10 Unspoken Signs of Mutual Attraction That Become Visible When Two People Meet

It’s likely that you already know when you’re attracted to someone, but there’s always that initial spark. In some cases, it’s clear, but in others, you’re unsure because of subtle indicators of unspoken signs of mutual attraction.

Other times, you’d like to know if someone else is considering getting to know you. Even when you don’t like to inquire directly, that would be very embarrassing!

Searching for indicators of affection that are hidden in plain sight

If you’re trying to figure out your or someone else’s attraction, there are a few factors to watch out for. Body language, conduct, or even a simple glance can all be examples of this.

unspoken signs of mutual attraction

It’s not as difficult as you imagine recognizing these subtle cues of desire. These occurrences place daily, and no one seems to notice. All you need to do is be clear about your objectives.

Suggestive cues of arousal

Are you willing to open your eyes more to see if you’re attractive? You may not even know that you’ve been attracted to someone until it’s too late.

unspoken signs of mutual attraction

These unspoken signs of mutual attraction are indicators of desire that should be on your radar. This weekend, you may be one step closer to a hot date.

1. You spend a lot of time together, even when you’re alone.

unspoken signs of mutual attraction

Intuitively, you want to be near the person you are drawn to, and physically, you want to be alone with them. Even if you met in a group, if you went off on your own to converse, it suggests that you are at least mildly interested in one another.

2. There is a good chance that you are in close vicinity.

unspoken signs of mutual attraction

You back away or lean away from someone you’re not attracted to if they’re standing too near to you. However, being attracted to someone makes you want to be near them.

Sit next to them, bend in for a conversation, or even whisper into each other’s ear if you want to be close.

3. Whenever you have a question, you raise it with curiosity.

unspoken signs of mutual attraction

Attraction often begins with a spark of intrigue. When you’re attracted to someone, you’re on the cusp of developing a crush or possibly becoming romantically attached to them. As a result, it’s not surprising that being attracted to someone makes you want to learn more about them.

Mutual curiosity about one another suggests a shared desire to learn more about one another.

4. Make eye contact with the individual you’re speaking with.

When you’re feeling uneasy, you tend to avoid direct eye contact with others. In contrast, when you’re chatting to a person you like, you stare into their eyes. In a crowded place, you might even make eye contact with someone.

5. You mimic your body movements.

Body language specialists say this is a big indicator of attraction and something you should be looking for. With your legs crossed and elbows on the table, a person who is attracted to you will do the same.

6. They’re on the prowl for one another.

You may not even know that you’re fascinated with someone at work. You’ll catch yourself searching for them if they aren’t there on a specific day, in both directions. Your coworker may inform you that someone drawn to you was wondering where you were if you were away for a few days.

7. When they aren’t around, I find myself thinking about them.

The moment you see this, you’ll know you’re head over heels in love. Even more than that, perhaps. Some feelings arise while you’re not even around this person and haven’t even looked at their social media.

8. Dreams.

Consciousness and unconsciousness are intertwined in dreams. Dreams are, of course, a lie. Most people have had dreams about people they don’t know or care about, but if you see the same person in your dreams, it could be because you have feelings for them. When you dream about your crush, it’s a sign that you’re infatuated with them.

9. Touching the hair.

When we’re attracted to someone, we all put our best foot forward and pretend everything is well. To ensure they appear their best, they may straighten their hair or cuff their shirts, apply lipstick, or even check themselves in the mirror.

Worrying about your appearance is less important when you’re with someone you’re not attracted to.

10. Anxiety-filled pit of the stomach.

This is the subconscious sign of attraction that I find the least attractive—a fluttering in the stomach, queasy feeling. When you’re attracted to someone, you get butterflies in your tummy. In other cases, it happens even before you see them.

Keep in mind that a love relationship entails more than just physical attraction. When looking for unspoken signs of mutual attraction, remember that a deeper connection should exist before moving forward.

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