110+ Sexy and Dirty Questions To Ask a Guy to Get Him To Like You

Looking for the best dirty and sexy questions to text a guy to make him sexually interested in you? Use this, and you’ll 100% get him excited and interested right away.

Asking a guy the right kind of dirty or sexy questions can do a lot to build sexual tension, tease him, or even seduce him into wanting you sexually. The best part is that you can be as friendly or sexually suggestive as you want, and he’ll still think he’s the one asking the dirty questions. Want to learn how to do this? Onward!

How to get a guy you like to like you by asking him these sexy questions

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There are many ways to ask a guy a dirty question over text. Do you like this guy and want to get him to like you? Or is this someone you’ve already been close to? Even though sexy questions might seem like they are all the same, they are not.

As you read on, the article is split into two parts. You can use the 20 sexy questions below to text a guy in a casual way at first, and then use them to get him to talk dirty and want to be with you sexually within 30 minutes.

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We’ve also put together a list of 90+ sexy questions to ask a guy if you’ve already slept with him and want him to get horny just by reading your texts.

You’ll be surprised at how effective these texts can be when it comes to seduction.

How to ask and text dirty questions and build sexual tension

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You can always ask these sexy questions in person, but it’s never as powerful or effective as when you do it through text. When you’re together in person, things like awkwardness, fear, stress, anxiety, and other things can get in the way and ruin the mood. But if you text a guy these questions, he will not only smile and stand up straight in his shorts, but he will also start to think about things.

And your imagination is one of the most powerful ways to get a guy interested in you and your texts.
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If you want to seduce a guy and get him horny while you’re hanging out with him, use this guide on how to get a guy horny and hard while casually sitting next to him to arouse a guy without making your plans obvious.

Part 1: Questions to ask a guy to get him to like you

If you have never sexted or been sexually intimate with each other, use these questions to make him think of you in a sexual way. You can ask these questions in person, but I’d suggest you do it via a text.

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Text him these questions in the order given here, and there’s a good chance you’ll both be kissing by the time you’re done. Are you ready to test him with these questions that will get him in your bed?

But just to be sure, use this guide on how to seduce a man who isn’t yet yours to build sexual tension with him and make sure he’s already craving you. The right dirty questions to ask a guy to get him interested You can ask a guy a lot of different kinds of sexy questions.

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But if you want to turn him on quickly, you need to remember to start by getting him comfortable and then ask him more and more personal and intimate questions.

Ask questions whose answers you already know. But let him say it.

Don’t make it look like you’re the only one asking all the dirty questions. By asking him these questions, his answers will get sexier and sexier as the questions go on, making it seem like he’s the one making all the moves.

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Be careful about what you ask, at least at first, and get dirtier with each question. And always remember this: once you’ve gone through these questions, don’t ask him questions that take his attention away from you.

When you know he’s alone and has nothing to do, send him a text. Your goal is to get him to sleep with you without making him feel like you are desperate. Trust us, if you ask these 20 questions in order, he’ll be in your bed before the night is over!

The dirty questions that will make him want to be with you.

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Start by texting him something simple and try to figure out if he’s doing nothing and has an hour or so to text you without being interrupted. These 20 questions are open-ended, and he will keep asking you for your answers. Play coy, but let him know that you like his texts when you reply. And with these 20 texts, you’ll be able to work your magic and get him to like you in an hour!

#1: Hey, I’m curious: When I walk away from you, do you ever look back at me? “curious and nonchalant”

#2: Have you ever hooked up with someone you know? *to make him think about hookups*

#3: Do you think you kiss well?

#4: Has anyone ever seen you naked by accident? *funny, but with a dirty twist*

#5 Have you ever felt like flashing to someone? You’re probably getting him excited.

#6: What do you have on now? *harmless…*

#7: What should a girl wear to get your blood pumping? *know what he wants*

#8: What should I wear to look my best? *make him sexually think of you*

#9: If I asked you, would you help me choose that outfit? Who wouldn’t want to?

#10: Which part of a girl’s body do you like best? *he’ll think of you naked. *

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#11: Which part of my body do you think looks the best?

#12: What do you put on to sleep? *a small problem, so he asks you the same thing again*

#13: When was the last time you slept with a girl? You want him to ask you the same question.

#14: What do you think makes for good pre-play? *he’s already making dirty talk*

#15: What is your favorite sexual fantasy? *you’re getting him excited*

16: Do you think that if we got drunk together, we’d do something funny? *funny, but now I’m so horny*

#17: Have you ever sent a picture of yourself via text message? If you post pictures here, cut out your face.

#18 Have you ever felt sexually aroused while texting on the phone?

#19: What would you do to me right now if I were with you? *he’s imagining all the bad things he could do to you*

#20: Do you want to come over to my place now?

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Try it!

Don’t think these 20 sexy questions to ask a guy will get him in bed with you before the end of the text conversation? You will be surprised if you try it. Just don’t try to sound funny. Instead, focus on how hot you feel and let him know you’re interested.

How to woo a guy and get him to sleep with you without being slutty.

Part 2: Questions to ask a guy you’ve hooked up with that aren’t very nice

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Whether you just met a new guy or want to spice things up in a relationship, these dirty questions will make any man hot, hot, hot!

One way to start and do this is to ask your man really dirty questions. These 90 questions are sexy, seductive, and downright dirty, and they might even help you learn more about each other. They are the best way to build up explosive sexual tension and make him think about you all day.

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There are 90 dirty and sexy questions you can ask a guy to make him want more. There are questions that will work for every girl, whether she wants to take things slowly and flirt subtly when he’s not around or be more direct in the bedroom.

You can text him some of these questions while he’s at work to get him horny. Some are good if you are apart a lot or if you are dating someone far away. Others are great to whisper in his ear when you’re about to get dirty. But what the heck, why not give them all a try?

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#1: When did you last dream about me being naked?

#2: Short skirts or short shorts? Which looks better on me? How to look good without trying to look good.

#3: Can you tell what color of underwear I’m wearing?

#4: What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done in bed?

#5: What’s the most wrong thing you’ve ever done?

#6: What’s your hottest dream?

#7: Would you like to be in me right now?

#8: What do you want me to touch on your body?

#9: What do you want me to lick on your body? How to do the perfect blowjob.

#10: What part of your body do you want me to nibble?

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#11: What should I do with all this leftover whipped cream?

#12: Have you ever been caught while having sex?

#13: Have you ever been caught while masturbating?

#14: Do you want to watch me make love to myself?

#15: Have you ever used a sex toy?

#16: Do you want to play with me with a sex toy?

#17 Do you prefer oral, vaginal, or anal sex?

#18: Would you like to try anal sex?

#19: Do you want me to shave my behind?

#20: Could you help me shave my pussy? Trim, shave, or leave it alone? Here’s the real score on the bush.

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#21: What is your favorite way to get sexual?

22. Can you guess what I am wearing right now?

#23: If you could sleep with a famous person, who would you choose?

#24: If you saw me flirting with another guy, would it make you mad? How to make a guy envious and pay attention to you

#25: What would you think if I kissed a beautiful girl?

#26 Have you ever thought about a trio?

#27 What was the sexiest thing I did to you?

#28: Where have you had sex that was the most exciting?

#29 Are you more into breasts or butts?

#30: Do you want me to say something rude right now?

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#31: What I’m doing, do you like it?

#32 Do you want me to move more quickly?

33. Do you want me to move more slowly?

#34 What would you like me to do?

#35 Have you ever made your sex so loud that it woke up the neighbors? How to moan and sound and look even sexier in bed.

#36 Have you ever done it outside?

#37 Which book do you think is the sexiest?

#38 Which movie do you think is the sexiest?

#39: Do you want to watch some adult movies with me?

#40: Do you think it would be fun for someone to watch us have sex?

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#41: Do you think it is a good idea and would be fun to tie me up?

#42: Would you like it if I tied you up?

#43: Would you like to try rough sex?

#44: Do you want me to take charge?

#45: Would you like to bite my toes?

#46 Have you ever been to a club where women strip?

#47: How many fingers could you fit inside me? Sexual exploration: Have you ever heard of a finger blowjob?

#48 Do you want to go skinny-dipping?

#49 What do you like and love best about me?

#50: Do you want to make love right now?

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#51: When I leave the room, do you look at me?

#51 What’s the hottest thing a girl can wear?

#52: Do you like the way I kiss?

#53: Do you think you kiss well?

#54: Where do you most want me to kiss you?

#55: Where do you most want to be kissed?

#56 Has anyone ever seen you naked by accident?

#57 Have you ever spent the night with more than one person? Is he a swindler or a gentleman? 13 tell-tale signs]

#58 What do you think about sex in a group?

#59: Would you like it if you saw me kissing someone else?

#60: If I dressed up as a nurse or a bad girl at school, which would you like better?

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#61: Would you like to have sex with me over the phone?

#62: Do you want to have sex with me through FaceTime?

#63: What do you think is the best outfit for me?

#64 Do you want to play?

#65 Want to drink a lot and have sex all night?

#66 How long have you been with someone the longest?

#67 What was the craziest orgasm you’ve ever had?

#68: How many times have you had sex in a single night?

#69: When did you think I was the hottest, and why?

#70: Which of my underwear do you like best?

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#71: Do you like how I’m dressed?

#72: Do you want to get crazy tonight in bed?

#73: What would you do to me in the bedroom if you could do anything you wanted?

#74 Do you like it quickly or slowly?

#75 Do you want me to say your name while you’re in bed?

#76 Have you ever had more than one? How to press the right buttons to get more than one orgasm.

#77: Have you ever made a girl have more than one orgasm?

#78 Want to try this new position for making love later?

#79 I’m picturing you naked right now, are you picturing me?

#80: Do you want to take my clothes off right now?

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#81: When you get home tonight, what are you going to do to me?

#82: I’ve been very bad, what are you going to do about it?

#83: If you could have sex with any female superhero, who would it be and why?

#84: Do you want me to play a superhero?

#85: Do you want to spend the whole day in bed?

#86: I’m about to take a shower. Do you want to come with me?

#87: Would you like to take a bath later?

#89 What are you going to do about the fact that I’m so horny right now?

#90: I’m cold. Do you want to warm me up?

These awesome sexy and dirty questions to ask a guy are sure to get him worked up and ready to rip your clothes off. So, if you think your sex life could use a little “ooh la la,” why not give them a try?

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