Sad Romantic Movies

10 Must Watch Sad Romantic Movies

10 Must Watch Sad Romantic Movies

All of us can need a good cry now and then. In reality, it’s a luxury that many people crave: a lazy day spent curled up on the couch holding a bag of popcorn, a box of chocolates, or even ice cream made with cookie dough. You can’t have a nice cry if you don’t have your go-to tragic movie.

A selection of romantic comedies that will make you cry your heart out no matter what has happened in your life — a job loss, an argument with your man, a breakup, or just a bad day — is provided below.

  1. Brief Encounter. Brief Encounter is a must-see for anyone who believes in love at first sight. Laura and Dr. Harvey meet at a train station on a whim and fall head over heels for each other. Only one issue stands in the way: they’re married. To put it another way, knowing that they can’t be together means that they must return to their own monotonous marriages.
  2. An Affair to Remember. Tearjerker movies don’t come much better than this one, so be sure to include it on your watchlist. Playboy While on a trip, Nickie meets chanteuse Terry and the two fall in love. But here’s the thing: they’re both deeply devoted to someone else. After ending their separate relationships, they agree to re-convene on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building in six months. As a result, Nickie discovers she is wheelchair-bound when Terry fails to show up for her birthday party.

3. Moulin Rouge. Moulin Rouge is a musical-comedy-love story set in a 1900s French bohemian setting. While in Paris to pursue his bohemian ambitions, Christian is mistaken for the Duke of Buckinghamshire by the legendary courtesan Satine. Christian is subsequently forced to write a play starring Satine, which he has no choice but to accept. Even though Satine had been pledged to the genuine Duke of Monroth, he paid for the play still because he was guaranteed it the night after the premiere. As secrets are disclosed and jealously arises, lovely Satine dies of tuberculosis, the pleasure of a developing, secret love fades.

4. Steel Magnolias. It all begins with the most ideal wedding, complete with the ideal bride and groom. “What could possibly go wrong?” Isn’t it time for this two to get their happily ever after? Wrong! Shelby has type one diabetes, which means that she will be extremely unwell if she gets pregnant at any point in the future. She, tragically, does *of course, that’s the point of the movie, right?*. Shelby succumbs to kidney failure after giving birth to a healthy baby boy.

5. Blue Valentine. A blue valentine is the epitome of heartbreak. If you want to see Dean and Cindy’s marriage go from a happy-go-lucky start to an absolutely heartbreaking breakdown due to Dean’s alcoholism, then watch this movie.

6. P.S. I Love You. The movie’s protagonist dies in the beginning, a clear indicator that the worst is still to come, unlike many other sad love movies. This happens as his wife reads all of his pre-death letters and learns how to live life without him. This is an excellent film for anyone looking for a somber experience.

7. The Fault In Our Stars. What could be more heartbreaking than a terminally ill adolescent who is also clever, amusing, and beautiful? Despite being terminally ill, these two youngsters fall in love.

8. A Walk To Remember. You’ll need a bunch of tissue boxes for this one. When a popular guy meets and falls in love with an unpopular, nerdy girl who eventually becomes gorgeous, you have to wait for the twist. And then there’s the twist. Landon falls in love with Jamie, a goody-two-shoes girl who is subsequently diagnosed with leukemia. Remembering the wedding procession will make your worries in life appear trivial.

9. The Notebook. When he created The Notebook, author Nicolas Sparks had a true tearjerker on his hands. From the rain-soaked romance between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams to the final hours of James Garner and the Alzheimer’s-stricken Gena Rowlands, the movie adaption has tugged at everyone’s emotions.

10. Titanic. It’s regarded as one of the greatest films of all time, a box office smash, a heartbreaking romantic classic, and a certain tearjerker, Titanic. Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) are a free-spirited couple who fall in love despite their differing backgrounds and social standings. Tragically, an iceberg appears just as they’re about to set sail into the distance, scuttling their plans for the day. That’s how history is made.

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