Ways To Flirt With A Guy

10 Ways To Flirt With A Guy To Tempt Him To Date You

Are you interested in a guy friend but unsure how to flirt with him? Don’t worry, there are ways to drop the appropriate cues whether you’re texting or in-person. Learn some effective ways to flirt with a guy with these tips.

How not to flirt with your male friend?

To begin with, there is no wrong way to flirt with a male buddy. However, certain tried-and-true flirtatious techniques are too subtle or just plain weird when used on a person you already know.

Do not portray it as a joke.

For example, avoid using a pickup line on a male friend. In addition to feeling out of place, he’ll probably interpret it as a joke. It might be painful to be rejected if your interest in your male buddy is genuine, but it can also be upsetting if he is unaware that you are flirting with him.

Maintain courtesy

Mutual regard is the ideal setting for flirting. Keep respect and kindness at the forefront whether you are flirting with a man friend to start dating or just for some friends with benefits hookups.dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

How to flirt gently and strategically with a male friend?

As was previously stated, developing subtlety and your interest is key to knowing how to flirt with a man friend. Encourage him to think of you as more than just a friend. Start by making subtly flirtatious comments.

Ways To Flirt With A Guy
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Keeping a gaze.

Although making eye contact seems a given in any conversation, we frequently forget to do so. Look into his eyes when conversing with a guy friend you like about anything. Make that visual connection, but avoid staring like a monster.

Remember that you genuinely like this person, and your body language will care for the rest. After all, when you like someone, your eyes widen immediately when you chat with them.

And remember that even three seconds spent gazing into someone else’s eyes can have a significant emotional impact.

Know his interests

Perhaps your shared interest in sports or The Office led to your friendship. Consider expanding from there. Look into it if you are aware of his love of Star Wars.

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Please don’t alter who you are to suit him, but it will say something if you show him that you are trying to get to know him better.

Be assured.

Although you may always feel at ease around him because, after all, he is your buddy, showing off your unabashed sense of humor is flirtatious.

Some people might believe that acting foolishly around a man friend you like will put you in the friend zone, yet being completely authentic has the exact opposite effect.

How to connect with a male friend through flirting?

Move up to be slightly overt once you have flirted with a guy buddy in a more subdued manner. He might be subconsciously beginning to think of you as more than just a buddy.

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Therefore, by flirting your way from friends to something more, you’ll allow him time to understand where you’re coming from fully.

Bodily language

Increasing physical affection, whether a hug or a high five, is crucial to flirting with a guy buddy.

Lean against him while you watch a Netflix program. As soon as he says anything amusing, brush against his arm. An indication of attraction is even crossing your legs in his direction.

Compliment him.

Contrary to popular belief, compliments have a powerful impact. Tell him he has a pleasant scent. Tell him that shirt looks good on him. Say you were impressed with the way he recently handled a situation.

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Although you don’t have to, being open and sincere about the qualities you admire in him will reassure him that you won’t reject him.

Just say it.

Tell him how you feel when you’ve gone too far with the flirting and subliminal cues. Trying to hide your emotions won’t get you very far.

Telling him, you’re interested in him on a deeper level than a friendship will help if you want a good ending.

How to text a guy friend and flirt with him?

There are other ways to flirt except in person. In today’s technologically advanced society, most flirting now is done over text.

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So, here are some advice on how to flirt with a man buddy over text.

Use numerous emojis

Emojis aren’t simply adorable; they may also be used for flirting in a very specific way. Emojis are a nonverbal way to convey emotion when you can’t be face to face. They communicate your feelings to others without you having to use words.

For instance, if you speak sarcastically, they might miss the implied wink without your help.

As a result, you can start utilizing emojis like hearts, kissing faces, and blowing kisses. This message will go beyond friendship. It will demonstrate how incredibly devoted you are to him.

Ways To Flirt With A Guy
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Give him nicknames

People call each other by their pet names shows an emotional closeness. People who you don’t know well will typically just be referred to by their given legal name.

However, it is rather typical for people to create pet names for persons they are close to.

Although it can also be done with friends, this is something many individuals in love relationships do. So you might say, “Hey, I believe it’s time we come up with pet names for each other… don’t you think it would be cute?” to start a dialogue.

Or you could just come up with a sweet name for him. It does not need to be original. It might be as simple as “hun,” “stud,” or “baby.”

Ways To Flirt With A Guy
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Learning how to flirt with a man pal over text might be rather simple. The essential takeaway is that you only need to establish an emotional connection with the other person; you don’t need to personalize the conversation. He will undoubtedly get the hint eventually.

Finally, you should let him know that he can take some time to consider and analyze this new information if he suspects you are flirting with him. Despite all the warning flags, it can still take him some time to catch up with you.

It can be rather easy to learn how to flirt with a guy friend in person or even over text. Just wait patiently for him to realize that you are more than just a friend. All of a sudden, everything becomes much simpler!

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