12 Sly Indicators if Someone is a Player


There are times when it can be frustrating and aggravating to be “played by a player.” What distinguishes a player from a non-player? Do we use it incorrectly?

Dating nowadays isn’t exactly easy. It’s not just about finding someone who understands our needs and wants but also about avoiding the possibility of meeting a player. As a result, how can you define a “player?”

Is it the fault of Tinder? To what extent are we to fault for popular culture seeing having four or five people around you as acceptable? Honestly, I’m not sure. We hold the one who is playing responsibly.

In reality, labeling someone a “player” because of their past, failure to meet expectations, or making a mistake is a very easy thing to do. Men and women can play at the same time, although it’s usually men who are accused of participating.

There isn’t just one thing that distinguishes a player. For them, this is not a one-time lapse, but rather the total of several features and behaviors they perform regularly without a second thought. This is what distinguishes a player from the rest. The act of intentionally inflicting pain on another person’s emotions with no regard for the consequences.

What distinguishes a player from a non-player? Indicators to keep an eye on:

They’re aggressive from the start.

A person’s inherent intensity is OK if it is a part of their personality. However, there are those who go all out from the start and promise you the world, only to tone it down after you’ve had your attention and are hooked. Until you can get a better sense of someone’s personality, proceed with caution if they come across as particularly hefty right away.

Sex is the only topic that ever comes up in conversation.

What distinguishes a player from a non-player? The subject of sexuality comes up repeatedly in conversations. Having an inability to communicate is a bad foundation for a relationship. It will quickly become tedious if you are unable to communicate without resorting to innuendo. Not every conversation should be filled with flirting, of course.

There is more to their acts than just their words.

To what extent do they pretend to be one thing while acting quite the opposite? It’s also possible that they’ll tell you they’ll be back before midnight, but in reality, they have no intention of keeping a time limit on how long they stay out. This is player behavior. Don’t get caught up in words; instead, focus on the actions.

You’re not even on their priority.

Recognize that you’re dealing with a charlatan and go on when you keep receiving the impression that you’re not important. You deserve to be the focus of someone’s attention and care. Never compete for someone’s attention or try to force your way into their lives.

Commitment is difficult for them.

Commitment is a turnoff for a player. Nothing you do will compel them to follow through on their word. For supper on Tuesday, you may get a vague response from them saying that “they’ll let you know” when the time comes. If you see that this strategy is being used regularly, be on the lookout.

It seems like they ignore what you’re saying.

They don’t seem to pay attention when I’m talking to them. You might receive a better answer by conversing with the wall. If that’s the case, it’s because they aren’t interested. Signs that a player is nearby.

Over time, they seem to vanish off the face of the earth.

People who disappear from your life for an extended period of time and then reappearance are likely to be paying attention to someone else, potentially more than one, at the same time. We promise to respond promptly.

They don’t want to be associated with you in public.

Ask yourself why you’re always the one who organizes the night out, only to find that your friends are less than attentive in public and more inclined to retreat to a corner. If that’s the case, they may be keeping you hidden because you’re not exclusive in any way. You’re so deserving of so much more!

When they refer to you, they don’t use your first name.

In a relationship, giving each other pet names is adorable, but only if they’re unique and genuine. If they’ve always called you ‘babe,’ might it be that they don’t want to remember your name? It’s harsh, but it’s all too real in the world of players.

It’s never the other way around; they always come to you.

Why is it that after a few months, you still haven’t been able to see the inside of their home? If a player wants to keep things neutral, they don’t want you to go to their place of residence.

People don’t like to talk about them.

However, if you find that most of the people you meet have nothing but negative things to say about the subject matter, this is a warning flag. Stop and listen if there are multiple persons involved.

Your gut tells you.

It’s safe to say that the final point is the most critical. Always follow your instincts. It’s time to listen to your inner voice if it’s telling you that something is amiss, that you’re not getting the attention you deserve, and that you’re getting a player-like vibe from this individual.

Don’t panic if you identify one or two of these warning signs; instead, keep an eye on the situation. People aren’t always as attentive as they should be. They may be suffering from stress or a different issue. Hopefully, it will all be resolved.

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