Indications Someone Has A Hidden Crush On You

12 Indications Someone Has A Hidden Crush On You

In today’s environment, it’s hard to know if a person is truly into you in a way that makes them want to take you out on a beautiful date or if they’re being friendly. As a result of not knowing how you feel, too many individuals try to conceal their own, and the cycle continues. That’s why It’s natural to be curious about the indications someone has a hidden crush on you.

The fortunate thing is that people can typically only disguise so much about their genuine sentiments and intentions. Perhaps you’ve had a friend for a long time who has remained merely a friend over those years. Then, maybe one day, you’ll pick up on subtle cues that have you wondering about their true feelings for you!

Disguising a Shocking Revelation

You may initially brush off these signals as random quirks, and this is understandable. Then then, they might decide to act.

Undoubtedly, you could be startled, but probably not all that much. It’s possible you sensed something was wrong even before they told you.

Do you share your life with someone similar? Are you sitting there bewildered because you have no idea if they are faking it or if they have genuine feelings for you?

Some of the More Obvious Signals That Someone Likes You

These indications of a crush may help you decipher a person’s motives and uncover their true sentiments.

They constantly tell you how great you are.

Certainly not in a blatantly obvious fashion. They are, after all, attempting to conceal their emotions. We’re talking about things that are so subtle that you might easily overlook them. Although the phrase “awesome sweatshirt” may appear innocuous, it actually conveys a lot of nuance and significance.

They are very aware of minute details about you.

If you’re a woman, no one will even notice if you just get a trim. This is merely something that the vast majority of people fail to consider.

They may be experiencing feelings beyond platonic friendship if they recognize it and remark on it.

The conversation usually begins with them.

They are thinking about you all the time if they are the ones to initiate conversations with you, whether in person or by text. Moreover, it’s because they can’t get enough of you and want to have conversations with you nonstop.

They take the initiative to hang out together.

If they’re the ones always suggesting activities like coffee dates, hangouts, and movie nights, it’s clear they’re eager to spend time with you. It’s possible they’re just being cordial, but their desire to see you frequently is likely being masked.

They keep staring at you when you least expect it.

When you’re in a group, do you ever look over and realize that all eyes are on you? That’s almost certainly due to the fact that they were appreciating your attractiveness.

The only exception would be if you were up to no good…

If you have a partner, they won’t even ask about them.

It’s unlikely that a friend would ask how things are progressing in your relationship if they know you’re seeing someone else.

They are undoubtedly fond of you and would never bring it up. Nobody can bear to bring up the subject of you seeing someone else without breaking down in tears. If they do this, it’s probably because they have a crush on you.

If you start talking about a person they like, they quickly shift the subject.

If it’s not them, they’ll quickly switch the subject to avoid hearing it.

They’ve stressed this before, but this time they really mean it: they don’t want any attention diverted from them or the two of you. That’s a really big clue that they might like you.

They are interested in you and your family.

Only those who truly care about you will go out of their way to inquire as to the well-being of your loved ones.

They like you and want to show that they care about the things that are important to you if they are merely “checking up” on you.

They ask deep things.

Most people who are “just friends” with you won’t pry into your deepest hopes, wishes, and ambitions.

But those with a crush on you will go to great lengths to win you over by asking probing questions about who you are as a person. Someone who asks you in-depth, intimate questions about yourself may have a serious crush on you.

They joke about how funny it would be to date you.

This one occurs quite frequently. When they constantly make comments like “if you were my girlfriend/boyfriend…” you know they have a crush on you.

This is their way of baiting you into responding in a certain way by subtly dropping hints. They secretly wish they were dating you.

When you’re speaking in front of a group, they listen more intently.

It’s difficult to pay attention to a single friend in a large group of individuals.

Yet if their feelings for you go deeper, they’ll be the ones hanging on your every word, even if they have to compete with another speaker. They probably don’t care about anyone else save you, and as a result, they might choose to disregard the vast majority of individuals.

Around you, they tend to light up more.

If they are consistently beaming with happiness, they likely have a crush on you. You have an idea of how things are. You get tremendously thrilled if you’re in the same room as your crush, and you can’t help but smile.

When the person you have a crush on is around, you can’t help but feel happy and pleased. They might have a crush on you if that’s the case.

It’s difficult to figure out how someone else feels about you, especially if they’re being coy about it. But these subtle cues will demonstrate their undeniable affection for you and provide guidance as you consider how to respond.

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