A No Regrets Guide To Sleeping With A Friend

A No Regrets Guide To Sleeping With A Friend

If you’re single but still have some sexual needs, a friend can help. But you should read this no-regrets guide to sleeping with a friend first. I think we’ve all been in situations where we thought sleeping with a friend was a much better idea than going home with a stranger. Either that or we’re out of luck and our pretty friend is the next best thing.

There is nothing wrong with sleeping with just a friend. Some people do just fine with it. A few times, they sleep together. Then just stop, and their friendship will stay together. Some people, on the other hand, end up falling in love, which makes things more complicated.

Will you fall in love with your friend if you sleep with them?

A No Regrets Guide To Sleeping With A Friend
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People, these movies are NOT TRUE. Even though some people get together with a friend they slept with them and end up getting married and having kids, this is not usually the case. When you sleep with a friend, how to keep the friendship alive

There are many ways to have sex with a friend without either of you being affected in any way. Besides having a great time and having fun, of course. Read this list first if you want to sleep with a friend but don’t know what rules you should follow. It could be useful.

The “Do’s”

Here are some rules about what you should do before, during, and after sleeping with a friend.

A No Regrets Guide To Sleeping With A Friend
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1. DO make sure no one feels anything.

Don’t sleep with your friend if the only reason you want to is because you’ve had a secret crush on them for years. You have to have no feelings for them at all, except that you like them as a friend. If you do that, you only make things harder.

2. DO make sure you can handle it emotionally

You can’t go and hook up with them if you just broke up with someone. If you’re not emotionally stable, you might feel a lot of the same things about them that you did about your ex. So don’t do it if you’re having a bad day.

A No Regrets Guide To Sleeping With A Friend
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3. DO discuss it BEFORE it happens

Talk to your friend about it first if you want to sleep with them. Just making jokes about it is a good way to start. “If we hooked up, what would happen? That would be so strange, wouldn’t it? ” And listen to what they say.

They might also be thinking about getting together with you. You never know for sure. But make sure you talk about everything before you just jump in.

4. DO be honest with them about everything.

If you’ve had STDs or aren’t using birth control, and how you feel before and after hooking up. Sleeping with a friend only works if you keep the lines of communication open and honest.

A No Regrets Guide To Sleeping With A Friend
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5. DO try to keep it quiet

You don’t tell everyone that you and your partner are getting together. Even less so than everyone else in your group of friends. When people start talking, group hangouts could become very awkward and uncomfortable for everyone.

6. DO use some kind of safety.

This person is just your friend. You don’t really like them or think you could be in a relationship with them. Because of this, I recommend that you always wear protection. If your friend makes you pregnant, it hurts more than just your friendship.

The “Dont’s”

If you want to get serious with a friend, make sure you don’t do any of these things if you want to keep things under control.

A No Regrets Guide To Sleeping With A Friend
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1. DON’T do it if you’re too drunk.

When you’re really drunk, your feelings run even higher, and you don’t make the best decisions you could. Don’t do it when you’re so drunk you can’t think straight.

2. DON’T get upset if they want to hook up with someone else.

The best thing about this is that you can also sleep with other people, since you are not tied to them. But they can still do the same thing. Don’t go crazy with jealousy. If you’re jealous of someone, it means you care about them more than you let on at first. Don’t be like that.

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3. DON’T lie about your emotions

It can be tempting to say you don’t like someone just so they’ll sleep with you as a friend. The situation will only get worse if you lie. It makes things worse for you.

4. DON’T think they can do more.

They are agreed to be your “friend with benefits,” not your partner, your shoulder to cry on, or your confidant. They are there to sleep with you, not to change anything else about your relationship. But you can’t expect them to do things for you just because you’re sleeping together. Don’t think they’ll treat you differently when your other friends are around.

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5. DONT stay away from them in groups.

Yes, you are sharing a bed. Yes, you will see them with your other friends in groups. Don’t avoid them because you want to keep things quiet.

People will start to wonder what’s going on if you don’t talk to them. In fact, avoiding each other all the time tells everyone that something is wrong between you two.

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6. DON’T give them a hug afterward.

It’s not a good idea to cuddle with a friend after having sex. After having sex with someone, it might feel good and you might like that kind of closeness. Don’t forget that’s what a relationship is for, not “friends with benefits.”

It’s not a good idea to sleep with a friend. By doing and not doing these things, you’ll make things much easier for both of you.

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