All 8 Kinds of Nipples

All 8 Kinds of Nipples – You Certainly Haven’t Seen Them

What’s fascinating about the human body is its diversity, and that includes all 8 kinds of nipples. Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone’s bodies looked exactly the same? What if everyone had a freckle in the same spot? A mole in the exact same place? Breasts that were all the same size, or penises that were all exactly the same? Embrace the variety of unique features, such as the different types of nipples, that make each individual’s body special and distinctive.

For sure, life would be pretty boring.

It’s normal to find things wrong with your own body (though it’s not a good idea—you should learn to love yourself), and it’s also interesting to learn about how other people’s bodies are different. Strangely, that can help you learn to accept and love your body for what it is. We’re all weird and different in our ways, but that makes us all so great.

Let’s Talk Nipples

We are going there, yes. Nipples come in a wide variety, and you might be surprised to find out that they’re all wonderful and healthy. There are ones that are dark, small, upside down, pointy, round, and on and on.

We know you’re probably looking down and trying to figure out your own right now. Or, maybe you’re really interested in something about your own nipples and want to know that you’re not weird.

Now you’re in the right place.

For those who don’t know much about breasts, the nipple is made up of two well-known parts.

The areola.

This is the colored shape that goes around the nipple. The areola is round and darker than the rest of the skin. These things can be very big, medium, or small. All of these things are normal, as is the size of the areola, which varies from person to person. On both sides, some things are different!

The nipple itself.

The part that sticks up inside the areola is the nipple. This is where milk comes out of the breast after giving birth. When it’s cold or when you’re excited, your nipple can get hard, which can be fun to play with in the bedroom. *Or, more often than not, feel like nothing at all. But the men sure do love them!

Maybe you were like me and thought that a medium-sized areola and a medium-sized nip were the norms for all breasts. Well, I’m here to break the secret. Without further ado, let’s look at eight different kinds of nipples. You haven’t seen them all, that’s for sure!

There Are Many Kinds of Nipples

You think you’ve seen everything, huh? Don’t think so. We’re going to look at eight normal but definitely different types of nipples that anyone can try.

Hairy nipples.

Women can grow hair around their areolas, just like some men can. Females often have hairs on their nips. Yes, women can have hairs around their nipples that look like they belong there. In some cases, this could be a sign of something more serious, like polycystic ovary syndrome or Cushing syndrome. However, in most cases, it’s just a normal thing that happens to normal breasts, but no one ever talks about it.

People who look down on women with nipple hair should know that all it takes is a couple of tweezers plucks to make her look as good as new. Who knows, your girl might have hidden hairy nips, and you wouldn’t know it.

The THIRD nipple.

Yes, they really do exist! A third nipple, also called a supernumerary nipple by doctors, is a tiny extra nipple that grows on the body. Even though these nips can grow anywhere, even on the face, they are usually called “third nips” when they grow on the chest. Even though science can’t seem to figure out why some people are born with this, you can rest assured that it does happen.

Bumpy nipples.

Have you ever seen little bumps around your nose? These may look like pimples but never get a “head.” You may feel like your breasts are out of the ordinary, but they are actually just fine.

All women have these bumps, which are called Montgomery Glands. These glands make oil that keeps your nipples soft and lubricated. These bumps are different for each person, just like the rest of their bodies. Some may be more obvious than others, and they may be different colors or sizes, but they are all normal and healthy.

Inverted nipples.

You know that belly buttons can be either “innies” or “outies”? So, nipples are the same way. Inverted nipples are breasts where the nipples point inward instead of outward. Some doctors recommend massaging the nipples to get them to come out, while others have their partners suck on them to bring them to the front. Some women may have trouble breastfeeding with their innie’, but it is not impossible.

Long nipples.

If someone says that a nipple is long, they are probably talking about the protrusion. Some girls have long nipples that make sucking and teasing them very easy. This type of normal nipple even has its own sexual obsession!

Very large nipples.

This loose term is often used to describe an areola that is bigger than usual, not the nipple itself. As a girl goes through puberty, her areolae get bigger. Most areolae get bigger as a woman’s breasts get bigger, but some can get huge even on smaller breasts. These big spots of color are normal and definitely sought after. “But then again, what isn’t?”

Very little nips.

Another type of nipple that is caused by genes is a small nipple that is just the nipple or the areola. Most nips get bigger when a person hits puberty, but this isn’t always the case. But, hey, small nipples can also be hot.

Nipples can be flat or round.

As the name suggests, these nipples often look swollen or puffy, or they may lay completely flat to the breast like my man said his ex did. These are more common during adolescence, but every nip is different, and you could still have one as an adult, flat or puffy.

Were you scared when you found out that your nip wasn’t the norm? Don’t worry. Now you know that there are nipples in every color of the rainbow, and each one is better than the last.

What About the Nipples of Men?

Men also have all of the above. We usually think of women when we think of breasts and nipples, but men also have breasts, which means they also have nipples.

Some men don’t feel much when you touch their nipples, while others love it and can’t get enough of it. It’s a very personal thing, and you can try it out to see how he reacts.

That means, of course, that men can also have different types of nipples. You might see a guy with really small or really big hair nipples. Again, all of these things are normal and great in their own ways.

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