10 Strategies to Get Your Crush's Attention

Seeing Your Crush 10 Strategies to Get Their Attention

If your crush is nearby, having a conversation with them is one of the finest things. Here are 10 strategies to get your crush’s attention.

There are moments when we would like to say hi, but we simply cannot muster the courage to go over and introduce ourselves. When you run into your crush, though, all you want them to do is talk to you. In many cases, it is beneficial for both parties involved if you can figure out how to do this without actually having to communicate.

But don’t kid yourself; it’s not a breeze. There’s no telling what they’re thinking, and they might be bashful. It’s helpful to have a variety of tactics at your disposal for luring them over for a chat.

Having a serious crush while also being painfully bashful can be a very challenging.

Your heart is set on conversing with them, yet you cannot bring yourself to do it. Being shy can make daily interactions challenging. The prospect of running into your crush in public equally parts thrilling and terrifying.

Furthermore, it’s tragic if you never get an opportunity to communicate with them. You may feel as if your mind is at war with itself. While you might not be able to overcome your shyness, you can use strategies to encourage others to approach you.

When you see your crush, here’s how to make them want to say hi to you.

Greeting strangers can be difficult if you’re not the outgoing type, so you may need to resort to other tactics. Below are some suggestions that may pique their interest and lead to a conversation with you.

1. Send them a wave.

This is a little more direct than simply stepping over to speak with them, but it’s still not quite as extreme. Doing so takes no time at all, and it increases the likelihood that the person will come to chat with you.

Just give them a kind wave as you pass by. Unless it’s someone you’ve never met before, you have nothing to worry about here. It will be worth it if they come over to chat with you.

2. Grin and bear it.

When someone looks at you, the next natural thing to do is to grin. Your gaze may make them uncomfortable if they’re also a little hesitant. Smiles not only give the go-ahead but also help calm their fears.

Is it worth your time to approach someone who gives off no sign of wanting to converse? Show your appreciation for their visit, and they’ll be more inclined to return.

3. Send word along to them via a mutual buddy.

Everyone has at least one friend who will chat with anyone. If that’s the case, have them introduce themselves to the person they fancy on your behalf.

Getting your crush to come over and talk to you is facilitated if they know your interest in talking to them. Moreover, they need not even know that you sent their pal over. They might conclude that your pal only attempts to set you up with someone.

4. Use a volume that will allow them to hear you.

And try to make it relevant to their interests. Share your thoughts on a band you know they’ll enjoy or a hobby they’ll appreciate. If you can get them interested in the dialogue as a whole, they will be more likely to approach you.

5. Participate actively in their efforts.

If you’re in a group and you see your crush, finding a spot close to them won’t be hard. The goal is to make them feel compelled to respond to you somehow. You can do this with a group of friends or for a school assignment. If you stand right next to them, you can expect a hello.

When the time comes for a conversation, what to say?

What should you do now that you have their interest? If you want to have a productive talk, try these strategies out.

1. Always be ready.

Prepare a few points of discussion before meeting with someone. This will help you avoid the uncomfortable pause after a hello. Prepare to engage in conversation with them. Your anxiety may prevent you from having a fruitful conversation.

2. Smile.

The goal is to calm their nerves. They may feel the same level of anxiety that you do, so it’s important to reassure them. Furthermore, the more you grin, the more comfortable they will feel in your company and the more likely they will be to return for further conversation.

3. Engage in cordial behavior.

Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to have a conversation with someone who won’t engage with you. This means you must try to strike up a conversation with them. If you make it simple for someone to approach you, they are more likely to do so the next time they see you.

4. Take the humorous approach.

Make your crush laugh as soon as you see them for the finest reaction possible. Boost their confidence so that they enjoy conversing with you. You’ll be more valuable to them as an employee if they can use you as a symbol of success.

5. Simply express your gratitude for the chance to speak with them.

This is a subtle prompt for them to get back in touch with you shortly. Make a great thing out of being able to converse and catch up, and express your appreciation. Let them know you’re interested in continuing the conversation soon. They’ll get the self-assurance to approach you directly the next time you do this.

Inevitably, the first time you see your crush is the best. Your emotions span the gamut from joy to worry to outright fear. Using these methods will not only increase the likelihood that they’ll come to talk to you, but they’ll also be useful once they do.

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