcrumbed. One day, they all talk and text, making you feel special and unique. And then, the next day, it’s as if you never existed. Over and over, this keeps occurring.

2. They’ll leave bread crumbs for you in several various ways.

But here’s the thing: if someone is breadcrumbing you, they’re not using just one method. Instead, they’ll like your Instagram photo or comment on your Facebook post to make sure you’re still “visible” on Whatsapp. That way, they’ll always be somewhat present in your mind, making it impossible to let go of them fully. In this sense, “breadcrumbing” encompasses various deceptive practices.

3. Most conversations don’t go very deep.

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This in no way indicates that you lack depth. There may have been times when you two engaged in more substantive discourse, but when you stripped down your exchanges to their barest essentials, you wouldn’t have anything to talk about. Your interactions with them are superficial and uninteresting. They are not trying to get to know you because they do not anticipate maintaining the relationship.

4. Every time they’re out with other people.

They are leaving breadcrumbs if they are seeing other individuals while texting you. Things change if you know they’re in an open relationship. If they aren’t, it’s because they’re considering other possibilities, of which you are one. They tell you they’re casually dating so they can date many people without appearing rude.

5. When you’re finally over someone, they’ll know it.

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The trouble is, just as you think you’ve finally moved on, they get in touch with you. How that happens is fascinating. It’s as though an internal alarm goes off every time they lose a loved one. Maybe they’re clairvoyant, or maybe they just found a way to sneak up on you on social media. However, this is most likely when they’ll try to get in touch with you again.

6. When they have a specific request, they will only get in touch.

Do they ever text you to check in and see if you’re okay? Not likely at all. They will instead only text you when they have an urgent request. When we say “something,” we usually mean sexual activity. Give them a few minutes, and you’ll see through the flirting jokes and questions they send your way.

7. It’s all about the booty call for them.

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An individual may not be breadcrumbed only because they hear a booty call. Casual sexual activity is acceptable if both partners consent. Of course, if that’s not the case, we’re talking about something entirely else. It seems like forever since you last spoke with them, and now ,they send you a strange late-night text out of the blue. Copy and paste the “booty call” phrase.

8. They don’t follow through on commitments.

You had planned to hang out, but they ditched you at the last minute. It’s acceptable if this only occurs once. But if they start doing this all the time, they’re breadcrumbing you. If it isn’t for sexual purposes, they have no interest in meeting you.

9. You don’t feel like a good person right now.

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Your conversation with them leaves you feeling bad. It was fun to flirt at first, but now when the discussion ends, you feel let down. Relationships marked by feelings of sadness and disappointment are not strong. Your feelings of resentment and anger toward this person are unwarranted.

10. When challenged, they adopt a passive-aggressive stance.

Nobody likes to get caught in a cruel game they’re playing. Perhaps you’ve tried to converse with them about their behavior, and they’ve responded with passive aggression and manipulation. Don’t let their reaction get to you; you already know what’s happening. Just pay attention and go with your instincts.

Is this strategy exclusive to narcissists?

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Certainly not. Narcissists may likely employ breadcrumbing as entertainment when they’re bored, but it’s just one of several manipulative techniques at their disposal. But there are always those who would breadcrumb for their pride. They don’t come across as egotistical, but they don’t exactly paint a positive picture of themselves, either.

When someone lacks self-assurance, they may withdraw into themselves or try to bring others down to raise their self-esteem. You should count the blessings you caught on to their ploy before fully falling for them. You should end things with this person and go on to someone who treats you with more dignity.

Being breadcrumbed is an unpleasant experience for anyone, but if you know what to look for, you can prevent it.

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