20 Secret Signs Your Friends with Benefits Wants to Have Sex with You

You have a good friend who is acting strange around you all of a sudden. But does he like you? Here are a few signs that your friend wants to get intimate with you.

It’s nice to find someone you can be friends with, right? He shares your interests, he’s fun to be around, and you just have this chemistry that makes it so easy to be around each other. But could he be thinking about something else? How do you know if your friend wants to have sexual relations with you?

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All of your other guy friends only seem to be friends with you for as long as it takes to get you to sleep with them. Things are different with him. He’s not the same. “When Harry Met Sally’s” wise Harry says, “Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.”

It might not happen today or tonight, either. But at some point, he’ll start to think about you in bed, and he’ll like that idea so much that he’ll do anything to make it happen. In fact, he might be trying to get you to like him right now, and you have no idea.

How to tell if your friend wants to sleep with you?

If you’re not sure how a friend feels about you, these signs will help you figure out if your friend really wants to have sex with you.

1. The keys to his home

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Has he been telling you that you can stay at his place whenever you want and that you might as well have the keys? In fact, he tells you, “Just in case,” where he keeps his spare keys.

He says he’s worried about your safety and doesn’t want you to ever go home alone in the middle of the night. He often says it would be better if you spent the night at his place, but you should wonder if he would really let you sleep on the couch.

2. Lingerie

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Remember when you were hanging out at the mall and he made a joke about how those lacy bras in the window would look good on you? He may have said this as a joke, but the truth is that he does think about you when you’re in your underwear.

3. Feely friend

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You thought that chivalry was over, but your friend shows you that you were wrong. He helps you get out of the car, holds you at the small of your back to lead you through doors, kisses your cheeks when you see each other, and hugs you.

He’s too affectionate, and when he hugs you, you can feel him lingering and can’t help but wonder if he’s using his arms to make out with you.

4. Eyes on you

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To be more exact, your breasts. Or your butt. Or your whole body. When you talk to them. they sometimes looks at more than just your eyes or face when he looks at you. You often catch a glimpse of him looking at your face, but most of the time he’s looking at your humps with lust.

5. Evenings out

More than any other time, he asks you to hang out at night. Since you’ve met him, you’ve been going out to dinner. When you ask him to have lunch, he tells you he’s busy or tries to get you to change it to dinner, so he can sleep with you more easily.

6. Drinking buddies

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Yes, you two are great drinking partners, and he makes you feel like you can get drunk because he’s got your back no matter what.

In fact, you never have to ask for another round because he’s so eager to buy you one after another after another so he can get you on your back!

7. Alone time

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You have friends in common, but most of the time you hang out with just him. He calls you to see if you want to meet “them” at your favorite watering hole, but when you get there, he’s all by himself. In the end, all he wants is for you to hang out with him alone.

8. Movies

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He always tells you, “There’s this movie you have to see.” He knows you like noir movies, especially the strange and often sad French ones, and he lets you watch them because he says he likes them too. Not likely.

He just wants you to watch movies at his place so he can hook up with you, violent things with you that make him feel sick.

9. You wore it best

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You know he’s not gay, and you can tell he’s not interested in fashion from the way he laughs at fashion magazines and men with man-buns.

But he does remember everything about the clothes you wear. He knows which little black dresses (LBDs) look great on you and hug your curves, and he’s not afraid to tell you.

10. He is interested in your sexual life.

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Your friend also wants to have sex with you if he knows what’s going on in your love life and sex life. He does listen well, after all.

He listens to you complain about your dates over and over, and he gives you good advice… until he asks how things are going in the bedroom, which you tell him anyway because he’s like your best friend.

11. His sexual tale

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Now that he knows about your sexual life, he tells you all about his, to the point where he sounds like he’s bragging.

He tells you about how good he is in bed and how women respond to him by giving him many orgasms all night long. Does he want to impress you or maybe make you feel something? Most likely.

12. Innuendo

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He’s the jokester in your group of friends, so when he jokes about wanting to hook up with you, you just laugh it off.

When he jokes that you’d look great in his sheets, you give him a playful punch in the face. He often goes too far, but you don’t say anything because, deep down, you like the attention.

13. “Accidental” sexts

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He not only says things by accident, but he also sends you sexts by accident. Who would do that? Well, it’s barely okay if it only happens once or twice.

But the number of times he sends sexy messages by accident to “this woman he’s seeing” is growing, and he doesn’t even apologize for it.

14. Going on a hunt?

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If your friend wants to have sex with you, he’s probably acting like your wingman, but he really just wants to know what kind of guys you like or find attractive. He sees those guys at the bar you say you like, and in his mind, he thinks he’s way better than them.

15. He isn’t seeing anyone

When you ask him if he’s seeing anyone, he says that he is. He is always with you, though, and sometimes with your friends. He keeps telling you where he is, so you start to wonder if that mystery girl is real. He’s probably just waiting for you to see him.

16. People you know can tell.

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When your friends tell you that something’s not right, you’d better listen to them. Even if you don’t notice when your guy friend tries to get you to have sex with him, you should pay more attention when everyone else does. Also, the people you both share friends with know both of you well. 

If your friend wants to sleep with you, he may have told one of them, and the word may have spread. He could be your best guy friend for all you know, and if you had your way, you’d want him to be a part of your life without any sex at all.

17. Porn

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There are people who like porn, but does your friend talk to you about it? If he does, it could mean that he has been thinking about you in terms of sex.

He might even talk about the pornographic movies he’s seen or ask what you’ve seen. And if he has ever suggested that you watch a racy movie together, that is a pretty good sign that your friend wants to have sex with you.

18. Teasing

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People can tell you the truth by teasing you, but they are too afraid to do it. Your friend might say something like, “I bet you’re a nymphomaniac, aren’t you? ” Or, “Yeah, I know you like S&M a lot! ” Making sexual jokes is a good way to get people to talk about sex when you are with them.

19. “What if”

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If your friend asks, “What if neither of us is married by the time we’re 40, and then we both decide to get married?” What would we do if we both got drunk one night and slept together by accident”

By asking you these questions, he is trying to find out how you feel about having sex with him. They probably do that so they can see how you react. He most likely wants a good one!

20. Friends with benefits

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This is a more straightforward way to talk about having sex with you. He might ask, “What do you think of friends with benefits?” in a roundabout way. Do you think it hurts a friendship? “Or he could just ask you straight out if you want to be friends with benefits.

Either way, if he does this, he is telling you that he wants to have sex with you but not necessarily be in a relationship with you.

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But if you read the signs above and check off each one as it applies to you, you know he might just be looking to hook up. You might go crazy just thinking about this, especially since you and your friend have a great friendship and you wouldn’t want to ruin it by sleeping together.

Even though the above signs are a good place to start, the only way to really know if your friend wants to have sex with you is to ask him. If he’s really your friend, he won’t be offended and will tell you, “No, you little crazy person, I’m not trying to have sex with you.”

Having a friend who wants to have sex with you can be dangerous.

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You might have a huge crush on your friend and be ready to go to bed with them right away. But you should think about what will happen before you do. First, how good is it as a friend? Do you know this person since kindergarten, or did you just meet them a few months ago?

If it’s someone you’ve known for a long time, you might want to think twice. If you guys have secret feelings for each other, it could go badly or lead to a long-term relationship.

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By sleeping together, you don’t want to ruin a friendship like that. This is because, most of the time, at least one person will fall in love with the other. It’s great if both of you do, or if neither of you does, but in most cases, it can make things awkward.

Are you emotionally and mentally ready to deal with what will happen if you sleep with your friend. How will you handle things if they don’t go well?

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On the other hand, if you don’t know each other that well, the “friends with benefits” arrangement might work out pretty well for both of you. You won’t be as emotionally attached to them, which makes having sex-without-feelings a lot easier to deal with.

Even so, there is still a chance that one of you will get too attached. Even though you don’t know each other well yet, having sex could definitely make your relationship stronger. But you have to make sure you’re both on the same page all the time.

Now that you already know how to tell if your friend wants to have sex with you, it’s up to you to decide what to do next.

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