omantic Ways to Keep LDR Interesting

41 Romantic Ways to Keep LDR Interesting

How do you keep a long-distance relationships interesting? In this article, discover a list of romantic ideas, tips, and ways to keep LDR interesting and the sparks going.

It takes effort to maintain a long-distance relationship. If you can’t spend every waking moment with your lover, that doesn’t mean your relationship has to suffer. Even if you can’t see each other in person, you can still have a romantic connection even if you’re thousands of miles apart.

FaceTime and Zoom may be convenient in an LDR (and they are), but don’t let them stop you from making romantic gestures to keep in touch. You can’t say “I love you” better than with a snail mail letter or an old-fashioned surprise visit.

Find some romantic ways to keep LDR Interesting below, no matter how far apart you are.

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  1. Together, enjoy a movie night.
  2. Take a Few Pictures.
  3. Start a Reunion Countdown Timer
  4. Playing Online Games Can Help You Compete
  5. Set up a Book Discussion Group.
  6. Indulge in a Virtual Vacation
  7. A Round of Drinks for Your Sweetheart
  8. Visit Them Unexpectedly
Romantic Ways to Keep LDR Interesting
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10. Share Your Favorite Recipes

11. Organize a Dedicated Playlist

12. Be Sure to Mail Some Letters

13. Send Them on a Pinterest Scavenger Hunt

14. Create a Joint Pinterest Account

15. Because smells are exchanged, a care package is the nicest gift you can give.

16. Construct a Multi-User Digital Photo Gallery

Romantic Ways to Keep LDR Interesting
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17. When it comes to special occasions, go all out.

18. Call each other and make plans together.

19. Write a Love Story of Your Own

20. Send flowers.

21. It’s time to plan a virtual date!

22. Twenty-Question Game

23. Create Each Other’s To-Do Lists and Send Make Voice Memos

24. Go out for Takeout with them.

Romantic Ways to Keep LDR Interesting
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25. Reminders can be set up.

26. Get a Set of Jewelry that Matches

27. Send E-Cards with a witty twist.

28. Karaoke while baking cookies

29. Describe Your Thoughts in Words

30. Make a Custom Ringtone for Your Phone

31. Go to a Concert Together and “Play” a Funny Online Quiz.

32. Spend time with the loved ones of your significant other.

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33. Poems are a great way to express

34. Try writing a poem to express your feelings for your long-distance relationship. Send it off in the mail or read it aloud on a FaceTime or Skype chat when you’re done.

35. Together, pick up a new skill.

36. Create a Photo Album and Set Your Own Goals

37. Keep an Eye on the Time Differences

38. Try a Favorite pastime of Your Partner’s

39. Make a Travel Reservation

40. Send Thank You Cards via the Mail

41. Be Honest and Share Your Day-to-Day Accomplishments!

42. Utilize Your Time Together to the Fullest and Encourage Mutual Assistance

Relationships over long distances are difficult, and no amount of technology or care packages can make up for the lack of face time. You need to be sympathetic and reassuring to one other when you’re going through a difficult period. A healthy, open relationship can weather practically any obstacle. Hence, maintaining an open communication is essential.

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