87 Entertaining Questions About Sexuality, Daily Life, and Diet

Looking for some entertainment? Check out our list of 87 entertaining questions about sexuality, covering everything from food to the down-and-dirty truth about sex.

Sex inquiries are hot. Admit it; there are instances when you find yourself becoming horny simply by asking them out loud! As people, we are naturally drawn to inquiries regarding sexuality and preferences, and this attraction is amplified when the questions have a spooky slant or a humorous undercurrent. We are going to discuss “this or that” questions, which are aimed to help you learn more about your crush’s habits in the sack, their love for food, and their ideas on other aspects of life.

“This or that” questions are an enjoying game to play with friends, crushes, long-term lovers, marriage partners, or even your family (if you’re fully down for a lot of TMI). They’re also a great way to learn more about the other person you’re talking to. You’re going to get some really hilarious outcomes if you get a group of your pals together or if you just cuddle up with the person you love and go back and forth expressing your innermost responses to this or that.

Do you want to know whether or not the person you have a crush on would be down for some anal lovin’ or whether they would choose a plate of sushi over a steak dinner?

Here are 87 “this or that” questions that are certain to blow your socks off.

Questions of the Type “This or That” Regarding Sexuality:

You won’t have to wait for it since we won’t force you! We are going to jump right into the questions that you have been dying to ask… or at the very least, the wicked ones that you have been itching to read about! What could be more tantalizing than learning the sexual idiosyncrasies of the person you have a crush on? We have compiled a list of forty “this or that” questions relating to love and sex that you will most certainly be interested in finding the answers to.

#01 Did he lose his erection during sexual activity, or did she start her menstruation during sexual activity?

#02 Should I Have a Tongue or Not?

#03 Your parent walks in when you’re masturbating, or do you walk in while your parent is masturbating?

#4 Would you rather have sex in the woods or in a cab?

#5: Should We Focus on the Girth or the Length?

#06 Would You Rather Give or Receive Orally?

#07 Would you rather take it orally for a few hours or use a Quickie?

#8: Boobs or Bum? Which Is It?

#09 Handcuffs or Blindfold?

#10 Are you more of a cold fish or a violent fetish lover?

11. Sexual Toys or Masturbation Which Is Better?

12. Sex over the phone or sleazy texts?

#13 Undergarments or completely bare skin?

#14 Oral or Anal?

#15 Rabbit vibrator or Vibrating bullet?

#16 Legs or Neck?

#17 Would you rather have sex once a week or three times a day, every single day?

18. Spit-and-go or Astroglide: Which Is Better?

19. Should I Wear Makeup or Not?

20. Sex with a celebrity crush or with a crush in real life?

#21: Have a sexual encounter with a virgin or allow someone else to rob you of your virginity.

Toes in the mouth or tits in the mouth: which is it?

#23 Do you have noisy sexual encounters with your neighbors or are YOU the noisy ones?

#24 Dirty books or Dirty movies?

#25 Is this a dog position or a yoga pose?

#26 To Go Naked or To Be Trimmed?

#27 How About Some Shorties?

#28 Blonde or Brunette?

#29 Would you rather have a sexy strip tease or dirty talk?

#30 Should She Be a Cowgirl or a Missionary? Read “20 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Girl to Make Her Wet Her Pants” for more information.

#31 Regret sleeping with someone or Regret never trying?

#32 Dominant partner or Submissive partner?

#33 Is it a girl’s bush that is so full of hair that she can braid it or a girlfriend with a large mustache?

#34 Have sexual relations in front of your parents, or don’t you have sexual relations ever again?

#35 Older partner or Younger partner?

#36 Creases in the genital area or sagging breasts?

#37 Small penis or Premature ejaculator?

#38 Do You Want to Spit or Swallow?

#39 Coffee shop swiping or dating apps like Tinder?

#40 Should you wed your very first boyfriend or girlfriend, or should you never tie the knot?

Foodie Questions:

The kinds of foods that your partner enjoys eating will reveal a lot about the kind of person they are. For instance, what kind of person would sneak the last bite of a brownie without asking whether they may have some more? A terrifying beast, to be sure! You can determine whether or if your crush has these nefarious tendencies by sneaking him or her a sneaky proposal along the lines of “this or that.” Since a person’s choice of cuisine can reveal quite a bit about them, why not inquire about it?

These “this or that” questions are definitely worth asking, regardless of whether you are trying to arrange a romantic supper in the kitchen or selecting where to book reservations for the next date in your relationship.

#41 Would You Rather Have Strawberries or Cherries?

#42 Do you like coffee or tea?

#43 Lasagna or Ravioli?

#44 Biscotti or Brownies for Dessert?

#45 Do you prefer white chocolate or milk chocolate?

#46 Sushi or Burger?

#47 Beer or Wine?

#48 Sweet or Savory?

#49 McDonalds or Burger King?

#50 Do You Prefer Chicken or Beef?

#51 Sugar or Sweetener?

#52 Would you prefer eggs or pancakes for breakfast?

#53 Sweets or baked goods to eat?

#54 Would You Rather Have Potato Chips or Corn Chips?

#55 Chocolate-covered strawberries or chocolate-covered me? Which would you prefer?

#56 Do you like coffee or tea?

#57 Salsa or Queso dip?

#58 Do You Prefer Water or Soda?

#59 Would you as your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?

#60 Icicles or ice cream for dessert?

#61 Coke or Pepsi?

Questions of a General “This or That” Nature:

Are you looking for something in the “this or that” questions department that is a little less nuanced? When things get too sexually charged between the two of you, it might be fun to ask your partner some lighthearted questions designed to help you learn more about each other. The following is a list of 26 questions that are quite general in nature and may be asked of anyone, ranging from who their favorite parent is to what they like to watch to how they prefer to travel.

#62: Should I Get a Handlebar Moustache or a Mullet?

#63 Should I Get an Xbox or a PlayStation?

#64 Which Show Is Better, The Simpsons Or Family Guy?

#65 Should You Work Mornings or Nights?

#66 Aerobics or Cardio?

#67 Spring or Summer?

#68 Warm or Chilly?

#69 Should I Call or Text?

#70 Computer or Video Games?

#71 Take a Shower or a Bath?

#72 A holiday spot with a rich history or beautiful beaches?

#73 Should I Go to the Theater or Watch Netflix?

#74 Hotel or Bed & Breakfast?

#75 Will It Snow or Rain?

#76 5-star or Hostel?

#77 Would you rather laugh or cry?

#78 Do You Have More Friends or Family?

#79 Batman or Superman?

#80 Kids or Pets?

#81 Which is better: a spa or a pool?

#82 Twitter or Instagram: Which Is Better?

#83 Beer that is either too warm or too cold, or both at the same time?

#84 Mom or Dad?

#85 Bikini or One-Piece?

#86 Should I Get Piercings or Tattoos?

#87 Boxers or Briefs? What’s Better?

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