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10 Unromantic Movies with Romantic Plot Twists

10 Unromantic Movies with Romantic Plot Twists

If you’re looking for romantic elements in movies that don’t seem like they’re romantic at first glance, the following 10 are a few of the best examples.

1. Gladiator. Yes, I’m speaking to Russell Crowe’s historical epic. His devotion to his deceased wife, whom he hopes to meet in the afterlife after avenging her first, is extremely heartwarming.

  1. Slumdog Millionaire. This fantastic film has already been discussed to death, so what more can I add? As a tale of a young Mumbai street kid’s rise to financial success, the film also features some of the most heartbreakingly romantic scenes ever as he looks for, finds, and frees one of the girls he grew up with from her adult prison of circumstance.
  2. Seven Samurai. The blossoming romance between the young naïve samurai and the villager’s daughter is beyond charming in Kurosawa’s classic western-with-swords. By dating a 1980s teen movie character, you can learn a lot about yourself.

4. Wall-E. Despite the fact that Wall-E and EVE are robots in a cartoon, the chemistry between them is evident when the two are together.

5. Shawshank Redemption. One key romantic surprise comes from Andy Dufresne’s inability to unjustly acknowledge to his wife’s murder after having loved and adored her so much, even though this film is ostensibly about their platonic connection in Shawshank prison. Of course, there is also the platonic friendship that keeps the story going strong!

6. King Kong. It makes no difference whether you watch the original or one of the more recent iterations. The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ connection between the title character and the lead female role is legendary.

  1. The 40-Year Old Virgin. Every interaction between the main character and the E-Bay saleswoman is pure comedic treasure. Although it’s heartwarming, it also reimagines the male/female romantic relationship in a new light.
  2. Avengers: Age of Ultron. This one will no certain bring on a few snickers, but the blossoming romance between Black Widow and the Hulk is certainly cause for amusement. 

9. The Life Of Brian. Monty Python’s iconic comedic film is irreverent, foolish, and hysterically funny, but it is also comforting since it tells of a man who becomes a saint by mistake while trying to please the woman of his dreams.

10. Grosse Pointe Blank. At his high school reunion, an assassin attempts to seduce his old sweetheart while evading gunshots and firing them back with equal enthusiasm. Romantic, if a little out of the ordinary.

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