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10 Warnings During First Kiss That Leads To Toxic Relationship

10 Warnings During First Kiss That Leads To Toxic Relationship

Having a poor first kiss is the worst thing that could ever happen to you, and I’ll admit it. Do not misunderstand; some strange first kisses can lead to wonderful relationships, but this is not always the case. There are several red flags you can’t ignore when it comes to the first kiss.

A first kiss can reveal a lot about your compatibility. In other words, you shouldn’t waste your time attempting if things are already in decline. The temptation to bring someone back into your life, even if you knew from the beginning that you should have stopped things, is far too common.

In the beginning, the first kiss can disclose an incredible amount about a person’s character.

After a single kiss, you may think I’m being snobbish. In order to assess if they would be a good or poor spouse, how can you possibly know them? Even a first kiss might have plenty of warning signs if you know how to look for them.

Red flags to watch out for after the first kiss

In your life, you’ve likely had a few awful first kisses. If you’re in the dating game, it’s inevitable. In order to tell the difference between a lousy kisser and anything more serious, you must learn to read between the lines – or the lips.

Avoid making assumptions based only on the quality of one’s kissing skills. When it comes to first kisses, there are a few telltale signs to look out for that can tell you whether or not it’s merely a hesitant kiss. This is what you should be on the lookout for.

1. There’s a bit of a rush. Is it possible to be enthusiastic for someone and eager to kiss them at the same time? If they’re making several attempts to kiss you or going berserk, there’s a problem with their approach to the kiss.

Getting kissed shouldn’t excite them so much. It’s possible they’re just trying to get some, but it’s also possible this is their first kiss, and they’re nervous about it. That said, you may want to work with someone who has experience in the field.

2. They snag you and kiss you. It’s just bad taste to do this. In contrats to popular belief, this was not an option given to you voluntarily. Basically, they grabbed you and smashed their face into yours until you kissed them.

The fact that they’re doing this suggests that they don’t value your input. Perhaps they’re just a hopeless romantic who binges on romantic comedies too frequently. So they don’t have a clear picture of what a real relationship would look like. There’s a big red flag out there.

3. Kisses without consent. At all costs, this person should be eschewed. As someone who has never been kissed by a stranger before, I can tell you that it’s not fun to be shocked by one. This is something you must never tolerate.

During the initial kiss, they showed no consideration for your emotions. This could imply that they don’t value or value your opinions. If they’re about to kiss you, why not give you a heads-up so you may duck out if you’d rather not?

4. Despite your best efforts, they keep trying to kiss you. There’s always going to be someone like this. When you’ve consistently stated your disinterest in a kiss, they keep going for it.

In this case, there is no fine line to draw. When you continually step out of the way, someone can sense if you don’t want to kiss them. They don’t respect you if they keep insisting on it. They’re self-centered and don’t care about your sentiments; they only want a kiss. This is the type to stay away from.

5. I’m attempting to “come to terms” with the kiss. After their first kiss, they’ll do anything to entice you to sleep with them. Even if you’ve been subtly signaling that you’d like to retire early, they shouldn’t presume.

It’s possible they’re just looking for a good time. They may also be overly confident and pretentious, which is not a good quality in a partner.

6. I’m going to give you a piece of my mind right now. When they put their tongue down your neck the first time your lips meet, it’s a massive red flag. Going in for a soft kiss is OK. That’s disgusting and incredibly arrogant of them.

It’s also a little disrespectful in its own right. You didn’t indicate that you were interested in more. It’s a little impolite to just push their tongue in your mouth since you didn’t learn in and deepen the kiss.

7. Tussling you about your reluctance to kiss him. A humorous joke isn’t what this is about. No matter what, they should never be rude about it if you decline to kiss them. When it comes to the first kiss, teasing can be adorable, but it’s a massive red flag. They’re attempting to put you under pressure, which is never acceptable.

8. When you refuse to kiss them, they get agitated. At this time, it’s best to just walk away. Leave if they get angry or query why you won’t kiss them. Nobody has respect for you, and they have no intention of helping you. Why they don’t want to kiss you is out of their hands.

9. You’re making a negative comment about MY kiss. This is so savagely snide. They should never criticize your kissing style. Using the word “slobbery” or “unpleasant” in reference to your kiss is a sign that they are trying to influence you.

What they’re after is an advantage. By making you feel incompetent, they’ll appear much more impressive. You should stay away from people like this since their vibe is definitely toxic, and you don’t want it in your life.

10. “Something isn’t quite right.” There is a good reason why your instincts are there. For tens of thousands of years, they’ve kept us alive. Don’t let yours go between the cracks.

If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. The only way to end a relationship with someone you don’t like is to say it out loud. Don’t waste time dwelling on the past.

There are numerous warning signs to be on the lookout for during a first kiss. In the end, it’s OK to break things off and move on if you feel something is wrong and you didn’t enjoy it – or them.

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