10 Warning Signs That Your Long-Distance Flirtation is Doomed


Technology advancements like social media and video calls make it easier than ever to connect with people across the country. It’s also simple to stay in touch with friends and family who have relocated to new locations, and the time difference between you and them is nearly nonexistent.

This can significantly enhance the quality of long-distance relationships, but it can also lead to some amusing scenarios. The “flirtationship” is one of these scenarios. More than merely friendship or flirting, the flirtationship is an intimate bond between two people. It’s a long-distance fling with a sliver of commitment thrown in for good measure, At the very least, to a degree.

When it comes to flirtation, there’s a lot of space for debate. You’re unsure if you should act like a significant other and make demands. In addition, you don’t want to be treated like a friend. However, it may also be exhilarating and rewarding in equal measure. It’s normal to have doubts about your little “thing” sometimes, just like in any other relationship.

Is your long-distance romance on the verge of crumbling?

Your long-distance romance may be in trouble if you notice these warning flags in your relationship.

  1. It takes your partner a long time to respond to your questions. Is it possible that they are losing interest? It’s not a good indicator if they used to answer your messages quickly but now take a long time to do so. In a flirtation relationship, excitement and intrigue are essential. If your lack of reaction time indicates that you’re the only one interested and enthusiastic, it may be time to call it quits.
  2. You can tell they’re becoming bored. Even though your day had been a dreary one, you were able to make your flirting partner interested just by hearing about it. There are fewer and fewer inquiries into the minutiae of your day, and the inside jokes are dwindling.
  3. You’re becoming more and more intrigued by the people around you. Perhaps you had no interest in anyone else at the beginning of your flirtationship with the person of your dreams. This could have been your original motivation for becoming involved. But you may be losing interest in flirting via technology if you’re constantly staring at the handsome men at the bar or admiring the new intern.
  4. You have a lot of fights. Long-distance flings make it challenging to have arguments and conflicts. You can’t merely kiss or hold your partner to solve a problem. Fighting with your spouse is never fun, and if you’re more likely to turn off your phone than work things out, your interest in the relationship may be waning.
  5. You’re enraged by the current circumstance. Frustration is inevitable in any relationship, but it can typically be alleviated with open conversation and mutual effort. Because of this, it may be time to break up with your lover if you’re constantly irritated instead of excited to hear from them.
  6. You frequently misinterpret others. As a result of relying solely on technology, there is a lot of possibility for misinterpretation. Most of the time, you get to see a screen with some words, and there’s no way to tell if your spouse is being serious or just making a joke about your situation. One phrase, anecdote, or expression can spark a full-scale battle if misunderstood!
  7. As a result, you spend less time compulsively checking your phone or computer. In other words, if you aren’t running to your phone every time it buzzes, something else is holding your attention better than the person who gave you that text. Most of the time, being overjoyed every time you check your phone indicates you are eager to speak with whoever it is on the other end.
  8. For Skype dates, you no longer care about looking your best. Now, you don’t need to go all out to have a Skype date. Even if you don’t, you can make your room more romantic by arranging your furnishings. Then again, you’re content with wearing a tattered old shirt and relying on a shabby lamp to brighten your face.
  9. You’re starting to lose interest in the idea of a flirtationship in general. Your need for exclusivity may grow stronger. You need your partner to swear to the fact that you are the only one in the room. The strain of this bizarre romantic arrangement is getting to you, and you’re ready for your spouse to make a choice: stay committed or walk away.
  10. You don’t think about them as much anymore. To tell whether you’re losing interest in your long-distance flirtationship, forgetting a Skype date or two is one of the most obvious symptoms.

When it comes to long-distance flirtation, it’s much more difficult. Something is exciting about the ambiguity of your connection, but there’s also some tension in knowing that it may all end instantly.

Having a long-distance relationship and a flirtationship at the same time can be a recipe for disaster. If you realize that you’ve lost interest, you have no one to blame yourself, so why not just give up?

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