Relationship Sins That Will Kill Your Romance

7 Relationship Sins That Will Kill Your Romance

One thing that all healthy, loving relationships have in common is that they steer clear of the relationship sins that will kill your romance we’ll talk about in this article. However, if any of the seven deadly sins mentioned below occur in your relationship, it has turned into a relationsht. Relationships transform into relationsht when they are no longer healthy, loving, or useful.

You never have to question your partner’s intentions when your relationship is based on the bedrock of mutual love and respect. Period. You won’t worry excessively, feel insecure, or assume the worst of people.

If your relationship went through any of the seven deadly sins, though, you can’t say the same. You won’t worry about the worst because you’ll be living it.

What Are the Seven Sins That Hurt Relationships the Most?

There are many ways a couple can screw things up, but the seven listed below are the worst.


This really shouldn’t be a big surprise. It’s the number one relationship deadly sin. When someone cheats on their partner, they break the trust. And trust is the most important part of a good relationship.

Despite your wants, healthy relationships do not revolve around infidelity and trust issues. If someone in your relationship has been unfaithful, if the trust has been broken, your relationship is also broken.

You do find ways to deal with the hurt caused by the betrayal. When someone cheats on you, getting your relationship back to how it used to be is hard.


This sin is not as bad as cheating but still a big mistake. When you lie to your partner, it’s hard to trust them right away. No one cares if they find out about the lie. Just the fact that there is lying in your relationship shows how little value the liar puts on their partner’s trust.

The truth will surely come. Even a small lie hurts the love and respect you and your partner have for each other. It doesn’t matter what the lie is about, how bad it is, or even how it happened. A lie is a lie. Knowing which of you is telling the truth will always be harder.

Not talking to each other.

In the tech-driven world we live in, it’s hard to imagine a relationship falling apart because of a lack of communication. But that’s the point I want to make about this relationship sin. Most of the time, using your tech device to talk is more convenient than it is effective.

It’s great that you pay attention to your friends and family and can quickly text your partner to tell them to pick up milk, but that’s not how you should talk to your partner every day.

It’s not the same as saying “I love you” in person when you send a heart-shaped emoji. In the same way, posting an emotional quote is not the same as telling your partner that something in your relationship is bothering you.


When it comes to healthy, long-lasting relationships, it’s very important to be physically attracted to your partner. If your partner completely turns you off because of how they look, it won’t be long before you start to hate them for “letting themselves go” or running off with someone more attractive.

Even if you both get fat and sit around all day in ratty old shirts and sweats, it helps to dress up every now and then or try to be more active again to keep that spark of attraction alive. Without the spark that brought you together in the first place, you’ll just drift further and further apart.

Money counts.

Money is important. But it shouldn’t be the basis of how you feel about each other. Money is important and even helpful, but the amount of love you have for your partner shouldn’t depend on how much money they have.

It makes sense to try to make enough money to live comfortably, go on fun dates, and buy each other gifts. But fighting over the money you don’t even need is a serious sin that shows you’re both too shallow to put your relationship before money.


In a relationship, finding a good balance between work and life is important. Taking care of your family, partner, or spouse is important. It is just as important as spending time with them and paying attention to them. One of the worst things you can do to your partner is to treat them like they’re not important.

No one is “too busy” to spend time with someone they care about. Even the busiest schedules have room for a text message, a quick phone call, or an hour set aside for lunch. If you don’t do it, it’s because you don’t care enough, not because you’re too busy.


The last of the seven deadly sins, but by no means the least, is complacency. Or being so happy that you and your partner start to get too used to each other. It’s fine to feel comfortable in your relationship, but it’s easy to let that comfort turn into a lack of motivation to try anything new.

You are sure that you love each other. Why try to make things different, right? Wrong. When all you do year after year is going on the same dates, watch the same movies, and do the same things for fun, it’s easy for your relationship to get boring. You need passion, excitement, and growth most of all. If you don’t do this, you let your relationship get old.

It’s never too late to turn away from any kind of sin. All of the above relationships “deadly sins” can be fixed, but it will take a lot of hard work, patience, and understanding.

By avoiding these deadly sins and cultivating positive behaviors and attitudes, you can build a strong and fulfilling relationship that lasts. Communication, respect, trust, and mutual support are key ingredients for a healthy and happy relationship.

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