dating skills for guys

3 Dating Skills for Guys

The importance of dating: online chat focuses on “show”, we need to show our humor through words and skills to attract ladies. Offline dating focuses on “confirmation”. We need to use face-to-face actions to prove that the impression we left on her at the very beginning is valid and consistent. So here are the 3 dating skills for guys that are proven to work.

“The most stable method: three dating tricks”

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1st dating tip for guys: common topic + vague invitation + confirmed invitation

1. Find common topics, common hobbies first

2. Use vague words like “when we have a chance”, “some time”, and “one day” to invite ladies and see if she is interested in you.

3. If she happily agrees that you should come out to meet, then determine a time and place and formally invite her.

Case study

He met his girlfriend in a business affair, and both of them are in the online marketing field.

He caught this common topic, and the two of them talked very well.

They complained about the hefty and complicated work, and the typesetting and the reviewing process of the official accounts are tedious and endless.

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When the chat was heated, he said, “It’s such a great time to chat with you! I just realized that our companies are not far away. We should come out and chat when we get a chance. “

The lady also thought that he was very interesting, so she readily agreed.

Two days later, he selected the time and called the girl during a time she usually gets off work.

He said, “Hey, are you still working overtime? I’m passing by your company. May I buy you a cup of coffee? Let’s chat together in half an hour?”

Just as the girl was clearing the desk, the two successfully met up for the first date.

First date: Cultivate a sense of connection and security

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2nd dating skills for guys: security + enjoy the moment + extended topic

The first date is crucial. It directly determines your impression of her mind.

If a girl has a wrong first impression of you after meeting, it is difficult for you to have a chance to change it.

There are always “wise” guys around us who brag about the mountains as soon as we come to meet with the ladies.

Talking alone is hilarious. You won’t know that the girl has been rolling her eyes in her heart for a long time already.

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If she comes out to meet with you, that action itself says that she thinks you are humorous and interesting.

She came this time to meet with you to see if you are the same as the person she chatted with before.

On the first date, as long as you don’t talk foolish, don’t act awkwardly, and let the her feel relaxed, it is considered a success.

His arrangements for the first date are as follows:

1. Dating location: Choose a place close to her, such as a cafe, restaurant etc., near her work or apartment. This would give her a sense of security and comfort. She will reduce her guard against strangers in an environment familiar to her.

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2. Arrangement on dating details: choose to drink coffee or have diner. The focus is on you two to chat and interact. At this time, face-to-face communication is vital to cultivate a sense of familiarity and security. The venue should be quiet coffee shops, restaurants, and izakayas, excluding noisy food stalls, hot pots, or barbecues, etc.

3. Topic selection: choose common living hobbies, childhood memories, work experiences, etc.

Case study

After he asked her to come out and meet, although she said that she chatted very well over the phone, she was still a little cautious towards strangers.

At this time, he took out his cell phone without hesitation. Through the previous chat, he knew that she loved to play King of Glory.

Take that opportunity, he proposed, “Come on, let’s have a play; I’ve long wanted to see your true level.”

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Then they made some light complaints about each other’s operations and successfully opened the deadlock.

He has his own way of chatting. He is particularly good at catching the words in every sentence of ladies to open up the topic. Every sentence of his reply also contains hidden topics.

So when you chat with him, you will be particularly comfortable.

Let me show you his usual way of chatting.

H2: You said last time your friend was looking for a job, is it stable now?

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She: Yes, she is in a foreign company now.

He: Ha, I also worked in a foreign company before. I worked in the marketing department of Anheuser-Busch InBev. The work of the marketing department is particularly interesting.

She: She went to finance. Where is the fun in the marketing department?

He: At that time, I was in charge of the sales of the bar street, so I often went to the bar to visit and secure new clients. It was much more interesting than my previous audit job.

She: Oh, your career span is so broad. You also did auditing.

He: Yes. I have no choice but to study finance. My father always feels that finances are relatively stable. This may also be related to my father’s personal experience.

She: Huh? What’s his personal experience?

The second date: active interaction, physical touch

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3rd dating skills for guys: Seeking progress while stabilizing + Testing chances

Through the first date, they already knew and understood each other. He immediately sent a message to the girl after the girl arrives home:

“It was a great time chatting with you today. I heard you are interested in Bar Street. I will take you around when I have a chance.”

The girl readily agreed, so the guy started the next plan.

The plan for his second date is as follows:

1. Dating location: choose somewhere in between the two addresses.

2. Dating matters: Choose parks, KTV, video game outlets, sports clubs, or other active places to strengthen the interaction between the two.

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3. Chat topics: Topics are found in each other’s social circles, telling about the transfer of friends around and investigating the life viewpoints.

Case study

After meeting her, he took the girl to the bar street,

He chose a nightclub and took her to dance and had a great time.

Then they came out together, changed to a quiet bar, and sat chatting together.

He is looking for a girlfriend who is not only skin deep.  However, some questions will be too stiff if asked directly, so he took a different approach:

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First, tell a friend’s story, then describe his thoughts, then ask what do she think?

She would discuss his friend’s situation with him, and unknowingly, the two had completed the exchange of opinions on various major issues. He was delighted because they had the same views on important things. She is worthy of his time and heart.

On the way back, a car drove from behind. He took her hand to the side, “Be careful of the car!” She didn’t mind the hand touching. He knew that she doesn’t dislike me. He could even say that she likes him.

The third date: close contact, establish a relationship

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4th dating skills for guys: intimate contact + confession on feelings

After he got back, he didn’t worry to immediately started the third date.

Everyone is busy because of work, but they always chat after they get off work. Talk about what happened today and talk about the recent dramas. She is used to interacting with him every night after work. Then they say goodnight to each other every night and became closer every day.

He knew that it was time to tell her his feelings, establish a relationship, and don’t hang her without responding.

So he planned the third date:

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1. Time: evening invitation

2. Location: A private theater

3. The topic is not important anymore. It is important to create a warm and romantic atmosphere

Case study

That day he invited her to go to the movies, then he booked a private theater.

The two lay on the couch together and watched a romantic comedy.

When the funny scene appeared, they laughed together.

When the romantic scene appeared, he secretly stroked her hair.

When the touching scene appeared, he thoughtfully took a tissue and wiped her tears.

When the two walked out together, he said to the girl: “It was really nice to spend the evening with you. Have a good night.”

But he won’t actually leave! He deliberately disappointed the girl.  She was particularly dissatisfied: what does he mean, does he feel about her the same way?

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But that’s his trick, and his goal was achieved.

When she said disappointedly, “Have a good night”, and when she turned and left, without waiting for her to walk farther, he stopped the girl and grabbed her arm:

“Actually, I have been struggling these days, you are gentle and lovely, and you have your views of life. I feel so happy when I am with you, and I wish to have this kind of life in the future too. “

“To be honest, I have been very nervous today. I wanted to tell you several times, but I didn’t have the courage. I was suddenly reluctant when you turned away. “

“I like you.”

After speaking, he kissed… kissed… kissed.

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His now girlfriend said that although she felt that routines tempted her, she came home that night feeling all pink bubbles floated in her heart. Now that you have her heart, it’s time to secure your future with this advice for men in a relationship.

I hope you have learned something and will gain this dating skills for guys and will get the girl you want. Follow this steps and avoid getting rejection from women ever again.

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