What are signs of rejection from women?

1. She is not interested in the content of your conversation, don’t talk to you, or use a perfunctory reply”.

2. Subconsciously dodge your unintentional physical contact.

3. Do not accept any gifts or gifts from you; keeps a friendly attitude and distance from you.

4. No call, no reply, or only one or two words. The conversation is also very concise and does not allow the topic to progress in depth.

5. Tells you what to do next time/another day, but usually, there is no next time. If she wants to invite out for a date, she will be more specific on time and place.

6. Be very polite to you.

7. Um, oh, time for bed, going to the bath, etc. Be careful with the excuses.

8. Don’t go out with you alone, don’t want to date you, and always make excuses to neglect your invitation.

9. I’ve always treated you as a buddy/friend/good girlfriend.

10. Tell you: I don’t want a relationship yet. (In fact, what she wants to express is: I don’t want a relationship with you.)

11. I like older boys/younger/cheerful/cold than me (anyway, it’s not you)

12. Pretend to be confused about your suggestion or confession.

13. Disregard your image in front of you. She who loves to be clean and beautiful, has recently appeared sloppy in front of you.  For example, with rice grains in her mouth, eating with a mouthful, speaking loudly, even impolite, not paying attention to appearance, etc., which means that she may not care about her image in front of you.

14. Talk to other boys in front of you. Suddenly speaking about his boyfriend/desired person in front of you, it means that she belongs to her heart or doesn’t want to associate with you.

15. Don’t care about you; Not gentle or considerate to you. Once a woman falls in love with a man or into a relationship, it will inspire her deep “maternal love.” She will pay attention to your quality of life, care about your emotions, and whether your work is going well, etc. If a woman never cares about you, then it means that you are not important in her mind.

16, Always late, it means that she doesn’t care much about dating you.

17. Keep her phone in her hands. If she is interested in you, she won’t keep swiping her phone or texting while talking with you.

18. Even if you can invite her out, she will bring her girlfriends.

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