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10 Toxic Double Standards In A Relationship

10 Toxic Double Standards In A Relationship

In relationships, are we ever going to be able to rid ourselves of double standards? No, I don’t think so. However, it’s possible to learn about them and understand why they’re a terrible idea, especially if you’re hoping to keep your relationship going for the long haul. People aren’t entirely oblivious to the reality that men and women are capable of different things.

When it comes to toxic behaviors in our relationships, most of us are well aware of them. However, we rarely do something about them. People who ignore them often don’t end up with a happy ending.

We don’t have to continue using double standards because they’ve been around for a long time. It’s vital to be conscious of double standards in relationships if you respect your connection and want it to last.

In relationships, what are the most common double standards?

You must first know what these things are to comprehend why you can’t have them interfering with your relationship. What do we know? You may not have been aware of these double standards.

1. Making fun of clothing choices

You may not even be aware of this one. While the female may think it’s harmless to make fun of the guy’s fashion choices, the game is over the instant he does it to her. This is unhealthy, and it is based on prejudice and discrimination. It’s possible that she’ll be able to criticize her clothing if she’s comfortable doing so about his.

This is something we see frequently, and it’s dangerous since he could be seriously injured due to it. Moreover, he cannot persuade her to understand how much this hurts him. Because of this double standard, you’ll never get to the bottom of the matter.

2. A list of restrictions on the kind of people you are allowed to socialize with.

This is ridiculous on so many levels. Rules like these should not even exist if you have a healthy and happy relationship. Just put your faith in your lover and let them go out with anybody they choose. There are considerably more women than men making the rules.

As a result, some males are reluctant to enter into partnerships because they believe that women would exert undue influence over their decisions and lifestyles. Both partners should be able to go out with their friends without putting the relationship at risk, even if they are afraid of cheating.

His inability to trust her will annoy her when the tables are flipped. That can’t be right. Confidence should be present.

3. Taking the first step – or any step at all

When it comes to relationships, there are a lot of double standards. It’s generally accepted that guys are expected to initiate the conversation. It’s a slow death, but it should have been over a long time ago.

That women are starting to have the courage to make the initial move is a wonderful thing. Some men, on the other hand, insist that women who initiate contact are desperate or needy. Get rid of this attitude; it’s not good for you.

4. Using your period as an excuse

Honestly, ladies, this isn’t right. It’s true that your period might get in the way of certain things, but some women make it seem like their period is a problem to seek attention. As a way to avoid unwanted sexual activity, they do it.

No matter how miserable you feel during your period, you should never use that as an excuse to treat your man badly or to make demands. No one can use it as an excuse to be a bad friend or a bad girlfriend. That’s not an option.

Males, on the other hand, are out of luck. Even if they have a headache, their girlfriends expect them to do what they want even if they aren’t feeling well.

5. He can’t hang out with girls like she can, but she can with a lot of men.

When it comes to relationships, this is one of those major double standards that are simply unjustifiable. When a girl’s boyfriend wants to go out to lunch with a few of his girlfriends, it’s like the end of the world for the girl and her boyfriend.

To her, it will always appear that she is acting out of love, and she will control the situation at all times. Toxic, possessive, or controlling are terms used to describe men who behave in this manner.

6. Sex being used as a weapon

Again, the girl has the upper hand, and it’s not healthy or fair. Using sex as a weapon is a double standard in and of itself for the girl.

The use of sexual coercion to achieve one’s goals is a horrible idea for both sexes, regardless of the motivation. Not to be used as a weapon: Sex is meant to be enjoyed, not abused. In the long run, he’ll end up harboring feelings of animosity.

7. Not having sex when you don’t want to

This happens all too frequently in the women’s world. They don’t have to engage in sex, but what happens when the roles are reversed, and they have to? Men may not want to get down, but if they say they will, they become the bad guy overnight.

No matter how exhausted they claim to be from work, women will always see this as an attack on their own well-being. Because of this, they’ll think he no longer cares for her or anything of that effect. That’s what I call interpersonal hypocrisy at its worst. That’s a lot of injustice.

8. Exposing insecurities

Males are forced to put up with this type of behavior from their female counterparts much too often. He’ll “get over it” if she makes a joke with his pals about something he’s insecure about. It’s possible that if he did the same and exposed one of her fears, their relationship would be over.

That is unfair and unjust. When it comes to some things, it’s best to keep them to yourself. It’s strange that when women do something to males, it’s seen as unacceptable, but when it’s done to them, it’s called an “act of love.” There’s something terribly wrong with this scenario.

9. Jealous behavior

Memes demonstrating this double standard may be seen all over the Internet. While she is doing something weird and ranting about being envious, the photo will be amusing to look at. It would be stunning and horrifying, though, if you put a guy in the picture instead of the woman. Because it makes them appear possessive, men aren’t supposed to get jealous.

What this double standard entails is exactly what it says. Male acting jealously would be frowned upon by society, whereas a woman acting jealously is accepted and expected.

You can clearly observe double standards in relationships because no matter how crazy she is, she will still be considered average by the majority.

10. Being demanding and controlling

Women can now tell men what they can and cannot do, but a man who does so will be laughed out of the room. Girls tend to flee from men who exert undue control over them. So what the female says must be obeyed. or else. Exactly how this is feasible escapes me.

Why is it that women are considered as cool with being in charge, but males are seen as psychopaths or controlling when they do the same thing?

It’s never right, regardless of gender, for one person to make demands or exert control over the other. A partnership, not a dictatorship, is the essence of a relationship.

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