Date Ideas for Rainy Days

13 Best Date Ideas for Rainy Days

If you have a date night scheduled, a rainy day doesn’t have to be a bummer. It’s not necessary for your date to be pent up at home if you want to go on a date because of the weather. Put the picnic on hold and come up with a better alternative. Here are the top 13 best date ideas for rainy days that you might enjoy.

We’ve got a few suggestions that might be helpful. Consider this list of fun date ideas on a rainy day, or simply splash around in puddles and do your best impression of yourself.

Date ideas for rainy days, here are our top suggestions that may WOW you.

1. Consider turning it into a “Craft Night.”

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Let’s have some fun with glue and cardboard paper. The only need for this day is that you safeguard your floor and furnishings from the inevitable creative explosion that will occur while you work. Make an unplanned gift out of your creation to get the maximum “aww” impact. You can also use your date as an opportunity to tackle a long-delayed home repair project if crafts aren’t your cup of tea.

2. Coffee Date

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Coffee at the cafe will help you channel your inner Parisian. Conversation surrounded by pastries and accompanied by the rain has a calming effect.

3. Take a trip to an Arcade.

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It is true that arcades are still a thing, and they aren’t exclusively for kids any more either. Challenge yourself with Frogger or unleash your inner rage in Street Fighter. Alternatively, look for a multiplayer game so you and your date don’t have to face each other.

4. Binge-watch a New TV Program.

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There’s nothing better than binge-watching your favorite show. You might want to check out the new Dogs series or the Great British Baking Show. Alternatively, you may watch a documentary or a true-crime show to stimulate your mind. Find a selection that both of you will enjoy.

5. Attend a Concert in Your Area

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Go to a concert on the spur of the moment if you can. There are likely to be a number of free or low-cost ticket choices. The memories will outweigh the terrible music.

6. Soak in a warm bath while you watch Netflix

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Instead of going out because it’s raining, turn around and stay home with Netflix and a hot bath. With the proper movie, bath bombs, and other things, you can make the experience even more memorable and romantic.

7. Cook a Difficult Dish

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Who doesn’t appreciate the benefits of working together as a team? It’s better to eat at home rather than battle the rain for dinner reservations. Your hard effort will be rewarded almost immediately, and who better to celebrate with than your partner? Find a great recipe sites online that you and your partner may like.

8. Attend a Movie Showing

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Movies date is always a fun date idea. As a weather-proof barrier, it can be paired with a trip to the mall or dinner at your local diner. Just make sure you have your heaviest raincoat and a stash of munchies in your pockets.

9. If you have time, visit a Museum

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Take a break and head to a museum. Visiting a new exhibit or spending more time with some of your favorite relics from the past could be a rewarding experience. Time for serious discussions about art, or at the very least, a recreation of the greatest scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off..

10. Spa for a Massage.

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Despite the risk of getting your hair wet, a spa day is one of the finest ways to keep your mind off the rain. Couples massages are a wonderful way to spend time together that otherwise would be a waste of time.

11. Take a Dance Class!

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YouTube is your go-to resource for killing time while you’re stuck inside. With your partner, seek up some dancing tutorials on YouTube and then clear out the furniture to make way for your dancefloor. You may become an expert in salsa, ballroom, and flamenco by the end of the night.

12. Drive a Car

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Drive slowly in a light drizzle to see what your city has to offer while it’s raining lightly. Your area may become more noticeable to you now that there are no pedestrians or cars around. While driving, you can get to know each other better by having a casual conversation.

13. A game of chess or a deck of cards

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Bring out that 20-year-old copy of Life or Monopoly and see who can outwit who. Have you misplaced every piece? Play the classics like blackjack, go fish, and old maid with a deck of cards. You may also take advantage of this opportunity to brush up on your chess or backgammon skills.


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