Are You Compromising Who You Are to please the Person You Like

Are You Compromising Who You Are To Please the Person You Like?

It’s normal to want to change for the better for the ones we love. But are you compromising who you are to please the person you like? Is it possible to go to any lengths to make the people you care about happy? Is your alternative to flee and conceal yourself? Romance is a tricky business, for sure.

Do you remember having a crush on the playground in elementary school? Did you ever have a crush on someone who turned you into a mushy mess just by being in their presence? Did you hide a longing for someone you couldn’t talk to without turning bright red? How does it go for you when you like someone?

Most of us had crushes in our school days, but it’s interesting to think about how we coped with them. Have you heard the old proverb that you ‘pull the pigtails of the one you love?’ Perhaps the concept of love was a stretch on the schoolyard, but the gist remains the same.

Because we don’t want our true feelings revealed, we resort to teasing and taunting our secret crush. This is a protective strategy, a method of keeping our emotions under wraps not to risk being injured or exposed.

Physical effects of a crushing force:

Adrenaline and feelings of excitement surge through your body when you like someone. You’re on top of the world for a while, but then you start to wonder if they feel the same way about you. You can’t stop thinking about them, and it’s keeping you from eating and sleeping.

It feels like your heart will explode every time they glance at you. Considering its significance, you may expect your brain to start firing on its own. I’m trying to get to here to explain that when you like someone, you’ll do dumb things.

When you care about someone, do you ever do something completely ridiculous?

I have acted in ways that make me question whether or not I was genuinely sane at the time. More than once, I compromised my integrity to please another individual, and I deeply regret each of those instances. When you think about it, it was insane and frustrating. Of course, we’re just human, right?

To what extremes do you go to impress the person you’re in love with? Which is worse: hiding because you’re too emotional to face them, or facing them and asking them straight out?

Most of us withdraw into ourselves for a while before mustering the nerve to take a tentative step forward and see whether they are interested in getting to know us. Naturally, being the modest people we are at heart prevents us from fully believing this to be the case, so we do what any normal person would do in this situation. Rather than us doing the asking, someone else will!

Yes, when you develop feelings for someone, you become unable to ask even the most basic questions of other people. Instead, you must rely on your faithful servant, typically your closest friend, to find the answers on your behalf.

Nonetheless, are you serious about learning?

You shouldn’t give up hope when you have feelings for someone but aren’t sure if they will return them. An “maybe they will” element must be factored into the equation. If the outcome is unfavorable, there is no use in continuing. It’s depressing because you’ve given up on dreaming. Perhaps this is why so many individuals wait to make a move on a potential date.

Do you go crazy for the one you love?

This question is both professional and personal. Regarding romantic relationships, I tend to be a little too carefree. Yes, I go into hiding for a while before I go for it, and it usually takes me a couple of glasses of wine to work up the nerve to do it. Then I will be unable to stop.

I’m all about the dramatic overtures; I’ll bare my soul if prompted to do so, believing (maybe naively) that once it’s out there, there’s nothing left to do but move on and forget about it. A poor choice. Seriously. Don’t believe the wine; it’s telling fibs.

Occasionally, I lose my cool, let my emotions cloud my judgment, and act irrationally. I wouldn’t say I’m wild about it, but there have been times when I’ve wondered, “what the hell were you thinking?” or “I guess I’ll just hide under the covers for a few days and hope they forget about that whole thing.”

Sadly, that’s not the case.

Crushing on someone can be dangerous.

I, too, can attest to the inherent peril here. Getting lost.

Love can make you want to imitate the other person until you forget who you are and what makes you unique. You may unconsciously mimic their manner of speech, musical tastes, or even fashion sense without even realizing it. All of them are probably faint, but they exist. Only one more action separates you from your true self.

It’s human nature to mirror our feelings for another person, whether they’re romantic or platonic. While we don’t necessarily want to become them (that would be too creepy), we do our best to present ourselves as someone they’d find more likable. The problem is that we are more than sufficient as we are, but we tend to forget that.

Why is the heart so careless?

There’s also the possibility of taking risks you ordinarily wouldn’t because your rational mind is on vacation. You’re hopelessly devoted to finding love. When this individual finally sees you for who you truly are, you will feel a sense of fulfillment that has eluded you up until now.

No one else in the universe can improve your life the way I can. One lifetime isn’t enough to see everything that life has to offer.

How much effort would you put forth for a special someone? When it comes to gaining another person’s attention or affection, how far are you willing to go? Every person should think about that. Limit your freedom of movement, so you don’t end up doing something stupid and losing yourself.

Do not push yourself past your capabilities. It’s probably not correct if it doesn’t sit well with you. Don’t do anything that could make you feel unworthy of love and admiration. I’m used to doing that kind of thing. To be someone’s buddy, I degraded myself to bring that person happiness. I assumed they were happy to see me, but they were laughing at me. I wasn’t the oddball girl who made everyone else laugh out loud. To put it bluntly, I was that weird girl everyone made fun of.

Keep your limits in check.

Thanks to that incident, I now understand my limits. It’s a good thing I saw through that person’s facade of kindness before I gave away any more of my dignity.

Tossing caution to the wind is simple when one is in love with another person. But keep being yourself. What guarantees they aren’t crushing on you as well, but that you’ve just changed enough that they can’t feel it anymore? Be yourself; it’s that simple.

Sit down and ask yourself how far you typically go when you fancy someone. Do you morph into an alternate personality? Do you even like yourself when you act like that?

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