Love Trends That Are Storming The Internet

5 Love Trends That Are Storming The Internet

This must be a common thing, right? Love trends that are storming the internet? To your delight, a minor internet celebrity has placed a great photo of themselves online for all to see. It may be a selfie paired with an original caption or a creative spin on a boring Instagram photo. You click “like” and then continue.

Over time, more and more people start trying out these fads. Those who previously didn’t feel the need to update their social media constantly are now joining in on the action. Eventually, all posts in your feed will be of that type. Whether it’s the popular hashtag, the same filter, or even the same posture, everyone is doing it.

Where Does All this Excitement Come From?

One can have their own opinion. Nonetheless, there are certain viral articles that serve no purpose and only serve to baffle the reader. Want to know more about them? Let’s look at a few examples.

Post-sex selfies.

Don’t put us through that! One of my pet peeves is when newlyweds post dozens of photos from their honeymoon room on social media, complete with a bed of flower petals. Wouldn’t it be true that less is more? Taking selfies together after sexual activity is a trend that has to halt immediately, and I, for one don’t need to see an abundance of images like that.

A photo opportunity that most people don’t care about or want to see is a couple cuddled up in bed with disheveled hair or makeup that plainly remains from the night before because it’s obvious they just got back from having sex. In this case, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’d all rather view a picture of a flower-filled honeymoon room.

Trying-too-hard couple of photo ops.

Do you know any couples that use the third person to talk about themselves or who have nicknames for one another? I do, alas. There is a lot I can tell you. A growing number of people are doing this, and I’ve noticed the pattern.

As an illustration, there is a couple I know who call themselves the “dream team,” and they always tag their Instagram photos with the hashtag #dreamteam. Their teamwork is less than ideal. Nobody spends sleepless nights wishing they had your level of coolness. The fad is not cool, so chill out. I also know a couple who self-identifies as “hippies” and uses the hashtags #bohemian or #hippies or #wanderlustandinlove on all their Instagram pics. From what I remember, hippies of the 1970s didn’t exactly advertise their subculture. Just almost everybody figured it out intuitively.

It’s dumb to put a hashtag on a photo of you and your boyfriend that refers to you both in the third person. I get that the “fake it till you make it” philosophy resonates with some individuals. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are not the types to engage in such behavior. You don’t have to try anymore after you’ve arrived. Get the clue.

Selfies on a first date.

When things go according to plan on a first date, it’s an unforgettable experience. It’s wonderful when you meet someone and immediately feel like you click with them and can envision yourself hanging out with them again and again. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that this is a first date, and thus the first time you and your date have been in public together. A good first date is something to celebrate, but there’s no need to broadcast the news to the entire world.

Also, it seems premature to let everyone know that you’ve gone on a date. What if he’s a stalker or a clinger in the fifth stage? You put Taylor Swift to shame if you’re the kind to tell everyone you went on a nice date and then disappear from public view for a few days.

Kissing photos.

Like Nicholas Sparks, I find great pleasure in reading about, experiencing, and witnessing romantic pairings. Seeing a couple publish images of themselves making out is something I do not enjoy. Something you may consider to be sexy, like kissing your significant other while trying to take a photograph on your phone, will come across to us plebeians as nasty and merely a lousy photo. You should really just concentrate on making out.

Fake candid shots.

That one drives me crazy because it seems like those couples are just asking for trouble. Someone publishes a “candid” photo of their significant other along with a caption like “sexiest man in the world,” or “eat your heart out,” or “how hot is my dude.”

Your friends’ opinions on whether or not your partner is a sexy beast have no bearing on whether or not they will publicly praise or ridicule your relationship in a photo. What a strange friend she would be if she commented on your photo, “yes, your hubby is really sexy!” To put it bluntly, that’s not ideal.

It’s fine to share images every once in a while but bear in mind that popular doesn’t equal elegant. True love, however, is one style that will never go out of fashion. Authentic affection will never go out of style, so flaunt it whenever possible.

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