Telltale Signs Your Partner is Cheating

10 Telltale Signs Your Partner is Cheating That You Might Miss

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it happens. The key is to recognize the telltale signs of a cheating partner early on, so you can end the relationship.

As much as I’d like to claim that we live in a world where people who make a promise keep it, the reality is that’s not always the case. It’s awful that we must educate ourselves on the telltale indicators of an unfaithful partner. If you’re seeing someone, you probably think they’re faithful too.

10 telltale indicators that your partner is cheating:

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My boyfriend at the time cheated on me once while I was away at college. He didn’t need to tell me because I already knew. I can’t say if boredom or a lack of empathy drove his actions. Knowing that someone who you trusted with your deepest secrets betrayed your trust is a terrible feeling.

You shouldn’t immediately assume that your boyfriend is being unfaithful because of this. They are not cheating on you simply because they get home from work late one night. When looking for signs of infidelity, you should look for a pattern that cheaters like to follow.

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However, before you start accusing your partner of cheating, it’s important to collect evidence and carefully observe their actions. In this approach, you may determine what steps to take based on the warning indications of a cheating spouse.

1. It’s palpable. 

It’s safe to assume that you didn’t enter this world today. Listen, no matter what other people say, you already know things. You should look for clues and collect proof. The bottom line is, though, you can usually tell when somebody is trying to pull one over on you. Trust your instincts if you feel like they’re cheating on you. This does not necessarily indicate cheating but suggests something is amiss.

2. Suddenly, they’re using different passphrases. 

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And not just on their phone but on every electronic gadget they own. Weird, huh? We don’t understand why they would suddenly alter their security questions and answers. There’s no explanation for that unless they just got brand-new gadgets. Remember that they need not reveal their password to you, but it’s not good news if they’ve never used one before and now must.

3. The sexual landscape has shifted. 

Things in the bedroom have recently shifted. Either your sexual activity has increased or decreased, but it’s clear that something is off. Your spouse may have less sex with you if they are trying to please someone else, or they may have more sex with you if they are trying to make amends or try something new in the bedroom.

4. The inaccessibility of some targets is inevitable.

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Indeed, you won’t be able to reach them at certain hours of the day. They ignore your calls or texts for at least a few hours. Someone cheating on you is less likely to respond to your messages and phone calls. That’s logical, right? They have other commitments at the moment.

5. Their pals have strange habits. 

They have already told their pals about the infidelity. No one could have possibly missed that clue. Certainly, someone is aware. Is there a difference in how their pals act when you’re around? Perhaps they’re being particularly nice to you or avoiding you. They are only acting in this way because they have the information you lack.

6. We lose touch emotionally over time. 

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You two used to be able to share anything, but now your spouse is keeping secrets. It’s usually because they’ve opened out to someone else about how they’re feeling. They shouldn’t waste their time doing this again.

7. They hate you and have expressed it to you directly. 

They become nervous and nearly irritated whenever you’re in the same room. They accuse you of being the one who encouraged them to cheat. It’s a justification they use to justify their behavior. You feel at fault, even if you haven’t done anything wrong.

8. Their routine is always in flux.

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They used to arrive home every day at 5, but now they’re staying late at the office, taking weekend or weekday business trips, or spending a lot of time in traffic. Also, you can’t seem to wrap your head around it. They have a valid reason for deviating from their regular return time to the house.

9. Someone’s profile is littered with them. 

They used to be completely unnoticeable on social media, but recently you’ve noticed that they’ve been favoriting the same person’s posts repeatedly. They may even add commentary to them or add strangers you’ve never met to their friends list.

10. When you confront them, they put the blame on you. 

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Perhaps you’ve already confronted them about their infidelity; if so, that’s excellent! You were hoping for an explanation, but you didn’t get one. Instead of coming clean, they either avoid you or try to shift the focus of the conversation onto you. Classic.

If you notice several of these indications in your relationship, it may be time to reevaluate your stance. What are you planning to do, exactly?

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