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10 Rules In Double Texting

10 Rules In Double Texting

The truth is, I’m a slacker. Double-texting appears to be all the rage these days when it comes to texting! Nevertheless, how awful do people really think it is? Not at all. We double, triple, and even multiple-text our friends with a ton of rumors and facts. At least once a week

There are 10 notifications from a close buddy when you take your phone out of your pocket. In fact, you might even become a little giddy or laugh out loud in anticipation of it.

During the earliest phases of getting to know someone – notably in the hookup and dating realm – duplicate texting becomes an issue.

Isn’t it strange? That sending someone two text bubbles in a row makes you clingy or needy is a myth. To be honest, that’s a bit excessive, but it’s the new reality. However, what actually constitutes a double text, and what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable double texting? We’ve arrived at the difficult part of the test.

When you finish reading this feature, you’ll never make a double-texting mistake again!

1. Never put more text in your own line than the other person’s.

Having a paragraph and getting a one-word response is a sign that you’re coming on a bit strong. Even though they haven’t responded or at least sped up their texting, you need to cool down a little. Try to match the number of lines and text bubbles they deliver by keeping your design simple.

Otherwise, it will be perceived as a needy and eager person. Until you’ve reached the point in your relationship where the games are over and you’ve won their heart, your slogan should be “keep it simple, dumb.”

2. Texting back before you get an answer is a bad idea.

Texting someone and then waiting for a response is a pain in the neck. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about scaring them away or overwhelming them with your double texting because the wait is part of the game.

You can’t text them again till they reply, even if it’s just an emoji, if you text them once.

If you send them another text and say that it was unintentionally sent, they will see right through your ruse. Stop making excuses like that. A reply is warranted if the narrator responds. In the absence of a response, there is no reaction.

3. In the event that you haven’t received a response, please be patient.

If they didn’t get your message, or if they missed the notification, it’s normal to send another text. Not at all.

Unless you have the self-control to wait till they give you an answer, you aren’t interested in this individual. We can guarantee you that they have indeed received the communication, and it is possible that they are simply distracted.

It’s better if you just waited for them to text you instead of sending them a bunch of messages right away. Perhaps your iMessage didn’t go through because your internet was down, or perhaps they had read your text and were going to respond when they received an incoming call and forgot about it all… Stop it now!

If they were as entranced by your presence as you are by theirs, there is no way they could have “forgotten” about you.

4. Avoid texting at odd hours or late at night.

You’re setting yourself up for failure if you text at night when you don’t know if they’ll read it. Texting them late at night will just cause you to feel anxious and irritated. No, they didn’t. Is it going to be shown to them? They may or may not respond to you.

If you want to get a rapid response and have a true conversation, attempt to text them during a moment when they aren’t preoccupied or busy. Remember that if you want to keep the discussion going, don’t text them at odd hours.

5. If you want an answer, ask a question.

Don’t be ambiguous if you want an answer. There are instances when you send someone a message that is so meaningless that it is hard to tell whether or not they are supposed to respond.

A clear question must be asked in order for an answer to be forthcoming. Don’t make them think you’re talking to them by sending them text messages. Make sure to include a caption like “What do you think?” if you’re going to send a meme or a photo of anything that made you laugh.

They’ll be aware that you’re expecting a reaction from them.

6. Rather than getting too serious in your texting, keep things light-hearted by asking simple inquiries.

It’s impossible to dispute that profound questions might help you form a bond with a new acquaintance. However, since we’re texting, it’s difficult to get into the nitty-gritty here, so keep to simple queries. During a first date, you can ask them more in-depth questions. However, if you want to avoid double texting, stick to simple inquiries and rapid answers.

It’s possible for the other person to simply set their phone down and walk away, leaving you with an unanswered text. It’s like being stranded in the mud after that point.

If you want to avoid texting back and forth, don’t be too serious.

7. Do you know how long you have been dating each other?

Consider the length of your relationship when it comes to double texting regulations. Double-texting a new romantic acquaintance is a certain way to scare them away! It’s possible to get away with double texting if you’ve been dating this individual for at least three months.

You won’t scare them away with double texting if you’ve been texting and dating for months and have a genuine connection. It all comes down to how close you’ve become to one other.

You should avoid double texting if you are just beginning a relationship with a new person. Refrain from doing so, regardless of how much you enjoy them.

8. In general, what were they doing when you texted them?

The time you texted them is another item to keep in mind if you’re tempted to double text. Even if you sent your text message during the busiest time of day, you shouldn’t expect an immediate answer.

In the mornings and at night, many people check their phones to see whether they have any free time. If you don’t want to get into trouble for sending texts at the same time, make a mental note of when you last texted them.

9. Do you sense a kinship here?

For this one, we’re going to speak about how we feel and what our intuition tells us. Even if you don’t know it, they may have abandoned you. If you’ve noticed that they’ve stopped replying to your texts, they may be on the verge of ending their relationship with you.

Before you send them another text to find out why they haven’t responded, consider the possibility that they’re slowly letting you know there’s no connection between you and it’s better to move on with your lives. It’s a bummer, but it happens!

10. Make sure you don’t double text unless they do it as well

Double texting is acceptable for some people, rules and standards be damned, especially if you genuinely like the person you’re texting. It’s good to double text if you’re texting someone like this, as long as you’re not going crazy.

It’s important to remember that this doesn’t imply you should constantly bombard them with messages! Balance is key, but as long as they aren’t pushed away by double texting you should be okay.

To put it simply, double texting is a regulation that prohibits you from texting someone until they respond to you. This means that if they’ve texted you before and you’ve already responded, you shouldn’t text them again.

As long as you don’t get an answer to your texts, or harass their inbox with irrelevant texts and memes, you run the danger of aggravating them and losing their interest. Remind yourself not to give the impression that you’re more eager than they appear to be.

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