Signs He Likes Having Sex with You

22 Signs He Likes Having Sex With You and Thinks You’re Good in Bed

It’s normal to wonder if your partner likes having sex with you or thinks you’re good in bed. If you know the subtle signs, you’ll know for sure if he likes having sex with you.

You’re not the only one who wonders if their partner enjoys sex as much as they do. It’s totally normal because we don’t always say how we feel in the right way. The problem is that if you let it worry you too much, you’ll probably waste time worrying about something that doesn’t need to worry you. Instead, learn the signs that he likes having sex with you and thinks you’re good in bed, and focus on enjoying it yourself.

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We put so much stock in the sounds people make or don’t make, the way they look, and everything else. The truth is that they probably have no idea about any of these things, and you’re worrying too much. How can you enjoy sex if you’re always worried that the other person isn’t having fun?

In reality, he’s probably very happy with what’s going on and can’t believe how lucky he is! The clearest signs that he likes having sex with you and thinks you’re good in bed

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You might like this guy, or you might be afraid that your partner will leave you for someone else if they don’t like the sex. All of us have had these thoughts. Listen, there’s nothing to worry about. There are a lot of signs that he likes getting intimate with you.

If you’re not sure, just ask him in an open and honest way. From there, you try to make the sex better if it needs to be. But really, you’re just thinking too much about something for no reason.

1. If you have sex with him often, he likes it.

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Listen, just because you had sex with someone once doesn’t mean it was bad. Even though the sex was great, it could have just been a one-night stand.

But if someone likes having sex, they usually want to do it again and again. Makes sense, right? If you really like something, you want as much of it as you can get.

2. There will be cuddling.

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If he cuddles and shares intimate moments with you after having sex, that’s a good sign that he enjoyed it. If someone wasn’t interested in the sex, chances are they won’t want to touch you again. Like, for real.

3. You are sure of yourself.

When it comes to sex, confidence is a big factor. You might have what it takes to be good at sex, but you’re not sure of yourself and don’t show your sexuality the way you should. This changes the way you two make love. If you feel good about yourself when you’re having sex, you know he’ll enjoy it.

4. He’s showing me new moves in bed.

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If someone wants to learn something new and bring something new into the bedroom, it’s because they want to impress you. Men are competitive by nature, so if he steps up his game, it’s because he knows you’re the best. He raises his standards because he thinks he will be kicked off the team if he doesn’t. That’s a big sign that he likes having sex with you.

5. He hasn’t said anything about what he wants to change.

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We sometimes talk to our partners about things that happen in the bedroom that we don’t like. We say what we like or what we think could be done differently. But if he’s not giving you hints to try things out, it’s clear he’s happy with how things are going.

6. If he tells you it’s great.

He tells you if you blow his mind in the bedroom. When your skills blow men’s minds, they don’t lack for words. He tells you that your head is awesome or that the sex was awesome. That should be enough to show you that he’s interested. He wouldn’t say anything if the sex wasn’t good.

7. Even when there’s no chance of sex, he’s nice.

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Obviously, if you only want to have sex with someone, you shouldn’t show affection outside of the bedroom, so skip this. But if you’re in a relationship and he’s enjoying the sex, he craves it outside of the bedroom. He shows love through his cravings by kissing, touching, and cuddling.

8. He goes down on you

If he doesn’t like you, he won’t make out with you. If he enjoyed the sex and/or likes you, he will lay down on you. A woman doesn’t have oral sex with every guy she meets. When it does, it means he wants to make you happy.

9. Sex can happen on its own.

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If sex makes him crazy, he probably can’t control himself and wants it all the time. It’s not always a good sign if you plan your sex. But if you have sex on the spot all the time, it’s clear that he wants to taste every part of you.

10. He’s not interested in other women.

If the sex went well and he likes spending time with you, he probably isn’t going out with other women. What’s the point? You give him everything he needs. Even if you have an open relationship, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t find the sex satisfying.

11. In bed, you both care about what the other needs.

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When you’re interested in someone, you work hard to make sure they’re happy. But if you only use them for sex, you don’t really care about their needs and are only focused on your own. This is a big difference, and it shows that you both value the sex.

12. He shows that he is romantic.

Oh no, he’s feeling things. Listen, this is simple. If he acts romantic toward you, it’s clear that there’s something sexual between you. First of all, he won’t be around for long if he wasn’t into the sex. Second, he would never do anything romantic. He makes sure that the lines are clear.

13. You can talk to people easily.

Signs He Likes Having Sex with You
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This is a good sign that sex is healthy for him. He’s letting you in on his deepest thoughts and fantasies and telling you about them. If he wasn’t having fun, he wouldn’t do that, because it wouldn’t be worth it. Being connected means being open and talking to each other.

14. He looks right at you.

Some people find it awkward to look someone in the eyes, especially when they are close to them. But if your guy tries to make eye contact while you’re having sex, it means he’s enjoying it and wants to tell you that in a way other than words. What do bedroom eyes mean?

15. A lot of kissing goes on.

Signs He Likes Having Sex with You
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Kissing doesn’t always happen during sex, but if it does a lot, it’s because the sex is close, special, and really fun for him. It shows that he wants to please you in other ways, and it makes your love-making more than just bumping and grinding.

16. He says your name

It can be your nickname, or a term of endearment he always uses for you. If he says your name, it’s because he’s having fun and wants you to know about it! Cute pet names: How to choose the right kind of name for your pet.

17. He’s noisy

Signs He Likes Having Sex with You
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This doesn’t mean he’s yelling at the top of his lungs, but if he’s grunting, groaning, and moaning, it’s because he’s so into it that he’s forgotten about himself. Excellent, right? It’s one of the best signs that he likes having sex with you and thinks you’re good in bed. Some guys don’t talk much, but when they’re really into something, they can’t help it.

18. He wants you to tell him that you also like it.

Not because he isn’t, but because he’s thinking the same things you are! He wants to know if you’re having as much fun as he is, and he wants to hear that you are. Go ahead and tell him how great the sex is for you. If you’re both open and honest about how great it is, neither of you has to worry.

19. There is often a second round.

Signs He Likes Having Sex with You
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Sure, you can have sex once in the morning, evening, or any other time, and then one of you has to leave. It’s fine, and that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. But a big sign that he likes having sex with you is that he doesn’t want to stop and starts another round. If he didn’t like it the first time, he probably won’t try it again, right?

20. He lets you in.

When you enjoy having sex with someone and it’s about more than just the physical, an emotional connection is made. If that’s the case, he’ll talk to you about things that are bothering him, what happened to him during the day, his problems, etc.

21. He asks if you’re up for trying something new.

Signs He Likes Having Sex with You
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Again, this doesn’t mean he’s not happy with what’s already going on. It just means he wants to make it even more mind-blowing! One sign he likes you in bed is that he wants to keep changing and trying new things with you. He wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t already having fun.

22. When you’re not together, he sends you texts and calls.

Signs He Likes Having Sex with You
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He’s having fun, which means he’s thinking about you. He will, of course, talk to you outside of the bedroom. He’s probably sending you messages and calling you often because he wants to build up to more than just sex. That doesn’t mean he calls you all the time, but at least he does it often.

So, you know all the subtle signs that he really likes having sex with you and that he thinks you’re good in bed. So, there’s no longer any reason for you to be afraid. If you keep talking to him about this, you’ll know exactly how he feels.

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