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10 Signs To Know If It’s Exclusive Dating Or Casual Fling

10 Signs To Know If It’s Exclusive Dating Or Casual Fling

In the past, I was the queen of casual relationships that turned into “halfsies”—somewhere between casual and serious. Despite the fact that you feel like a couple and are comfortable hanging out without having sex, you have yet to meet the other person’s friends or family. To put it another way, you have no idea what you’re doing. How serious are you about your relationship, or is it more of an informal, one-night stand?

In and out of half-sitting relationships throughout the better part of a three-year period. Each time I had a date, I’d text my friends and explain it in detail, attempting to figure out how things were going. That said, I was very aware of where I was in relation to them.

Is this a one-on-one relationship? There are 10 distinct characteristics that distinguish a serious relationship from a brief affair.

When it comes to half-relationships, it seems like the world is full of them today, but without the term. Labels, on the other hand, are useful from time to time. Knowing where you stand with someone is a comforting feeling. You won’t have to worry about whether or not they’re sharing a bed with anyone else.

Everyone, of course, is now trying to figure out the difference between a one-night stand, a casual flirtation, and a long-term commitment. Seriously? In hindsight, I wish someone had informed me sooner. As a result, I’ve come to share what I’ve learned with you all here today.

Let’s clear up the misunderstandings about exclusive dating vs. casual dating. As well as getting you off to the perfect start.

1. Is there a sense of shared purpose? Flings and long-term relationships are very different in this regard. Is your relationship based on trust and mutual respect?

If the answer is yes, then this is a long-term relationship. A serious relationship isn’t going to have an “I only want to be with you” vibe if you’re both seeing other people.

2. It’s something you’ve discussed. Listen, if your spouse has told you that they aren’t ready for a relationship, then you aren’t in a relationship with each other. It’s laid-back. However, if your partner has voiced their love for you and has stated that they are not interested in seeing anyone else, then it appears like the relationship is headed in the right direction. To be honest, talking about it will do the trick.

3. Your message matters. If the only texts you get from them are “hey, you up?” and “want to come over?” then this isn’t someone you want to get married with. I predict that after two or three more months, you’ll be done banging. There is more to a relationship than sex if you are exchanging hilarious and intriguing text messages.

4. Constant PDA. Although I’ve had flings when we’ve shown PDA, this is often reserved for long-term relationships. No one wants to appear taken when they aren’t if you’re just dating for the sake of dating.

5. Does anyone there know who you are? Have you shared them with your social circle, and have they shared with you? Many casual relationships are now going to introduce each other to some of their mutual friends. It’s impossible to avoid if you have roommates. When it comes to casual flings, though, they prefer to keep things private. If you’re both presenting each other to your friends and family, you may be in the midst of an exclusive dating situation. When a casual relationship is developing into something more serious, here are several telltale indications to look out for.

6. You two have long discussions. Let’s face it: casual flings are a waste of time and energy. You may talk about your day at work, but you won’t broach the subject of a painful childhood event. If the two of you are getting to know one other on a more personal level, these kinds of questions will come up.

7. Not only is there a sexual component to this. Sex is the primary focus of casual flings. Despite the fact that you may go out in public from time to time, you and your partner will always be together. In no way am I saying that exclusive relationships are sexless; they are not. The boobs and penis can be left alone for a day or two. The relationship is more than simply physical.

8. You’re still using a dating app! When I went on a date with my guy, I immediately deactivated my Tinder account. I had a feeling he was it. When it comes to online dating, I’d usually wait until after a first date before signing up. If both of you uninstalled your dating apps, it’s possible that you’re seeing each other exclusively and developing a romantic relationship. While you’re still swiping, it’s still OK.

9. The bad part of you. That’s right, your less-than-pleasant side. Do not make the false claim that you do not possess one. That side of you isn’t going to show up in a casual relationship. However, it’s unavoidable if the situation is critical. Nobody can avoid seeing your bad side, no matter what you do.

10. None of the above is true. It’s not a casual thing to be able to spend hours or even days together doing nothing. Watching Netflix with them isn’t a chore because you like their company and aren’t bored. If this occurs, it will not be taken lightly.

There are apparent contrasts between a one-night stand and an ongoing relationship. What’s more, where is your connection at this point? Most relationships begin casually and develop into something more over time. Keep going even if you don’t yet notice all the signs that a relationship is truly exclusive.

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