3 BEST Dating Skills for Girls

In the past, I wrote an article about how men can establish relationships with their dream lady on three dates, and now, so many women are asking me about my best advice for dating skills that girls should have. If you are a “him” then you might want to read this article “3 Dating Skills for Guys” instead.

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This question is not easy to answer because society and tradition have always made it as if girls should be passive in love and relationship. Some believe that acting aggressively makes ladies less attractive and more threatening.

So I spent a long time thinking and soliciting opinions and summed up a set of female-oriented three-dating methods.

The 3 Dating Skills for Girls

【Starting off】—— Induction of invitation

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It’s vital for men to date women without hesitation. However, it is often true that it’s not suitable for women to ask men out for various reasons.  Women always have to make it as if it’s the guys’ choice, that “he wants to do so.” (I’m not talking about what should happen if it’s right or wrong. 

I’m simply stating that in reality, that’s how it usually happens or how society usually accepts it.  To help women initiate and date the men they prefer, I’m discussing women’s tactics. Please don’t argue on the gender gap or how we should change it; it doesn’t help with the date this weekend and definitely doesn’t help your shy female friend).

Therefore, when we chat and interact with men, we must show great interest in the topics that men share and guide them to chat with us more.

For example:

“I always wanted to try playing basketball. In the past, I never had a chance at school. I didn’t know how to start practicing. I didn’t expect you to play basketball so well.”

“Hahaha, you may not believe it. I have been watching you guys play League of Legends, and I gradually became interested. I would love to try it.”

“Yeah, I also think I need to take a postgraduate exam, but my foundation is not very good, and my mathematics has always been weak. I wish I’m a schoolmaster like you who takes it so easily.”

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At this time, if the guy doesn’t dislike you, he will more than likely say, “Then I will teach you.” At this time, you have the opportunity to interact with him closely.

But sometimes, we really can’t rely much hope on the guys’ emotional intelligence.  They may also dump you a bunch of tutorials or a bunch of books or instructional videos, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they dislike you.  Some guys need some hint.

It’s time to start to act cute and act like a coquettish: “There are so many things… I’m afraid it’s too complicated for me to understand. Can you teach me? I owe you big time. How about dinner?”

It’s best not to say when we make appointments with men: “A new movie has been released recently. Would you like to see it with me?”

You want to say:

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“What’s your arrangements recently?  Well, I’m depressed talking about arrangements.  Recently, a new movie was released. I was supposed to go with my girlfriend, but she abandoned me to her boyfriend, and I was left alone. I really want to see it, but I hate to go to the movie alone.”

Some girls can’t stand it: doesn’t this too obvious and scheming?

You want to date your dream boy, learn something: sit down, and keep listening.

[First date] Cultivate a sense of connection and release availability

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Before the first date, set aside a long period of time and do nothing except for one thing: make yourself look good!

Don’t dress too tempting for the first date. Take a cute and fresh line. This style of dressing is in line with the aesthetics of most men. Putting on nude makeup will make him feel that you are “beautiful without makeup.”

Although this may seem ordinary and easy to do, you have to pay special attention to every details, just like Vava’s “My New Clothes” sings:

“Look at me, from top to bottom, even the smallest details are beautiful to the explosion.”

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You can be 5-10 minutes late. When you arrive, you must take the initiative to apologize: “I’m so sorry, there is a traffic jam. I hope you didn’t wait too anxiously.” Give him a sense of anxiousness, and then apologize with politeness to brush up on the good feelings.

Let him arrange the date, remember to praise him for his diligence, such as how he picked the place that you favor, and let him be a little self-satisfied.

If he doesn’t have any plans at all, he will just stupidly ask you where you want to go… Okay, let’s spit inwardly, and then blink at his eyes: “I’m fine either way, but I prefer xx (coffee shop, western food) , Chinese food, Japanese food and other general directions)”

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Note that you are not going out with him to eat. You need to quickly find a common topic between coffee and dinner, if he takes the initiative to chat and cater to him, if he is nervous and unable to speak, you can take the initiative to pick the topic:

“I see xxxx in your circle of friends, you like to xxxx, right?”

When you speak, look into his eyes with effection, the result will surprise you.

Remember to add, “So you like xxxx too! I’m very interested in that” when you find a common topic, give him enough motivation to show off so that it can pull in the relationship between you.

It’s not enough yet. At this time, you need to release the signal about your availability and tell him: I am single; why don’t you initiate!

The suggestion is to say: “Well, there are very few people who have the same hobbies as me. I will find a boyfriend who is like-minded and can talk about it in the future so that it will not be boring.”

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This is called “pull”. Give him a hint: Oh my god, isn’t it me who she is talking about?

Don’t worry, there is the second half: “Oh, it’s a pity that there are too few people like xxx now. No wonder I’m single.”

This is called “push”, which made him feel at a loss: what? Isn’t it me who likes the same thing, who is sitting across from you right now?

Leave him alone, and let him entangle. 

To attract ladies, we need to “push and pull”: “push” them out and then coax them back so that they think we are bad but cute. To attract guys, we need to “pull” and “push” to flirt with guys, pull him over and then push him away so that the boy was entangled in whether we were interested in him or not.

Believe me, when a person starts to struggle because of whether you like him or not, he is about to like you.

[Second date] Cultivate a sense of intimacy and stimulate the desire for protection

This time, the requirements for dressing should be the same, dress your cuteness. You still need to be amazing as soon as you show up. (As for how to do this, you should follow some fashion/makeup bloggers, forgive me, I’m not good at giving opinions on how to dress).

The first half of the chat topic of this date is still normal. The focus is on the second half; you must start to feel distressed.

Show how you usually complain with your little sister and tell him that you are actually under a lot of pressure, fragile, and eager for warmth.

But this is not the end. Pay attention to the following two points when brushing distressed: 1. Do not turn brushing distress into complaints  2. Ensure the uniqueness

Let’s give an example:

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“xxx, you have always said that I am very sunny and energetic, but to tell the truth, who has no stress now? I am a girl who came to xxx to work hard, although everyone saw me during the day, Hard work is particularly motivated, but sometimes I get criticized by the management, and when the work is not going well, I will feel terrible.”

“But so what? When I return home, I still have to heat some meal with the microwave, take a bath to cheer up, and try to go to sleep.”

“Even if I can’t hold it anymore, I have to sullen my head and not make a sound. I am afraid of making noise to my roommate, and I am worried that people will know that I am weak.

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“Normally, I would never say so much to other people. Everyone is very busy, and I don’t want to waste their time.”

“Sorry, I just lost control of my emotions; I hope I didn’t scare you” (wiping tears, with or without)

At this time, you are an independent girl who has a gentle and fragile side but doesn’t know who to talk to or where to find support.

Do you think he feels distressed? Does he want to protect you? Has his heroic side arisen by you?

Let’s give an example:

When separating, look at him seriously and tell him:

“Xxx, thank you for listening to me today. You are so considerate. I hope I can meet someone like you in the future.”

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See? “Thank you for listening to me.” “You are so considerate” is to pull, “Meet someone like you (but it may not be you)” and then push away.

Let him continue to struggle and try to figure out.

[Third date] Intimate interaction, guide to confession

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Keywords: high-intensity temptation + guided confession

Okay, finally it’s the third date. This time, it should be very easy to invite a date. After all, you’ve been out to eat, drink and have fun twice.

In this date, please do some research on seducing men, whether it’s makeup or clothes, dress up to max your charm.

It doesn’t matter what you do on this date, but the sense of temptation must be in place.

For example, when chatting, pretending to be teased by a joke, take the opportunity to pat him; look into his eyes when he is talking; quietly touch his leg with his leg when eating; when he makes a joke, pretend to spank him, etc.

Temptation + physical touching, unless you are ugly, there are really few men who can withstand this temptation.

At this time, it is enough to make him attracted to you.  You should do one thing, look at him, smile mildly, that’s enough

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The men’s version of three datings requires the third date to establish a relationship, but it is difficult for girls to confess to men proactively. We might as well change the way and make him confess.

A female friend asked me once that the guy walked her to the front door and touched her head. She wanted to go further but felt that he might not get it. What should she do?

It’s very simple. You only need to say goodbye generously when you are parting, take a step or two, stop suddenly, turn your head, and use an innocent smile, in a resentful tone, and say:

“Are you really letting me go?”

That’s it, that’s enough!

This sentence, coupled with your expression, has already conveyed your words: Can you take the initiative!?   You actually let me go back without even a hug!?  Don’t be silly!

In this way, the boys either instantly regained consciousness and rushed to confess to you, or they were shy and resisted but will back and spend all night entangled.

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Regarding the last one, let’s just forget it. He didn’t respond when you almost said it, which means that he is really insensitive.

But before you released enough accessibility, it also stimulated his desire for protection. The last sigh was the last one to pull him to you.

If he still didn’t get it, stop contacting him, or be very polite but distant with him. You have to use the action to tell him: I gave you the opportunity, but you did not take it.  As for why I’m acting differently, figure it out for yourself.

Even if he can’t figure it out, his friend will pat his shoulder and tell him that you are a fool; she likes you.

Believe me. He will come to you and even confess.

Waiting for the moment when he comes back, you just need to touch his head, hug him, and say: “you are silly.”

“Actually, I like you too.”

Look, you have not only dated but became girlfriend with the guy you like, on three dates.

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