10 Reasons Why He's Still Texting You

10 Reasons Why He’s Still Texting You Even if He’s Not Into You

You’re going nuts wondering why he is texting me if he’s not interested. Even if he texts you, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s interested. Here are 10 reasons why he’s still texting you even if he’s not into you.

Oh, females, I could write a book about the matter; why is he texting me if he’s not interested? Regarding dating, this was one of my most common concerns. I’d have these fantastic exchanges with guys, but nothing ever came of it.

I would wait weeks for them to ask me out, and it would never happen. So, instead, I made the first move, assuming they were terrified. In actuality, they had no interest in dating me.

And the excuses were limitless; I don’t know what I want, I’m not ready to date, I thought we were just friends. That meant that the effort I put into maintaining the connection was for naught.

The saddest part is that nobody warned me that these guys weren’t interested in me. Not one person. Everyone would remark that the guy was peculiar or maybe he was bashful, but the truth was he didn’t want me. It stung to face that truth, but on the other hand, I was able to cut guys out of my life fast and move on to the next.

If he’s not interested, why does he keep texting me?

Get over a guy who texts you but constantly says he’s not interested. It can be hard to do when you don’t sense closure. In that case, consider these ten explanations for why he might be texting you anyway. It’s high time you found someone who is interested in you for real. I think it’s high time you found out the truth.

1. To enhance his pride.

On those days when you feel particularly insecure, it can be helpful to send a text to someone you know is really into you. You make him feel good and seem good in front of other people, so he’s delighted to have you around. How serious is he about wanting to be with you? Not; he doesn’t feel that way at all. He’s keeping you as a souvenir.

2. He’s a professional gambler.

No, not another player. Just when is this craziness going to stop? Some guys are good at keeping ladies on the hook and messing with their heads. Don’t take this as a sign that he doesn’t like you; he’s just taking his time since he’s interested in other women, too. So, he’s keeping you warm if his other ideas don’t work out.

3. You’re a booty call.

You may have believed you had a particular connection, but in his eyes, all you are is a booty call. You are officially his booty call if he ignores the vast majority of your texts but starts responding after 10 PM. Keep in mind what he says as well. Do you only talk about sexual topics? So, there you have it.

4. He has not yet decided what he really wants.

Sadly, this is a common occurrence. An indecisive man can be a real pain in the neck. When you find yourself wondering regularly if he likes you or not, you can be sure he is undecided. So long as you’re perplexed, he must be as well. That’s how easy it is. In addition, this is a positive indicator that you should call it quits while you’re ahead.

5. He appreciates your care and concern.

He’s just a regular guy. It’s unlikely he’ll want the attention to end if a hot girl is showering it on him. He enjoys your company and all the attention he receives when you talk to him. You can keep him interested and engaged by being flirtatious and giving him compliments. If someone pays you attention without expecting anything in return, that’s a wonderful feeling.

6. He has nothing to do and is bored.

And what else can I say? I suppose most of us can relate to the situation where we text a friend simply to pass the time. Even if he doesn’t text you all the time, if he only does so when he’s bored at work, you’re the one who’s helping him get through a sluggish time. Put it another way, you’re just holding down the fort until something better appears.

7. He just wants to be alone.

It’s human nature to seek out companionship when feeling lonely. You, sir, are in that category for him. He knows he can text you when he’s feeling blue and get a sympathetic response. He is looking to fill an emotional gap in his life, which does not include you.

8. If you chat with him, he’ll be happy.

I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to strike up a conversation with you; you’re hilarious and interesting. He takes pleasure in the chats but does not desire to go further. He’s content to send you a text, have a good laugh with you, then go on with his day.

9. He just lately realized that he is available for dating.

Men who have recently become single enter uncharted territory. They haven’t been available for a while, and suddenly there are a lot of fresh women interested in them. If he is recently single, you shouldn’t put too much stock in his words. It’s likely that he isn’t quite ready to settle down and would rather explore his options. The reason he keeps contacting you despite not approaching you has to do with this.

10. He’s only trying to be kind.

The last time you critically examined your own words was when? Which party is the one to send the first message? He may be responding to your texts if you initiate them out of politeness. It is easy to fool yourself into thinking he is the one texting you. What’s more, texts that only require a single word of response aren’t texts.

Why is he texting me if he’s not interested in me? Now, nobody ever said that falling in love would be simple. But if he keeps contacting you and you know he has no interest in you, it’s time to move on.

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