8 Signs Your Fling Is Progressing Into Something More

Most, if not all, partnerships begin with flings in this fast-paced society. The old-fashioned way of courtship doesn’t seem very popular these days, and most of the getting-to-know-you work is done by text, chat, or telephone. Regarding this generation’s “courtship style,” the internet appears to be the primary means of communication. But here are signs your fling is progressing into something more!

Signs Your Fling Is Progressing Into Something More

There are so many hookups that it doesn’t matter whether you have sex with someone who isn’t your partner. I suppose this is how our world adapts to the fast-paced lifestyle of its inhabitants.

The guy or gal you’re having sex with on the side may turn out to be your next long-term partner. After a flirtatious beginning, things are beginning to heat up between you two. It won’t be long before you question, “What are we?”

How do you tell whether your fling will turn into something more?

Signs Your Fling Is Progressing Into Something More

Before you think that your fling’s two-text-message-a-day habit will lead to wedding bells and babies, check out these indications to see if your little something will grow into something more serious.

1. Consistency.

Signs Your Fling Is Progressing Into Something More

Consistency is essential to determining whether two individuals are truly in love. No matter how busy you are, do you always make time for each other despite your differences in schedules? Is there constant communication between the two of you? As a result, this could take the form of text or social media messages. Is it possible that this flirtation is evolving into a long-term relationship?

2. You have raised the issue of defining what you and your partner have in common.

Signs Your Fling Is Progressing Into Something More

In modern relationships, labeling seems to be a constant source of conflict. Until both partners are sure they have something substantial, most couples don’t adequately define what they have.

The fact that one of you has brought up the subject and the other agrees indicates that your relationship is more than a casual one.

3. Your loved ones are aware of your relationship.

Signs Your Fling Is Progressing Into Something More

When introducing someone to your family and friends, would you do so if you don’t intend to establish a long-term connection with them? No, I don’t think.

A f*ck buddy would never be invited to meet the parents. Meet the pals, if you can. But what about the parents? Not at all. The thought of telling your friends and family that you’re dating a new person strongly indicates that we view our “partner” as more than just a hookup.

4. You go on dates.

Actual dates include going out to eat, visiting a theme park, or planning a vacation to the beach in advance. Real dating necessitates time spent getting to know one another. A lousy message is sent when you and your partner go out for drinks or stay out at their apartment only to get laid.

It’s not the medieval days anymore, but dates should always end with the male taking the girl home. Also, don’t forget to follow up the day after the date with a phone or text; it comes off as unfriendly if you don’t contact them.

5. The two of you don’t just meet up to have sex.

In the unlikely event that you and your hottie have been hooking up for a long time and are now making plans to spend time together outside of the bedroom, you should be overjoyed since this indicates that your relationship is headed in the right direction.

Without sex, your relationship seems to be developing into something more substantial, even if it hasn’t quite reached that point yet.

6. The two of you plan for the future together.

So, assuming this is a one-night stand if you decide to see each other after you leave the beach, for example, *where it all began*, then that’s the beginning of anything more serious than a casual date.

Would you genuinely include someone in your plans in the absence of strong sentiments or the desire to keep them as a fling indefinitely? I’m not convinced. Only when we can envision a future with someone can we include them in our plans for the future.

7. Exclusivity.

This cannot be overstated. When you and your partner have talked about being exclusive, that is the clearest clue that things are taking a serious turn. A fling isn’t meant to be a long-term relationship, either. You know your fling is serious when exclusivity is part of the equation.

8. There’s a lot of love in this world.

You probably saw it coming a mile away. All of us have had the fluttering, joyful feeling you and your partner share, and it’s something we call love. Flings become more when there is a connection between the two people. There must be a two-way exchange here, of course.

When it comes to flings, people’s most common mistake is failing to express their true desires to their partners. After everything goes wrong, they put up with each other. Make your feelings known if you desire more since you can always stop the relationship if this is not the case by speaking your mind.

When it comes to relationships in the gray area, like flings, one individual speaking up can make all the difference. In the end, you never know when a romance will lead to a long-term relationship.

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