10 Ways to Flirt with a Friend

10 Ways to Flirt with a Friend Without Creeping Them Out

It’s challenging to understand how to flirt with a friend without coming across as awkward, whether you’ve just started feeling something or are simply testing the waters. In this article, find out 10 ways how you can flirt with a friend without coming across as creepy and consequently turn them off.

Being able to flirt with a buddy is different than being able to flirt with a date or a total stranger. There is more risk when you make a move on a friend.

Are you going to act strangely with me? Will your shared friends learn about it? There might be drama. Do you have a purpose, or are you just flirting?

When you wish to start flirting with a buddy, there are several things to consider.

Why do you want to learn how to flirt with a friend?

Yes, flirting shouldn’t involve a lot of thought beforehand. This is how flirting quickly transitions from being playful and fun to strange and awkward.

Every desired outcome necessitates a distinct strategy. In the end, flirting isn’t just flirting because everything hinges on the results you hope to achieve.

I realize it seems like a lot, but these are all factors to consider while deciding how to flirt with a buddy. Flirting may appear harmless enough, yet it can be misinterpreted, taken out of context, and even used to break up friendships. Thus, it is wise to give this some thought in advance.

How to make a friend flirty

When you consider your objectives, flirting with a friend is simpler than flirting with a stranger. This individual is someone you already know. As opposed to having just to guess, you probably already know their sense of humor and preferences.

You have the context of the entire relationship when you flirt with a buddy. You are aware of the buttons to press and those to avoid.

Remember that when you apply this advice on how to flirt with a friend.


Instead of pushing on the playground, make fun of one another. Your friendship enters a more lighthearted phase with a little playful teasing. Tease them about their musical preferences, inability to consume hot food, or anything else that takes your fancy.

Remember that you know this individual, so use your familiarity to elevate your conversation to a flirtatious level.


Educate them about your friendship. It may seem counterproductive to remind someone that you are connected to them and that they feel at ease around you, but doing so actually serves as a foundation for a stronger relationship.

Build on the relationship you already have because you can’t go back in time, unfriend this person, and start flirting with them immediately.

Keep it light.

Yes, it’s possible that you have feelings for this person, but be careful. There’s a chance this person has no idea you are even the slightest bit intrigued.

Make light of the flirtation. Don’t jump from laughing at farts to telling them how your heart belongs to them in one chat. Instead, compliment them on their looks or gradually engage in deeper, more important talks.

Having hope

When someone lacks confidence, flirting fails because you can sense it in them. These behaviors are not attractive to someone you want to develop a romantic connection with, whether you are anxious, afraid of rejection, or using self-deprecating humor to flirt.

Your confidence will rub off on the person you are trying to flirt with, making the flirtation much more effective.

Make modest movements

Once more, flirting is a delicate art. You don’t always have to take risks. Small gestures of kindness show someone you understand and know them to stick out the most. Sky-writing is undoubtedly shocking, but how long does the thrill last?

Small actions have a significant influence. Watch their preferred program so you can discuss it together. When they arrive, play their preferred music. Such insignificant details won’t go overlooked. Your friend would want to chat with you more once the two of you have something in common to discuss. Your friend will unavoidably think of you as someone they would love to date as long as you develop sexual chemistry simultaneously!


By checking in, you may let them know you care. Only someone considering you as more than just a buddy would make an effort to check in.

Inquire about the outcome of their meeting or doctor’s appointment. Is their mother having trouble keeping her home warm? Inquire about how it’s going. Pay attention to the casual remarks made by your crush. It doesn’t sound like it, but it’s a friend that you’re flirting with.

Be discrete

If you are taking a chance by trying to go from friends to more than that, allow them time to get acclimated to the notion. However, don’t be so subtle that they don’t realize you are flirting. Since you have been thinking about this for some time, it will not be a good idea to express interest to them abruptly.

Flirt a little more with them each time you see them convey your interest in them gradually. When it comes time to see where things go from here, they will finally get the clue and have already given it some thought.

Think about them

in a team? Despite not giving them your full attention, let them know you love having them around. Keep an eye on their emotions and behavior. Take into account how they are feeling. Even though it’s not your ultimate goal, treat this person the same way you would if they were your significant partner.

Link up with one another

Send your friend memes, text frequently, and develop a relationship beyond friendship. Two friends can communicate throughout the day, but when they share provocative or explicit memes and inside jokes, their friendship transforms from casual to flirtatious. When you make a friend miss you when you aren’t there, they will begin to like you.

Take action

There is a time limit on flirting. Surely, you have a goal in mind. So take action. Perhaps you always offer them coffee when you see each other? This time, jot a little note inviting them out on a date on the cup.

Giving everyone a holiday gift card is one option, but you should also offer them thoughtful presents. Make the one move that will clearly show how you feel. Without that danger, flirting will remain as flirting.

It sounds like a difficult effort to figure out how to flirt with a friend without making it awkward. But as long as you go gently and let them get a feel for your emotions, everything ought to be alright—if not better than fine.

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