21 Clues That a Coworker Likes You and Is Crazy About You

If you think a coworker is hinting that they like you but aren’t sure, you need to know the subtle signs that a coworker likes you. But how do you know what to look for?

There are a lot of couples who meet at work, but it’s always a little risky at first to go for it. You don’t want to get a bad name or make yourself look bad. We don’t want to lose our jobs, so if you know the subtle signs that a coworker likes you, it’s a lot easier to decide.

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Even though it can be hard to mix personal and work life, a lot of people find love at work. It’s not for everyone, but why not do it if you don’t mind?

Before you get closer to a coworker you like, you should find out if they feel the same way. Or maybe a coworker is already giving you hints that they like you, but you’re not sure what they mean. But how can you be sure without directly asking, just to avoid being awkward?

Do you know how to tell if a coworker likes you in a subtle way?

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If you’re nervous about asking a coworker out on a date, you might be psyching yourself out. There’s a chance you know the subtle signs that a coworker likes you but are ignoring them out of fear. Instead, think about how you’ve been treating this person.

Sometimes you don’t need to know the subtle signs that a coworker likes you; you just need to get a vibe. You might already know what they want and how they feel about you, but you don’t want to be too sure of it in case you’re wrong. When looking for subtle signs that a coworker likes you, all you need to do is watch their body language.

How to tell if a co-worker likes you by the little things they do?

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If you want to know for sure that your coworker likes you, you’ll have to pay close attention. This coworker will show you he or she likes you in small ways. Just like you probably wouldn’t tell your crush that you like them, you probably shouldn’t tell your coworker that you like them either.

If you know anything about how to flirt, use it to your advantage by noticing when a coworker is trying to flirt with you in a subtle way. Maybe they keep Laughing when you’re around, or just staring at you. If you want to catch a coworker flirting with you, these are all simple and subtle signs that they like you.

Should you date someone you work with?

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If you ever wonder if dating a coworker is a good or bad idea, it all depends on what you want. Some people think it’s fine to date someone they work with, but others don’t. When you date someone you work with, it can cause some problems. For example, things can get awkward if things don’t go as planned or if you do something that might make you look bad in front of them. If they are a close friend and you find out they like you, it’s even worse. 

If you take things to the next level, it could hurt your friendship. If you can figure out the subtle signs that a coworker likes you and it turns out that they do, and you feel the same way, it could be a great relationship for both of you. Relationships and dating are always risky, but it depends on how willing you are to take that risk.

Tell if a coworker likes you in small ways

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It’s not hard to find the subtle signs that a coworker likes you, but it does take a bit of insight. There’s a good chance that this coworker is trying to hide how they feel or at least not let it show.

But if you really want to ask them out, you will want to know for sure if they like you. Here are the subtle signs that a coworker likes you. Crush on a coworker? Here’s how to deal with it like an adult.

1. They look.

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This is a subtle sign that a coworker likes you “a lot more than you think.” If someone stares at you, it means they like you. It doesn’t mean that they are creepy or staring. They are just interested in you and let that get in the way.

Instead, take it as a compliment and a sign that they like you! They might even be looking at you for all you know.

2. They know what you’re going through.

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When someone likes you at work, they always seem to know what’s going on with you. They are always interested, whether they know all of your Instagram stories or the project you are working on. This means that they have either been sneakily stalking you on social media or really pay attention to what you say.

No matter which one it is, it’s a clear sign that they like you and are interested in you. People will talk to you more if they know what you’re up to.

3. They give you time.

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When you’re at work, work is the most important thing, right? Well, taking time away from that for you is a subtle sign that a coworker likes you. Even if they are very busy, they can always find time for you, which is how you know they like you. If you don’t like or care about someone, there’s no way you’d give them even a small amount of your time.

4. They talk to you about things other than work

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We all have friends at work. Someone who likes you but isn’t overt about it will be more in-depth. They won’t just complain about how your boss or Angie in accounting messed up your check.

If they talk about their hobbies, what they did over the weekend, or how their family is, you’re not just a coworker to them. If they don’t like you, why else would they tell you these things in the open?

5. They follow you around at work functions.

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One of the clearest signs that a coworker likes you is when they go out of their way to hang out with you. They will not only make sure you are coming to the company picnic or holiday party, but they will also be there waiting for you.

Since they like you, even at work events and parties, they only look at you. Watch out for signs like them trying to find a reason to talk to you.

6. They pay attention to you.

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This is a no-brainer, since a coworker shouldn’t put you first if they don’t like you. This could mean making sure you’re keeping up with your work, calling you if you’re running late.

They make sure you’re fine and check in on you often. They like you, especially if they change their plans to spend time with you.

7. What you say sticks in their minds.

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It’s a big deal. But if someone likes you at work, they will remember everything.

If you grandmother’s birthday party and bought her a sweater, they would follow up on by asking if your grandmother liked the sweater. When a coworker notices the little things you do, it’s a subtle but strong sign that they like you.

8. They notice if you look different.

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When figuring out if they like you, everything comes down to how you look. Did you get a new haircut or suit? That will be noticed by this person. Even if it’s something small, they’ll notice if you’ve changed in some way.

It could be your clothes, your hair, or something else. They won’t be afraid to tell you something nice to let you know they’ve seen you.

9. They notice when your mood changes.

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If someone at work notices when you’re having a bad day and tries to cheer you up, it’s likely they like you. You might be stressed about the deadlines you have for the day or mad at your boss.

They will know for sure, and they might even try to cheer you up and make you feel better. Most likely, you won’t be able to hide your big moods from them because they will be able to tell.

10. Body language

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Remember how important body language is when you’re trying to figure out if a coworker likes you or not? If you like someone, your body language should show it, and the same should be true for your coworker.

Do they hug you and stay with you? When they help you with something, do they put their hand on your shoulder? And do they look at each other? You can tell if your coworker likes you or not by answering these questions.

11. When you’re with them, they don’t answer their phone.

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Most people are on their phones every day, especially at work. But if you want to know if a coworker likes you in a more subtle way.

They don’t use their phones when they’re with you, which shows that they like your company and you. It’s hard to get someone’s full attention these days. Your coworker likes you if they put their phone away when they are with you.

12. They try to make you like them.

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We don’t mean they’ll try to blow you away with a great presentation. Instead, they’ll try to make you laugh or tell you about their crazy plans for the weekend.

If they go out of their way to show you how good they are, they must really like you. When we want someone to notice us, we naturally put our best foot forward. Your coworker must be doing the same thing.

13. They remember what you want to eat or drink.

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If this coworker brings you coffee or your favorite takeout food when you’re working late, it’s a sign that they like you. They want you to remember them and care about you, so they do these small things. It might not be much, but it means a lot because they’re trying to show they like you.

They already know what your favorite coffee and meals are. If someone doesn’t like you, they shouldn’t know what you like.

14. They are scared.

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If a coworker makes you nervous, that’s a clear sign that they like you. If they get nervous when you walk into their office or blush when you give them a compliment, it’s likely that they like you.

You only get nervous around your crush, so if they’re fidgeting or can’t sit still around you, it usually means they like you!

15. You can feel it

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The feeling you get is the most subtle sign that a co-worker likes you. This has nothing to do with science, and you can’t even explain it. If there’s a spark between you, you probably already know. You have no reason to doubt anything anymore.

16. They always want help from you.

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If you ask a crush for help with something, they will notice you, If your coworker asks you to help them with certain work tasks, even when you know they can do it themselves, they are trying to get your attention.

Even better if it has nothing to do with work. One of the subtle signs that a coworker likes you is when you ask for help of any kind.

17. They look nicer than usual.

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If a coworker likes you, they’ll try harder than usual to look nice for you. They might have even bought new clothes just to show you how stylish they are.

After all, the best way to make a good first impression on your crush is to look good. Pay attention to what they wear when they know you’ll be around.

18. They try to learn more about you.

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If a coworker likes you, they will do everything they can to get to know you better. They want to get to know you better, so they ask you questions and listen to your stories with more attention.

They could also try to get to know your friends at work, since they know that your friends know you the best.

19. They make you laugh

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One of the clear, subtle signs that a coworker likes you is when they try really hard to make you laugh. They must like you if they make jokes around you, tell you corny jokes, or try to make you smile or laugh in any way.

It just means they want you to be happy and smile around them, even if it’s just a simple joke. How to instantly make a girl laugh, smile, and like you

20. They try to pick you up.

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It’s impossible to hide the fact that your coworker likes you more than when they flirt with you. Even if they flirt with you in a subtle way, they are trying to tell you that they like you through their body language and actions.

Even if they don’t say it out loud, if they flirt with you and no one else, you’re not just a coworker to them.

21. They try to hang out with you outside of work.

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There are “friendly dates,” but if your coworker shows most of these signs, they might already be asking you out on a date.

This is the time to decide if you like them back or if, for whatever reason, you want to keep working with them. Especially if they ask you to hang out with them just the two of you, that’s a clear sign!

So, how do you know if someone at work likes you?

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If you want to know if they like you or not, pay close attention to how they move and act. Remember that someone who likes you will do anything to try to get your attention, so pay close attention.

Watch out for these 21 subtle signs that a coworker likes you. There are a lot of mixed signals out there. If it turns out that they do, you’ll have to decide what to do next.

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