20 Annoying Things About Your Partner It’s Okay To Hate

There are things you’ll never like about your partner… and that’s all right. We are all have our own habits and quirks. This means that we will never always agree with everyone around us. That’s alright. So goes the way of civilization.

But there are some things that other people do that are not only different from how we do things, but are just plain bad. Even if you’re stupidly in love with someone, there’s no reason to put up with their bad behavior if they have these traits. Some things are just plain wrong, and no matter how much you love someone, you should never have to put up with them.

20 things your partner does that you shouldn’t have to put up with

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You’re not the only one who doesn’t like these habits. You don’t have think you’re the only weirdo who doesn’t like them.

Here are the top twenty of these easy-to-avoid habits that it’s okay to dislike or even hate.

#1: Flirty and dirty.

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You might be pretty sure they wouldn’t cheat on you, but that doesn’t stop them from flirting in every way possible with every person of the opposite sex they meet. When you’re in a serious relationship, it’s not okay to flirt a lot, and you’re right to dislike it.

#2 Attention seeking.

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Some people just can’t seem to keep from acting like Jekyll and Hyde when they go from being alone to being around other people. It’s so annoying when people want to show off by making a lot of noise and pretending to be someone they’re not. That’s not cool at all.

#3 Getting drunk. 

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A lot of people get drunk sometimes, and it’s not illegal to do so. But it’s not okay to be drunk all the time, and it can even be annoying. Even if one of the worst things about drinking doesn’t happen, a drunk person is still pretty dull and annoying. You don’t have to like this at all.

#4 Rudeness.

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It doesn’t have to be about you, but if it is and you can hear it, it is so embarrassing. Also, rude partners can upset more friends in less time than any other type.t can also get you kicked out of society right away and for a long time.

#5 Anti-Santa. 

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Not everyone is good at buying gifts. Not that they don’t try, but it’s hard for them to understand how you feel. Others, on the other hand, don’t even try.

#6: The amazing sulk. 

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Every couple has fights and disagreements every now and then. It seems to make sense. But a sit-down and a grown-up talk could get you back to normal in a few hours, but they insist on pouting for the next week or so. This person is stupid, immature, and very unlikeable.

#7: Get on, get off. 

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If their idea of good sex is rolling on and off in 30 seconds, whether or not you’ve even woken up, let alone enjoyed it, you can be forgiven for not liking this about them. It’s time to start talking!

#8. Only hearing some sounds. 

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If your partner doesn’t listen to you, it shows a lot of disrespect. It’s okay to dislike a habit that shows you fall somewhere between figuring out what to have for dinner and that itch on their left butt cheek that won’t go away.

#9 Slumming it. 

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At some point in every relationship, one or both people start to look a little less put together. Turning into a trailer trash poster boy or girl overnight shows that they don’t care much about themselves or you. How come you should like that?

#10: Not having any drive. 

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Are you trying to get ahead by going to night classes five days a week and working more unpaid hours than paid hours, while your other half spends most of their time watching cable TV and picking their teeth? Not very pretty, is it? And not worth anything other than a healthy dose of dislike. 

#11: Pride. 

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Do you spend time waiting for them to get ready for a night out than you do actually leaving the house? If so, you have every reason to not like this.

#12 Jealousy. 

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Is each phone call asked about? Your movements tracked not so secretly? This is not only a trait that is hard to like, but it could also be harmful.

#13. Service at a hotel. 

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Do they act like your house is a hotel? Throwing dirty clothes on the floor, showing up whenever they want, and expecting dinner whenever they show up between doing other things without you?

#14: Make a choice.

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If they don’t care much about the decisions you make or always say they don’t matter, you have every right to dislike them. It shows a lot of disrespect and a lot of pride. Not the best pair of things.

#15: Misusing the phone. 

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Do they never answer the phone when you call, but they’re always on the phone when you’re together? Definitely a big “No,” and one that has every right to be disliked.

#16 Have a look down.

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When they talk to you, it sounds like they are talking to a six-year-old. You don’t have to like this, and if you don’t, you have every right to give them a hard time about it.

#17 Messiness. 

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Tired of having to clean up a puddle of milk and a not-so-thin line of cornflakes every time you eat breakfast? No one will blame you for being annoyed.

#18 Too much. 

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Who could blame you for not liking the situation if your partner wants you to spend every second of every day with them? If they even follow you to work to make sure you eat lunch with them, who could blame you? Stalking that is legal is not a good thing.

#19 No hands. 

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To show physical affection for each other, you don’t have to do things that are very rude. When, on the other hand, the only physical contact is holding hands in dark rooms behind locked doors, you have every right to be unimpressed.

#20 Crudeness.

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Do they talk openly in public about toilet habits, sexual relations, and other topics that should only be discussed by a small group of trained professionals? If that’s the case, you don’t really have to like this. It’s awkward, annoying, and very childish.

Don’t feel like you have to put up with any of these habits or behaviors if they show up in your partner’s daily life. Either the habits need to change or your partner does, and it’s up to your partner to decide which.

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