Safest Ways To Convey Your Feelings To Your Crush

10 Safest Ways To Convey Your Feelings To Your Crush

It’s scary and nerve-wracking to figure out how to tell your crush you like them, but you can get over it and make a move. In this article, discover 10 of the safest ways you can convey your feelings to your crush.

If you want to get past the swooning and into the dating (or moving on, if things don’t work out) stages of a relationship, you’ll need to learn how to tell your crush you like them.

If you’ve ever been rejected, you know it’s an emotion you’d rather not feel again. However, you will never know if your crush feels the same about you unless you take a chance.

In other words, you won’t. There are many terrifying things out there. Telling your crush you like them is more terrifying than snakes, high-calorie foods, or your mother’s view. But that’s not how things have to be.

When telling your crush how you feel, don’t let your nerves get the best of you.

I’ll be honest, there will always be some nervousness involved with telling your crush you like them, but with these techniques, I hope you can work up the confidence to do it without feeling like puking.

Telling a crush you like them demands a specific frame of mind before diving into the specifics of how and what to say. You can’t go into it with the mindset that you’ll be rejected. However, you should not count on them reciprocating your affection.

You should very much just go in expecting to vent your emotions. Although you should always hope for the best, you should also be ready for anything. [Read:

Still, having trouble? As an illustration, please consider the following metaphor. Anyone who has ever gone bungee jumping or skydiving knows the dangers. This dread permeates your entire being. But you shut them out just before you leap. Instead, think about the freedom, the fun, and the excitement you experience when flying through the air.

The same holds when admitting your feelings for someone. You’ve given it too much thought already, but now is the time to put aside your skepticism and analytical mind and go in.

Ways to express your feelings to the object of your affection

When deciding how to tell your crush you like them, go with whatever feels natural to you. You can show your love with extravagant action. That’s okay; you can use subtlety. There’s also the option of coming right out with it.

In your opinion, which is the most suitable?

Do not sugarcoat anything.

Sometimes the best thing to do is bite the bullet, pull off the Band-Aid, and do it. Of course, it’ll be uncomfortable at first, but once it’s over, you’ll feel relieved no matter what happens.

The next time you see your crush, tell them you have something you’ve been dying to say.

Put your feelings on the table.

It’s okay to take your time and leave hints for your crush to figure out how you feel if you’re not someone who’s naturally incredibly direct. Compliment them, tell them you’re available or offer to get them coffee.

It will come out organically if you gradually introduce behaviors and conversations that are more amorous than platonic.

Get the date started by asking them out.

Letting them know you like them is a lot easier without expressing the words, “I like you” to your crush. You can avoid that line by communicating your enthusiasm in some other way.

Take them out to a more intimate establishment for cocktails than your local watering hole. The message should be clear to them quite immediately.

Make a move.

I prefer to keep my romantic life under wraps, which is not how I operate at all. Plan something adorable if you know your crush enjoys romantic comedies or videos of people proposing at prom.

Maybe don’t do it at the office, especially if dating is forbidden. But placing rose petals and a note on their car asking them out is more than many people are used to. Though they may not have considered it previously, they may begin to see you in a new light after being flattered by your effort.

Conceal it from others.

A public declaration of affection may be welcomed by some. Intriguing and romantic it may be to some. Your friends may find it uncomfortable, and if your crush doesn’t feel the same way about you, things may get awkward.

When deciding how to tell your crush you like them, don’t just consider what will make you most at ease. How introverted or extroverted are they? Make the decision that you two feel is best. Collect them all together, if possible, and have a chat.

Laugh it off

When in doubt about how to tell your crush you like them, a joke is always a safe bet. Therefore, you can always find some humor in the situation, even if the result is disappointing.

The phrase “I would ask you out if you weren’t a Red Sox fan” is acceptable. Say “but I can ignore it if you’re interested” if they respond favorably or smile sheepishly. When they don’t seem to care, it’s okay to walk away.

Don’t rush them.

That person you have a crush on might actually like you. If you surprised them, they might need time to think about whether or not they want to go out with you. It’s possible they’re merely in shock or on the upswing now.

Wait your turn. You’ve been daydreaming about your crush for a long now. They recently learned of your emotional state. Just give them some time to think it over.

Act with decency

Let it go if they say they don’t date at work when you know they do or if they say they are dating someone when you know they aren’t. They’re going for the easy way out by disappointing you. When people lie to you, it’s not because they want to make you feel bad about yourself, but rather to protect their pride.

Attempt to control emotional responses, such as anger, rage, or tears. They are only letting you know that the most effective method in their knowledge is not of interest to them.

Try to see the big picture.

I know it’s tough to put things in perspective when you have a crush on someone, but you should try. This fling could appear crucial at the moment. They can feel however they want to, but you still have your whole life ahead of you.

You are putting off telling this person how you feel for as long as you can. Maintaining advancement will require taking decisive action.

Pick your next destination.

What, you’ve got a fan club? Congratulations! After this, what should be done? How about you start dating someone? Do you want to grab some cocktails tonight?

What if they betray your trust very quickly? When you see them, hang out with them, or work with them, will you feel strange? Make it obvious that you appreciate their input but need a definite solution so you can stop wondering “what if?” You should also tell them if you need space to get over them.

It’s time to put your newfound knowledge to use and tell your crush how you feel. The odds are in your favor, and I hope the best for you.

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