12 Super Steamy Sexting Tricks To Immidiately Turn A Guy On

With these 12 sexting tips, you can make your guy feel all hot and bothered even if you are far apart and want to have the sexiest sext ever.

Like stationery and love letters, pens and paper are now antiquated artifacts of the past. The days of waiting weeks for mail to arrive and hearing from your beau are long gone. All you have to do this time is pull out your smartphone and start texting.

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So, today, sexting and texting are now only separated by a winking emoji. What do you say, though? Where should you stop? Should you send a pornographic nude photo? How do you sound natural without being awkward?

No matter how quick things are now, taking things slowly is one of the keys to sexting. Start off subtly, give him time to get into it, and enjoy the performance!

How to sext a man and get him interested:

Let’s go over of this expanding, throbbing, titillating…art. As we give you the definitive guide to sexting, get those fingers warmed up and ready, and find yourself getting wonderfully laid tonight.

#1 First, do it for you rather than for him. 

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First of all, you do it because you enjoy it and you enjoy him, with the latter being a delicious bonus, rather than to please him. By doing this, the titillation factor will be exponentially increased and will appear more natural and less awkward. Additionally, the more enjoyment you get, the more sex appeal you will convey in your sexts.

#2 Do pick up the spellings. 

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When you’re sexting, especially, you don’t need to impress your guy with lofty language. But if you consistently send out texts with spelling and grammar mistakes, it just proves that you’re being careless or that you’re not really listening to what you’re saying.

Texting while eating lunch or chatting with coworkers during a coffee break may seem more important, but that will utterly ruin the mood. Even the simplest words should be spelled and written correctly to demonstrate that you care enough to proofread your work before sending it.

#3 Do double-check your autocorrect.

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Autocorrect is another thing that makes it hard to sext in the moment. People make mistakes with grammar and spelling all the time. You might say that you want to string his things and ruin your fingerlings on his harvest instead of saying that you want to touch his thighs and run your fingers over his hard chest. Check twice to make sure that autocorrect hasn’t ruined your message or your sex life.

#4: Don’t be like everyone else. 

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Instead of just saying “Hi!” try to make an impression by giving your message a little more “oomph” and thought. Also, a few well-placed emojis wouldn’t hurt.

If you add a winking emoticon or even a horny devil at the end of “Hi, I thought of you today!” it makes the message more naughty. This could be the start of a great sexting session in the morning and a satisfying one in the evening.

#5: Don’t hurry.

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What makes sexting fun is that it builds up sexual tension over time. If you happen to come on too strong or too fast, your guy might not like it, especially if you just met. Don’t go from saying “hello” to “I’m touching myself a lot while thinking of you.”

Start with a simple text message and get more and more flirty as you go. Make your man excited by sending him increasingly naughty texts until he can’t wait to do the deed with you. Read: “Sexy, naughty sexting games to get you both horny all night”

#6. Don’t give too much away. 

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Even though you’re building up tension by telling him what you’re wearing, be sure to leave him with something to think about. Instead of telling him what you’re going to do to him, just drop a hint or say you have something planned for later that you think he’ll really like.

Again, be creative and suggestive when you leave him thinking about you for the rest of the day. Let the teasing do the talking and save all the action for later.

#7 Do keep it real. 

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Saying that you’re going to tie him up to a pole and beat the bejeezus out of him won’t get him excited, especially since he knows it’s ridiculously untrue *unless it’s true!*. It might even scare him a little bit.

Always send a text about something you really plan to do, so that it gets done. Be creative, but don’t make it a complete lie or a promise that you can’t keep.

#8: Don’t send naked pictures of yourself that show your face.

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In fact, you should never look at that hot naked booty’s face. After all the scandals, hacks, and leaks involving celebrities, the last thing you want is your naked body all over the internet. It could make you famous right away, but not in a good way.

No matter how much you trust your partner, you never know where those photos or videos might end up. Worst case: you don’t know the person you’re texting, and you could be putting yourself in danger, hurting your relationships, and hurting your career.

#9: Stop when you need to. 

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Did you see him flirting with another woman last night, and now he says he likes you? What if he didn’t remember your anniversary? Whether you just started dating or married, a good rule of thumb for sexting and your whole relationship is that good men get rewarded and bad ones get cut off.

If he doesn’t show up for your date and then sends you something bad out of the blue? That sext can only be answered with silence.

#10: Don’t push too hard. 

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In the same way, you should also know when to stop when being naughty turns into being mean. If he’s sending you sexts about threesomes or other things you’re not into, tell him.

You don’t have to go along with something you’re not comfortable with just because you’re in a hurry. In the end, you should also be having fun.

#11: Don’t text while you’re drunk.

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For sexting to work, it has to be interesting and even funny. It’s like having mental fun with your man. So don’t text while you’re drunk, because it probably won’t be as hot as you thought it would be. In fact, you might send the text to the wrong person or even to a stranger. So put down your phone when you’re drunk. Save sexting for when you’re not drunk.

#12: Don’t be afraid to text with real people. 

If your man texts you that he had a hard day at work, don’t reply, “Oooh, I’m so horny honey.” Show him that you’re responsive not only when he’s being kinky and frisky, but also when he’s down or just needs someone to talk to and lean on when things aren’t so good and sexy.

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Don’t use sexting as a replacement for talking to him or getting to know him better. Use sexting to spice up your relationship with him, but don’t rely on it as your only way to talk to him.

In a nutshell, sexting is fun as long as you follow the rules so you don’t send something you’ll later regret. When you send that first racy text to a new guy, there’s already a lot at stake. These tips will help you figure out what you’ve been doing wrong or get you started if you gon’t get it yet. Remember these when you write your next flirty, naughty text!

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