Obvious Signs of Being Ghosted

5 Obvious Signs of Being Ghosted and How To Deal With It

Do you frequently find yourself in situations where you fail to receive responses to your messages without even realizing it? Here are 5 obvious signs of being ghosted, as well as the various methods you can deal with it.

It’s possible that getting ghosted is one of the most annoying things that can happen in the world. BWhat exactly is ghosting? I’ll explain it in detail for any of you who aren’t aware of the term, other than the fact that it’s commonly used in conjunction with Halloween.

What exactly is “ghosting”?

A person engages in the practice of ghosting when they abruptly and suddenly cut off all forms of communication with someone they are dating at the time but no longer wish to date them. People who are uncomfortable with confrontation will do this in the hopes that the person they are seeing will “get the hint” and stop harassing them. These people are known as “trolls.”

I am aware of that. It’s very severe. And it is quite unfortunate for the people to whom it happens for a variety of different reasons. It does not provide any logic or resolution, and the victims are left feeling confused and uneasy as a result. But it does happen pretty frequently, and it’s always reassuring to know if you’re actually being ghosted or if someone is merely busy when it comes to communicating with you about something important.

For my part, I’ve never experienced being ghosted. It’s possible that I’m simply too obnoxious for the guy, and ultimately he has to just tell me what’s going on so that his phone will stop going off all the time. It’s difficult for me to say for sure. On the other hand, many of my close friends have, and I’ve observed them as they patiently waited through each of these indicators.

There are 5 unmistakable indications that you have been ghosted.

You might think it’s quite clear that someone is ghosting you, but there is a way to ghost someone that is so covert that you won’t even realize that you’ve been tricked into falling into the trap until it’s too late. As a result of the agony that my friends have gone through, I have figured out five ways to identify whether you’re being ghosted for sure, and another five ways to deal with it if you find out that you are being ghosted.

#1 They don’t communicate with you in any way at all on their end.

So you’ve contacted or texted them a few times and even given them a call here and there, but all you’ve gotten in response is nothing; nevertheless, you know they saw your texts because they’ve been on social media. If it’s been several or few days and you haven’t heard from them once, then there’s a good probability that you’ve been ghosted. It’s possible that they are just extremely busy.

#2 Your accounts have been removed from all of the available social media platforms.

If the two of you have been dating for some time, there is a good chance that you are already friends on social media. This one is a bit of a conundrum because it is possible for it to take place either before or after the actual act of ghosting.

If you discover that you are no longer their friend on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and then decide to look into the matter, you might find that they have removed you from their most current contact list as well. If you have been missing their updates on those platforms, then this is the case. Your “date” is probably going to end up ghosting you in an official capacity in the end.

#3 You invite them to something, but they don’t show up.

If you make a number of plans with them, only to find yourself sitting alone at the bar, or even at a fancy restaurant, then you are being ghosted, which is a more modern term for the more common occurrence of being stood up. They don’t want to take the time to let you know that they won’t be able to make it because if they did, then they would have to come up with an excuse and blah blah blah about it. They realize that acting as a ghost is simpler.

#4 They justify their behavior by claiming that they are perpetually “busy.”

This is a far more subtle indication that you are either currently being ghosted or will be ghosted very soon. Either way, it’s a clue that you’re being ghosted. When your calls and texts are never answered, and the person you’re trying to reach always responds with “Sorry. If you responded with “Busy,” then you may expect to get ghosted.

Because they can’t provide a valid reason for why they haven’t responded to your messages, it’s likely that they aren’t busy and are trying to make you to understand that they aren’t being rude. Do not be startled if you receive no replies at all to these “busy” texts; this is the clearest indication that you are being ghosted.

#5 They cut off the conversations in an abrupt manner.

Have you ever been in the middle of a chat with the person you’re dating (often by texting or messaging), and you saw that they couldn’t seem to keep the topic going? Do they just shut you off or reply with vague agreements?

If you answered yes, then it’s quite probable that they’re getting ready to haunt you in some way! This is a covert indication that you are being ghosted, and very soon, they will hit you with the ultimate ghost. This is a clue that you are being ghosted.

Okay, so let’s say someone has ghosted you. How should you respond to this situation?

If you are unfortunate who have been ghosted and now have to deal with it, then you are not in the best position possible to handle the situation. Accepting the idea that someone would prefer just sever all ties and have no future contact with you than simply have a dialogue that would put an end to things can be difficult.

5 strategies to deal with ghosting without losing your mind:

After putting our heads together, we have devised five strategies that will make addressing this issue a great deal less difficult.

#1 Stop resisting and give in.

There is no use in avoiding the issue in any way possible. There is no purpose in attempting to justify this person’s actions in any way. It came to pass. Just take it in stride and do not reject the reality that they do not want to continue any kind of relationship with you at this point in time.

And that’s perfectly fine! If you can come to terms with this fact, moving past it will be a lot less difficult. Just brush it off and don’t make any attempt to get in touch with them; everything will turn out well. Acceptance is the first step in the process of anything, right?

#2 Come to the conclusion that they are not worth the trouble.

And by “it,” I mean any unfavorable feelings that you might be experiencing right now. It is not worth your time to waste your energy on a person who does not even have the courtesy to end a relationship with you in person before doing so. Not to mention the fact that they were unable to even cowardly end the relationship over the phone!

Individuals who engage in the practice of ghosting are those who have no respect for dealing with the problems or emotions of others. They are not even worth the wasted mascara, excessive intake of ice cream, or fury that comes along with them. Those people will not be a good fit in your life anyway.

#3 Try to see the bright side of things.

They did you a solid by doing that! Obviously, if someone is ghosting you, it indicates that they have a significant problem with engaging in any form of confrontation. It is wonderful that you have arrived at this realization at such a young age.

What would happen in the future if the two of you became involved in a relationship and then got into an argument because it was inevitable? Would they just shut themselves in the restroom or rush off to the bar and ignore you until they felt the situation had been resolved? On top of that, you shouldn’t even want to be with someone like that in the first place! They did you the benefit of ending the relationship before you had to by ghosting you so that you wouldn’t have to.

#4 Cease your efforts to elicit a response from them.

Even better, exclude their number entirely from your contact list. In the moments that they have not already removed you from their social media accounts, you should do it for them. It is best to just shut yourself off completely if you want to deal with the trauma of being ghosted. Do not make them your primary focus by constantly contacting or texting them. Also, refrain from calling them out on any social media platforms. Just ignore them and move on with your life!

#5 Find someone else.

Find someone else to spend your time with; there’s no better way to get over someone who abruptly stopped talking to you than to find someone else to chat to. Go out into the world and look for someone who is superior to anyone who would ghost you. It’s time for you to wake up to the fact that there are a great number of people in the world who are light years ahead of that one individual. Distract yourself with something or someone more interesting!

Finding out that you’ve been ghosted can be difficult, and the aftermath can be even more challenging to deal with. But if you first identify the problem by following the advice given above, you will not only be able to solve the problem, but you will also be able to move on!

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