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10 Rules That Are Both Unfair and Relevant for Dating

10 Rules That Are Both Unfair and Relevant for Dating

Dating can be a challenge. The truth is that it’s well-known. Dating is one of the most difficult things we do in our lives, and anyone who thinks it’s a piece of cake is either doing it wrong or insane. Including following the spoken and unspoken dating rules.

You put yourself out there, subject yourself to judgment, rejection, and even risk losing self-esteem. We’re all on a quest to find true love.

And that’s without even mentioning the regulations you have to follow—none of which are explained to you!

Why do we all have to abide by the same dating etiquette?

In the dating scene, there are so many restrictions that it’s frustrating. There is, however, no one truly in command of them Despite the fact that these rules have never been made public, everyone is required to abide by them.

However, there is a very good purpose for their existence. When it comes to hooking up with a stranger after a date, it helps keep some of us from going crazy and guarantees that everyone follows the same guidelines. So, despite the fact that dating regulations are a headache, they’re there for a good purpose.

Every single one of us has to go by certain standards when it comes to dating.

However, there are some dating rules that aren’t very amusing to hear. Some of them leave you so frustrated it ruins dating altogether. Trying to follow these standards is a lot of work. We’re always tempted to avoid them, even when we know better.

You’ll be reminded of the regulations I’m referring to right away if you don’t know what they are. At times, we all have to put up with certain dating etiquette standards. They do, however, maintain order in the dating industry.

1. The initial step is taken by the men. USUALLY. Simply because of how rapidly things are changing, it’s tough to establish a norm around this. However, this is still the case in the vast majority of places around the globe. Males are generally expected to initiate the conversation.

If you’re dealing with a shy guy, or if you don’t know how someone thinks about you, this can be quite frustrating. This is a well-established rule. Since things are progressively changing, we don’t have to put up with it if we don’t want.

2. After three dates, sex should be allowed. Because of this, this rule has been in existence for a long time, and for good reason. Girls may have coined this expression in order to avoid being viewed as slobs by the guys they dated.

And for that reason alone, this rule is warranted. A good rule of thumb is that after three dates, you should be able to tell if sex is something you want to risk with the person you’re dating. Despite the fact that some of us don’t like it and choose to ignore it, it serves a very important purpose.

3. If they don’t text you first, you should wait at least a day before texting them. You can bet that this one got a lot of eye rolling—and for good cause. The restriction has been in place since texting became the major means of communication, yet it’s still inconvenient to break.

However, it serves a function for some individuals. It’s common for some people to text the person they’re infatuated with every minute of every day. To annoy them and jeopardize their prospects for a second date. As a result, this rule exists to keep you from annoying your new crush.

4. She offers to pay, but he refuses. How many of you think that this rule is gradually disappearing as the gender gap widens? The idea that a man should always pay on the first date seems a little ludicrous to me, but it is followed by the fact that women make an effort to pay.

Nobody wants to look like a cheapskate by telling the girl she only has to pay half the bill. As a result, the person who is paying for the date is aware of this restriction.

5. For at least the second date, you can’t put their profile online. Regardless of how absurd it may appear, this one is critical for a number of reasons. The reality is, the majority of us are eager to connect with them via social media as soon as possible.

Even in the dating scene, we are not allowed to do this since it appears desperate and stalker-like. Regardless of whether we’re Facebook friends or not, the majority of us will look them up online.

6. After the third date, you are allowed to bring up the subject of your ex. Wait until after the third date to talk about your ex-girlfriends if you want to keep your new relationship on track. Otherwise, you risk revealing too much about why you split with them. A new romance could be ruined by it.

7. “Defining the relationship” is never mentioned. In my opinion, this is the most difficult rule to adhere to. Because it pertains to both parties, it is inappropriate for either party to bring it up. However, it has to be brought up at some point.

To avoid being the one to force the other into a relationship, this rule is in place. However, defining the relationship is critical in order to ascertain how the other party feels. Because of this guideline, you can see why it’s bad.

8. A last-minute date is never a good idea. This has been a long-standing guideline mostly for females. Out of respect for ourselves, it advises against accepting a last-minute date proposal.

On a Friday night, going on a date at the last minute is seen as a sign of being desperate, lonely, and having no other plans. All of which, in their opinion, are undesirable.

9. Your new love interest’s pals have a lot of influence over him or her. Just because these regulations exist doesn’t mean they’re fair. This is, by far, one of the less commonly observed dating tenets. Your pals will have an opinion on someone you’re dating, according to this guideline.

Because we can’t think clearly when we’re in love, this is a rule. It also implies that we may be swayed by their attractiveness and unable to form an objective judgment on how well they might complement our personality in a long-term partnership. In order to avoid dating people who aren’t the ideal match for us, this rule was put in place.

10. Someone can’t be ghosted. Despite the fact that this regulation has been flouted numerous times, it must be adhered to at all times. It should remain a regulation because it is unpleasant, cowardly, and insulting to abruptly end communication with someone.

Most of us are better off adhering to dating etiquette, even if we don’t always want to do so. They can prevent you from making a costly error and destroying a potentially wonderful relationship!

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