5 Toxic Relationship Habits

5 Toxic Relationship Habits You Thought Were Normal

A date isn’t the beginning or the end of a person’s dating habits. In this article, you will learn about 5 toxic relationship habits that you may have thought were normal.

When it comes to dating, it’s about more than just going out on a date.

It’s not only the event itself that’s important!

It’s common for people to overlook this simple fact when trying to figure out why they haven’t gotten a date in months or even years.

It’s a proven fact that how you act in the moments leading up to your date determines whether or not you receive one.

What if you snarl at everyone who walks by? You won’t get any attention from anyone.

Now that you’ve been alone for some time, it’s reasonable to assume that your bad dating practices are blocking you from finding love.

Now, of course, you wouldn’t go out of your way to sabotage your chances of a successful date.

However, most of your harmful habits will appear normal to you.

What most individuals consider typical are toxic dating behaviors.

When we’re young, our parents and teachers teach us a lot about dating, and we also learn a lot from observing our peers, our favorite television shows, and the people in our everyday lives. And much like with dating advice, we tend to believe that what we see on screen is the only way to go about things. After all, don’t movies always end happily?

But after time, many habits become so established in our minds that we take them for granted as the only way to do things. When it comes to sabotaging your chances of finding true love, here are some toxic dating habits that may be familiar to you.


Say you’re at a coffee shop with a cute guy or gal and want to get to know them better before making a move to ask them out on a date. What’s your strategy? After all, they’re leaving shortly and you won’t be able to contact them any other way. You’ll ask for their number.

However, even if you have their phone number, you can’t count on getting a date. Simply approaching someone and asking for their phone number will almost always result in a negative response because the person was trying to avoid an unpleasant situation.

The answer is not to immediately ask for their phone number. Ask them how they’re doing, what they’re reading, or something to that effect, and see if they respond. Get to know them, so that when you do get their phone number and call them, they remember you and want to speak with you again.


You’re going on a date and want to make a good impression on your date.

When you put on a show to impress someone, you’re actually showing a different side of yourself to your date. Finding out if you and your date are a good match is the key to a successful date. It’s not going to happen if your identity is a lie!

The answer is to stop worrying about impressing your date. Because they want to spend time with you, they asked you out or accepted your invitation. Their concern is likely to be the same as yours. Relax and be yourself, and you’ll be fine.


In this case, you’ve met someone who is quite lovely, but they don’t appear to be flawless in the way you envision your ideal spouse being.

They don’t meet your definition of perfection, and that prevents you from trying them.

In order to achieve true happiness, one must quit believing that perfection is possible. Even though neither you nor they are perfect, it is possible that you will be able to function flawlessly as a team. So give it a shot. Because perfection is subjective, and we all have flaws in some way or another, we can’t all be perfect.


What you’re dealing with is that you’re on a date.

When your date pays for the lunch or the movie tickets, you neglect to thank them.

Saying “thank you” when appropriate and conducting yourself appropriately are the best solutions to this problem. Although you don’t have to bow or hold doors open, the word “nicety” is there for a purpose.


You’re in a predicament where you’re interested in someone who may or may not be acceptable to your family.

The issue is how to get around your family without causing them any distress.

It’s up to you to determine whether meeting this individual and getting to know them or how your family will react is more important to you. No matter how frightened you are about what they might think, if their preferences don’t match yours, you can’t allow them hold you back.

Get rid of your bad habits when it comes to meeting new people.

Because they are the norm for them, toxic dating practices can go unnoticed and unquestioned by the individual exhibiting them.

It’s possible that your dates have not worked out in your favor because you need to think about this.

If you find yourself engaged in any of the following five toxic dating practices, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Sometimes, the tiniest of tweaks can make a great difference!

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