First-Date White Lies You Should Lie About

8 First-Date White Lies You Should Lie About

Ever told a first-date white lie to avoid being judged? In this article, we’ll explore some common first-date white lies people tell and whether or not you should really lie about them at all.

Important first dates. This is when you get to know someone and they tell all. Will you want a second date, or would you rather climb out the bathroom window, change your number, and leave town?

There are limits to how much you should reveal on a first date. I lied on the first date so they wouldn’t think I was insane; I reserved that for our first quarrel.

First-date lies:


These lies aren’t crucial to assessing whether you’re a perfect match. They’re white falsehoods to avoid embarrassment and terrible decisions. Here’s a list of things to lie about on a first date.

1. Unsettling fetishes.

Nobody cares about your fetishes right away. If someone doesn’t know you well, fetishes can influence how they see you. Save your balloon and doll fetish till they’re committed. Just say you don’t have any fetishes.

2. Your body count number.

I’m not sure why this would come up on a first date, but it has, and you should lie about it. Lying about it and then revealing the real number if you two become a couple can cause problems, but by then, you’re stuck with each other.

3. Ex-freak.

If the matter comes up, lie about your ex. Don’t say your ex-girlfriend drove at you. Don’t say your ex-boyfriend pursued you and had a psychiatric breakdown. Say you grew distant or any other lame excuse.

4. Strange collectibles.

Please keep your doll collection to yourself. Don’t inform your adversaries if you collect their hair. Some collectibles are wonderful, but others might be frightening.

5. Five-year plan.

They may feel pressured to meet your requirements and decide you want more than they can give. Tell them you want a decent career and a home. Those are easy, realistic objectives to meet. It calms them.

6. Laundry ability.

Someone your age who can’t do their own laundry or doesn’t know how isn’t worth your attention. Responsible people do their chores. If you don’t know how, you may be considered as reckless and need help. That’s not popular.

7. How close you are to your parents.

Lie and say you keep in touch, whether you’re close or not. People may think you’re needy if they know you’re close to your parents.

8. When you’re still living with your parents.

Please lie about living with your parents. Initially, it doesn’t matter why you stay home, but if they hear that, they’ll image you at 40 living alone in your parents’ basement. Nobody wants someone who can’t be independent. Tell them you have a place, so they don’t eliminate you. After they know you, explain.

Sometimes you have to utter a white lie on the first date. These are good lies to tell.


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