16 Signs That Your Fling Likes You, But Just Want a Fling

You’ve been going out on a whim, but now things seem to be different. What’s happening? People often want to know how to keep a casual relationship with someone. The best advice we can give is to learn the signs that your hookup likes you. If you can stop it early on, it’s better for both of you.

But it isn’t simple. Movies make it like you can keep things casual and still have mind-blowing sex, but in real life, that rarely happens. In the end, someone does end up feeling something.

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A lot of people have been in casual relationships where they fell hard for the other person. Of course, sometimes they stay in the relationship too long and hurt themselves in the end.

It’s not easy to step back and do what’s best for you when you’re in the moment. But that’s not where you are. You are the one in control. What do you want, casual dating or a serious relationship?

The 16 most important signs that your hookup likes you:

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If you’ve been on the other side of the coin, you know it’s not easy either. On the one hand, you can tell that this person likes you and wants to be with you.

Even though it’s hard, you have to be the bigger person. But before you take the next step, you should find out if your hookup likes you. A one-night stand isn’t always just that.

1. You text each other a lot.

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When things are casual, the only time you would text your partner is to plan a hookup. But you send a lot of texts. If you can’t stop texting them, you might want to think about how you really feel. But if they text you all the time, it’s clear that they’re getting interested in you.

When someone wants to talk to you all the time, it means that you are on their mind. They think about you a lot and really want to talk to you.

2. You get a call.

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Calling you is a step up from texting, which is already pretty cool. People don’t even answer their phones or call people any more. They don’t have any trouble calling you, though. That’s because they like being around you so much.

Texting is less personal than hearing someone’s voice. You can hear all of their nonverbal cues in what they say, and you can talk with them for longer than you could through texting. So, this is a big sign that the person you hooked up with likes you.

3. They stay the night

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When you share a bed with someone, especially if you spoon or cuddle during the night, it’s a very intimate thing.

If you’re just seeing someone on the side, you should never sleep over. When you spend the night together, someone is more likely to start feeling something. If they spend every night with you, it means they like you.

4. You’ve met the people they know.

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Sometimes you might meet their friends by accident, and that’s fine. But if they’ve put you in touch with their friends on purpose, there’s a reason. Maybe they think that if they let you into their lives more.

No one sets up a hookup between their friends. They only do this if they like you and want to know what their friends think about you or if they want to show you how important you are to them.

5. They are scared

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This is a sure sign that the person you hooked up with likes you. Before, they were very cool and calm when you were around. But now you see that they have changed how they act. When they see you, they get scared and nervous. They’re acting this way for a simple reason: they like you.

One reason they might feel nervous around you is that they want to talk to you about how you feel. This would make anyone feel awkward and on edge, right? What if you don’t share their feelings? If they didn’t like you, there would be no reason for them to suddenly act nervous around you.

6. They go on dates with you

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Hookup buddies never go on dates. Don’t act like you don’t know. Casual sexual activity is just sexual activity. You are at one of your places, and you might not even leave your room very often. Other than that, there is no real link between them.

So, if you are going out to dinner and doing “couple” things, someone is getting feelings. Only people who are in relationships go on dates.

7. They help you in little ways

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You might not notice the little things that they do for you, but you should. If they notice things you want or things they’d like to do for you, that’s a big sign they like you.

Whether they bring you takeout or drive you somewhere, these little things show that they care about you and want to make you happy. And why would they care so much about making you happy if all you are to them is a hookup?

8. They’re envious.

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Maybe you told them about someone else who interested you, and instead of being happy, they got jealous. Hello! If it was just a hookup, why would they be jealous? You know what to do. Everyone who is jealous of you likes you.

If you both know that you’re just having sex, you should be able to go on dates with other people, right? It shouldn’t matter much to either of you, and neither of you should care. But if they act jealous, it means they care too much.

9. They can recall the details

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If someone doesn’t care about you, they won’t listen to what you have to say. They only care about things that are good for them. But if someone likes you, they will remember the little things about you. That’s because they’re paying attention to you, which is a strong sign that your hookup likes you.

So, if they bring up how you and your grandmother made cookies every Saturday or ask you more about your first crush, they have been paying attention. They might even bring you your favorite ice cream if you’ve mentioned it before. This means that they are very interested in everything you do.

10. They kiss and hug

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There won’t be any PDA between hookups. Why would you? First of all, you don’t go out in public, and second, you’re not a couple. Right? When you show affection in public, you’re telling everyone that you like someone or that you’re a couple. But why would your hookup want to act like a couple if you’re not a couple?

If they give you a lot of PDA, it means they like you a lot. They don’t mind letting other people know that they like you. And they want you to know that they don’t mind showing you off in real life.

11. They invite you to hang out with them, not to hook up.

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Even if you don’t feel like having sex, they will still want to spend time with you. They can hang out with you without doing anything sexual. This is because they like being around you. This is a sign that they like you.

Think about it: if someone only wanted you for your body, why would you do anything other than have sex with them? They wouldn’t want to hang out with you or go to the movies or eat dinner with you. That would be a waste of their time, unless the person you hooked up with likes you.

12. They always answer.

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When you have a hookup, there is always a chance that the other person will only contact you when it is OK for them. You can send them a letter, but they won’t answer until they want to. But if your hookup always answers your messages, it means they like you. They like you, too.

When something is important to them, they make time for it. So, when they answer right away, it’s clear that they want you to know that you’re important to them, whether or not they’re feeling horny at the time.

13. They tell you things about themselves that are private

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Talking late into the night is not part of a hookup. You should get together and then go your separate ways until you get together again. If they tell you personal things, it’s clear that they trust you.

And telling someone something personal is a close thing to do. It’s something that people do when they are falling in love with each other. It leaves a person open to danger. And why would the person you’re hooking up with want to be vulnerable with you if they don’t like you?

14. They hint in small ways

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They might not be brave enough to tell you directly that they like you, but they will let you know how they feel in other ways. They might not talk about other people or give hints in a subtle way. They like you no matter what.

They could make jokes about you being a couple or about how all of their friends think you’re dating. It might sound like they are making fun of you and not taking it seriously, but they are probably just trying to see how you would react.

15. They talk about how things are between them.

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This is a clear sign that your hookup is interested in you and could be one of the biggest signs that they like you. If they sit you down and talk about the relationship, that means they want to know if it can lead to something more.

They might tell you straight out that they are interested in you. Or, they might be more vague and ask you when you might be ready for a serious relationship with “someone.” They might not personalize it because they’re afraid you’ll turn them down. But if they talk about the relationship, that’s a sign that they like you.

16. You feel it

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Deep inside you, you can tell that something has changed. You can’t always explain it, but there’s a change in energy. If you think something has changed, chances are you’re right. This is how your gut tells you what to do.

We’re taught to ignore it and use our logic and critical thinking instead. But most of the time, it’s right. So, don’t ignore those gut feelings that keep telling you that your hookup is heading toward something more serious.

What to do if the person you hooked up with likes you

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What should you do now that you know the signs that your hookup likes you? Well, it really depends on whether or not you like them.

If so, that’s great! You could talk about something that makes you think they might feel the same way you do. And if they do, you can talk about what to do next. Should you take it to the next level and make it official? Or just start slowly? Since you’re both on the same page, it could be great either way.

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But if you don’t feel anything for your hookup, it’s probably time to stop. If you don’t stop it, they will get closer and closer to you. And that can hurt them very much.

So, you can either talk to them about it or just tell them that you don’t think it’s a good idea for you to keep hooking up. You could give a reason, or you could just say that you think the casual fling is over and you want to move on.

What do you think now that you’ve seen the signs that your hookup likes you? You have to decide whether to end it or talk to them about it.

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