Signs That You're Wedding Ready

25 Clear Signs That You’re Wedding Ready

Already feeling the itch to tie the knot before your partner has even popped the question? Check out these 25 signs that you’re wedding ready, and discover some helpful ways to deal with those overwhelming feelings.

Even if you’re in a serious relationship, it’s common for people in their late 20s and early 30s to feel a little restless. We start to worry about getting married and, more specifically, about every single part of the “perfect wedding.”

Signs That You're Wedding Ready
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When more than a few friends post online photos of their engagements, wedding invitations start coming in one after the other. You go to a few weddings, see the beautiful flower arrangements, and wish you had the beautiful lace detail on the bride’s dress. From there, your dream wedding quickly grows.

I know how bad wedding fever is because it has hit me hard in the last year. I’m serious about my boyfriend, and I know we’ll get married in the end. We’ve talked about it, and we’ve already decided that we can’t start planning the party until we’ve saved enough money. Neither of our families can help us with money, and we don’t want to go into a lot of debt.

Signs That You're Wedding Ready
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But I can’t stop thinking about all the details of our wedding, even though I know we won’t be married for at least three more years. I look at all kinds of wedding pages online and pick out the styles and color schemes I like best. I even made a list of our family and friends who could come. I didn’t realize how far I’d gone until I told my best friend she was in the wedding party, and she said, “OMG! When and how did he pop the question?”

In short, he hasn’t officially asked her to marry him. Then I realized I was almost too far gone to turn back. Yes, my boyfriend and I had talked about getting married, but we weren’t engaged yet. Even though I don’t think a ring is needed to prove that two people love each other, I think I was getting ahead of myself.

Signs That You're Wedding Ready
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I had officially caught “wedding fever” and was very excited about all the wedding plans. It was easy to forget that I wouldn’t be getting married in the near future and just keep dreaming about every part of our “eventual” wedding.

There are 25 clear signs that you have wedding fever.

Signs That You're Wedding Ready
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I’m sure that many people get wedding fever, and that the symptoms vary from person to person. Here are 25 sure signs that you already have wedding fever.

If you see more than a few of these signs in your own life, you definitely have wedding fever. What is a promise ring, and should you really give one?

Signs That You're Wedding Ready
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#1: You aren’t engaged yet, but you and your partner plan to have “the talk.”

#2: You see women find their dream wedding dresses on reality TV all the time, and you either laugh or cry.

#3: You buy wedding magazines and mark every dress you might want to wear.

#4: You’ve made a list of who’s coming and where they’ll be sitting.

#5: You looked for local wedding planners and saved their contact information.

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#6: You check out every new event to see if it could be a venue.

#7: You always Pin hair and makeup ideas for the wedding.

#8: Your maid of honor and bridesmaids have already been chosen.

#9: You’ve chosen the theme and photographer for your engagement photos.

#10: You’ve chosen the song for your first dance.

#11: You’ve gone to wedding cake tastings without any shame.

#12: You write down lines that could be wedding vows.

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#13: You made a custom engagement ring and wedding bands ahead of time.

#14: You’re thinking of a few different ways to have live entertainment.

#15: You think about your bridal shower all the time. Will it be a tea party, brunch, or dinner?

#16 You have been looking at invitation designs on Etsy and have gotten quotes from a few artists.

#17: You can’t help but cry at any wedding ceremony, real or made up.

#18: You’ve told your partner how to talk to your parents about getting their approval.

#19: You wake up from nightmares about changes… yet you don’t have a dress for the wedding.

20. You remember every detail of the flower arrangements at every wedding you’ve been to and know what NOT to do.

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#21: You’ve contacted the person you want to perform your wedding ceremony, just in case they’re booked solid for the next five years.

#22: You’ve looked around and saved the websites of the best caterers in your area.

#23: You know exactly which stores will be on your registry and which ones won’t be.

#24: You’ve planned the best DIY wedding favors!

#25: You’ve been to wedding shops and tried on a wedding dress or two!

I’m sure that many of you can identify with more than a few of these signs. We’ve all been there, planning and thinking about our weddings before we even had a date or found “the one.”

The need for everything to be perfect and weddings

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We are taught from a very young age that our wedding will be one of the most important days of our lives and that it must be perfect. Even though a wedding is the first chance for a new couple to show the world how much they love each other and who they are as a couple, perfection doesn’t have to be such a big deal.

Wedding fever is a sickness that can be caused by a desire for perfection. The wedding must have the perfect place, food, flowers, music, etc., and the bride, groom, and their wedding parties must look like they just stepped off the set of a movie.

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Many people don’t enjoy planning their weddings or the big day itself because they have too high of expectations. With so much pressure on everything and everyone to look perfect, it can be hard to keep up. How old should you be to get married to make sure you have a happy life?

There are three things you must do to deal with wedding fever and get over it.

If you have wedding fever or are getting ready for your big day, you need to remember three important things.

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#1: First and foremost, your wedding is a celebration of your love for your partner. You need to change your approach. Less should be said about how big and fancy the wedding is and more should be said about how much you and your partner love each other.

#2: You can’t forget to live in the present while you worry about something that will happen years from now. You shouldn’t spend your time worrying about every little detail. Right now, you should be happy with the relationship you have with your partner.

You can dream about your wedding and talk about your first ideas, but don’t let the planning and thinking about the perfect day take over your life. Even though you’re not married, you’ll miss out on all the cool things going on right now.

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#3: You need to stop worrying about every little thing. Will anyone really notice if your flower arrangements are light blue instead of teal? No, most likely not. And if someone brings it up, you probably shouldn’t have invited them because they aren’t that good of a friend. If you hesitate and worry about all the little things, you’ll miss out on all the fun, which is not what your wedding is about.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or engaged, wedding fever can take over your life and make you obsessed with something that won’t happen for a while. It’s important to keep living in the present and not let your love of marriage and weddings make you lose touch with reality.

Signs That You're Wedding Ready
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If you’re feeling any of these 25 signs of wedding fever, remember this simple idea: live fully today and don’t worry about the little details. Instead, focus on love, which is the most important part of marriage and weddings.

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