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10 Typical Things Not All Girls Like

10 Typical Things Not All Girls Like

As you’ve already discovered, no two women are the same in the entire globe. Some stereotypes about what girls enjoy persist, however. Things, performances, events, and even meals that are referred to as “girly” by people aren’t necessarily popular with girls.

It’s no surprise that this topic has become a hot-button issue in recent months as the world moves toward greater gender equality. Before, we were all aware of how much girls resented being stereotyped. The situation has deteriorated significantly since the last time we spoke.

Things that not all girls enjoy because they are “typically girlie.”

Not all females prefer the same things that are considered “girly” in any way, shape, or form. There are many women out there that prefer “male stuff” to what is traditionally associated with girls.

This list might go on for days, but instead of getting into detail, I’m going to focus on the most common girlie items that aren’t always popular with all girls. What you should never think all girls like are the following things.

1. Makeup. Most people don’t know this, and if they do, they choose to disregard it. Makeup isn’t for everyone. Some of us find it repulsive. Even when I do put on makeup, it’s only mascara and a little eye shadow.

Wearing it makes me miserable, to put it mildly. You can’t see the true skin underneath because your face feels as though it is being suffocated by it. Not skin that has been smeared with a colorless liquid. I’ve met a lot of girls who are just like me.

2. Dresses. The majority of females would sooner chew off an arm than wear a dress somewhere; however, for some reason, this is considered girlie attire and assumed by the general public that all females will wear dresses to fancy occasions. There are those who think girls adore clothes, and it’s annoying.

3. Flowers. Flowers are a particular favorite of some females. I use the word “some” in this paragraph because some girls believe that they have no value. If you’re a lady, you probably don’t want to see a bunch of flowers die in a vase. It makes them sad.

4. Stuff in a pink hue. Color pink is a universally recognized sign of a woman’s femininity. How is it possible to attribute a color to a specific gender? Because of some reason or another, it’s been around, and there are a lot of girls that don’t like it.

Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of the color pink. To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of pink and would much rather have “boyish”-looking items in blue. Plenty of girls probably shares my sentiments.

5. Glitter. Glitter should never be considered “girly” in any way, shape, or form. Although the shiny appearance may lead some to believe it was made by a female hand, I believe that women despise this more than men do. It’s everywhere, yet girls aren’t usually fans of glitzy products. For this reason, don’t be fooled by the fact that something has glitter on it.

6. Possessing a full head of hair. Long hair was a sign of youth and fertility in the old days, so women grew it long to show suitors that they were capable of producing many children.

There are lots of young women I know who would rather maintain their hair in a short pixie cut than let it grow out. As a result, assuming that all women prefer long hair is wrong.

7. Butterflies. I’m not sure when or how butterflies — an insect – were assigned a definite sex classification. Why are they intended to be attractive to women? They are of no consequence at all.

Possibly because they are so vibrant and eye-catching? However, not all girls are fond of butterflies, and I’ve even come across a girl who’s scared of the creatures. Not all ladies enjoy the conventional female pastimes.

8. Forms in the form of hearts. Typically, when girls are in elementary school, they will draw small hearts in their notebooks with the initials of a boy they like. This has led to the assumption that all girls favor heart-shaped items. In my opinion, pizza is best served in the shape of a heart, and I’m not the only one.

9. Nail polish. It’s well-known that girls enjoy having their hair trimmed and manicured, and that usually includes applying nail paint. Some girls don’t care about the color of their nails, and this gives people the idea that they all do.

10. Romantic movies. When men – primarily men – declare they don’t enjoy romantic movies because they’re “girly,” I often respond with a big eye roll. Also, as a counterargument, I believe I know more men who enjoy romantic comedies than women.

Because we’re more in touch with our emotional side, we tend to enjoy love and romance more than guys. Some girls, though, choose to see a horror or action film instead.

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