After Sex Phone Calls

After Sex Phone Calls

Therefore, the last few hours were the finest sex you’ve had in who knows how long. To what shall we proceed? Are you considering calling your significant other, and if so, what do you plan to say? Here’s an easy guide to after sex phone calls.

You and your lover must confirm that you “did it” and decide if you want to do it again during the after-sex call. There are occasions when the conversation will begin with “thank you for last night” and end with “So, when am I seeing you again?”

After Sex Phone Calls
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Sometimes, that phone call is all that stands between you and the end of a relationship. However, sexual activity can sometimes disrupt the natural progression of a new romance. When this occurs too soon, the possibility of a romantic connection is eliminated. In some cases, sex can help cement the beginning of a relationship.

The call after a sexual encounter can reveal a lot about the other person, as well as your own thoughts and feelings about the experience. In light of the passionate evening you just shared, this is the call that will determine your sanity.

Is it always necessary to make that post-sex phone call?

After Sex Phone Calls
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Sexually explicit phone calls after a one-night stand are not only discouraged but also unneeded. If you thought it was more than a one-night stand, this call is your chance to make it crystal clear. It’s important to do so since worrying about how the night went without knowing your status can ruin it. 

Even if you had a fantastic night the next day, especially after having sex, you never know how a person would feel about you. If you don’t give a hoot, your discussion after having sex can tell you if last night was your last with this person or the first of many dates and booty calls to come.

If I were to call, what time would be appropriate?

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Making the post-sex call the evening after your intimate encounter is best. You’ll have time to think about what went wrong on your date and move on to other topics. Besides, it’ll offer you and your significant other a chance to miss one another. If you feel safe doing so, a quick call after returning home or after your companion has departed, OK. 

It was great fun, and you can’t wait to get together again with the person you fancy. In no way is that inappropriate. In contrast, if you’re calling to check in and see whether things are OK, you’ll come across as needy and pathetic—not to them, but yourself. If you’re calling for approval, it’s probably because you’re not OK with what you did last night.

What should you say when you get that after the sex call?

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All of us who have never placed an “after sex” call to a partner are green with envy. The uncertainty of the outcome of your first post-sex call can be particularly nerve-wracking. You should feel at ease if you’re anxious about it because it’s more uncomfortable than cute.

Those of you who have made more than your share of post-sex phone calls can use this as a reminder to stop making the same dumb moves on dates that always seem to end in disaster.

What to do after you’ve had sex?

Things to do before, during, and after the after-sex call are listed below.

1. Only call them at night, during workday, and before sleeping. 

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The after-sex call is not an opportunity to converse with your sex partner. This is an official business call. Therefore, it’s best to do it when both of you can be reached, and your spouse is more likely to pick up the phone.

2. Greet them and ask how are they. 

Be courteous. That is all I wish to say.

3. Know what you want. 

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Don’t dilly-dally. A discussion of your plans for the future is necessary. It’s important to clarify that you don’t want to be f*ck friends if you’re looking for a serious commitment. If you’re interested in sleeping with them, you may ask if they’d like to do it again anytime this week. As simple as that.

4. Ask what they want. 

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It’s not all about you here. It’s important to hear your spouse out, too. When the chat is over, you’ll better understand why they want to keep or leave the relationship.

5. Let them go if they’re clearly not interested.

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You and your significant other will have disagreements. If a man is eager to get in bed with you immediately, he probably isn’t into long-term partnerships. Early sexual cooperation between sexes is commonplace among women for many reasons, the most common of which are veiled references to low body image or a simple desire to get some relief from sexual tension.

After-sex call dos and don’ts

If your after-sex call goes well, you should avoid doing the following.

1. Avoid asking for a commitment. 

After Sex Phone Calls
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Just now, you engaged in sexual activity. This is not the moment to mention whether you have been dating for a while. Due to the mind-blowing sex, it’s conceivable that you do not see things. The same is true for your significant other.

2. Tell them you notice if they don’t get back to you within a week. 

Even if they called back within a few days, make them earn it. If you get a call, it’s polite to return it within the next day. They are either dead or trying to avoid you if it takes longer. This is as easy as it sounds.

3. Entertain jerks. 

After Sex Phone Calls
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You’re worth more than a guy who’s only interested in you sexually can give you. Don’t kid yourself, especially if the warning flags are there: no calls or texts after work. Late at night, he’ll text, “Still up? The Messages. Not once does he take you on a real date? The drive-thru at McDonald’s doesn’t count.

4. Avoid thinking about it excessively. 

People who put a premium on sexual activity struggle to relate to individuals who don’t share their enthusiasm. Whatever the case, you must learn to roll with the punches and move on, even if the scenario is less than ideal.

5. Don’t compromise yourself.

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Do not give in to your partner’s every whim simply because you want to please them; this is especially important if your aims are opposed (sex vs. relationship). It’s fine to compromise but not to accept something you don’t wholeheartedly support.

Talking to your partner about what happened during or after sex can be uncomfortable, but it’s important to set the record straight. If, after sleeping together, your partner loses interest, it’s best to move on. There’s no point in feeling sorry about a one-time sexual encounter.

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