Are You More Than Friends? 17 Signs To Know For Sure

When you like someone, you always wonder if you’re more than just friends. It’s important to know how to tell if you’re just friends or more than that.

Do you ever wonder if you’re more than just friends? Do you want to know if you’re more than friends or just friends, or are you just confused and not sure where your relationship with a special friend is going?

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It’s easy for the lines between friendship and something more to get blurry, so don’t worry if you find yourself asking these questions. It’s time to stop being confused and find out for sure if you’re more than just friends.

So, you’re not just friends, right?

The thing is, it can be hard to tell the difference between friends and lovers. If you’re just friends, you probably shouldn’t be asking yourself this. Romance wouldn’t be a part of a friendship between two people who are just friends.

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So, you might have feelings for them if you find yourself being more affectionate with them or if you feel nervous around them at some point. If they do the same for you, you might become more than just friends. When you’re friends with someone, you shouldn’t have to worry about what they want from you.

When you can tell that you’re more than friends, you’ll feel like it’s just friendship. From being a friend to a lover.

17 ways to tell if you’re more than friends

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Twp friends can have so many happy things in common that a simple friendship can become a lot more complicated over time. There’s a reason it’s easy to fall in love with your best friend. You can quickly move from being friends to being in a relationship.

If you’re both perfect for each other, you’ll both fall in love with each other, as long as your friendship is good and there’s just the right amount of attraction bubbling under the surface. So, you’re not just friends, right? Use these ten facts about friends who become lovers to find out.

1. You both talk to each other every day.

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It might start with a phone call every once in a while to keep in touch or talk about what’s going on. But as time goes on, the calls happen more often and last longer. They usually go on until late at night. You might not believe this, but you don’t have to call each other every day.

You don’t do this with a friend; you do it with a significant other. If you want to know if you’re more than friends, the fact that you call each other every day is a clear sign that you are.

2. Talking about secrets and thoughts

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Loved ones finish each other’s thoughts. Friends who are falling in love tell each other their secrets and share their thoughts. You don’t have to tell your friend your dirty little secrets unless you’re becoming more than just friends.

Then, does your friend know that you sleep naked? Or did you find out during last night’s long phone call that your friend was wearing black underwear? Even if you don’t know you’re flirting, telling your friend these personal things is a sign that you’re more than friends. How to flirt with a friend over text

3. Too careful with each other

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Friends who are close to becoming more than friends look out for each other a lot.

If you tend to be too protective, you might want to think about whether or not this is a real friendship. If one of you goes above and beyond for the other, that tells you if you’re more than just friends.

4. New dates, and feeling envious

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Pay attention! Does either of you act jealous or envious when the other one gets a new date? You might think that being jealous is easy to hide, but it’s not.

Do you find it annoying when your friend goes on a date with someone they like or talks excitedly about it? Or does it make your stomach turn when a friend kisses someone on a date? These questions will help you decide if you’re more than just friends or not. If you are really just friends, neither of you should be jealous in the first place. There is no such thing as friendly jealousy.

5. Spending weekends and holidays together

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When you get together with your best friend, is it usually just the two of you, or do you also see other friends? The weekend and holidays are times to relax and have fun. If one of you wants to just hang out with the other, you should think about what this friendship is for.

It’s possible that there’s more than you think. If this is the case, you must love spending time with another person and can’t get enough of it. Now, if that’s not the start of a happy romance, I don’t know what is.

6. Take each other out on dates

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Now, when you’re just friends, you don’t call these “dates.” But you understand what we mean, right? Do the two of you go out together a lot? If there’s a new movie or restaurant in town, do you immediately think of you and your friend going there? This is similar to the last point that was made. 

If either of you goes on one of these dates with just the two of you, it could lead to more than just friendship. One clear sign you’re more than friends is that you spend too much time together. When attractive friends go out on dates with each other, it’s often not because they have no one else to go out with. Instead, they do it because they enjoy trying new things together.

7. Give each other unique names for pets

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Whether or not you have pet names for each other will determine it. Do you both call each other cute pet names that no one else knows? People only give each other pet names when they love each other a lot and want to show it.

Pet names are personal and show a lot of love. People usually say this when they are dating or in a relationship, so maybe you’re already falling for each other but don’t realize it yet. Cute names for pets and why we choose them.

8. Very faithful to each other

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Loyalty is something that everyone knows is a part of friendships. But what kind of loyalty goes too far and stops being friendship and becomes something else? Both of you will try your best to be loyal to each other and be there when the other needs you if you are inlove.

And this is one of the main reasons why love can hurt so much, especially when trust and loyalty are broken. If you always drop everything to be there for each other when one of you is in trouble, this is a clear sign that you’re more than just friends.

9. Lots of petting and cuddling

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This really shouldn’t be a question anymore. Physical ways of showing affection, like petting and cuddling, are only done with people you care about more than just as friends. Do you hold hands or rest your heads on each other’s shoulders most of the time? Arms locked together and a few cheek kisses here and there don’t really help a friendship.

The only reason this should be easy for you and your friend is because your friendship has grown into something more. If you like to cuddle up with your friend, you can’t really date someone else when your friend is around, because that person would get jealous and leave.

10. You want to give your friend a kiss.

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Even if you haven’t kissed your friend yet, if you’ve already thought about it, it might not just be friendship between the two of you.

Friends don’t care if they kiss or get intimate with each other. Nor do they make stupid deals like, “Let’s get married to each other if we don’t find anyone else by the time we’re 30.” If you want to know if you’re more than just friends, watch how you kiss each other. You don’t kiss your friends!

11. You look at each other like that

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You know what we’re talking about: that look between lovers in movies that can’t be missed. This doesn’t happen in friendships. If you and your friend often share a glance or two, something must be bothering you both.

If they look at you the same way you look at them, why not become friends? Literally everyone around you can see it except you. Look at the real world and you might see that you’re not friends anymore, but something more.

12. There will be flirting.

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Flirts don’t flirt, ever. Even if it was just a joke, if you flirt with your friend in a subtle way and they do the same, this is no longer a friendship. In fact, maybe neither of you is brave enough to admit it to themselves, but you both like each other.

Flirting is a sure sign that you’re more than just friends, since you shouldn’t flirt with a friend unless they’re also someone you’ve dated.

13. Your friendship has drastically changed.

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Now, we’re not talking about small changes. We’re talking about changes that your other friends can see. Maybe you touch each other all the time, or when you talk, it sounds like no one else is there. These are signs that two people are in love, and you’re just in denial about it.

If this is true, you should talk to each other and see where the relationship goes from there. I mean, it’s clear that you’re no longer just friends.

14. You both tell other people about each other

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If you’re not sure if you’re more than friends, think about whether you tell your other friends how great the other person is. You can’t stop talking about them to your other friends, and you don’t know that they’re doing the same thing.

Your group of friends must be laughing and loving the fact that you both have a secret crush on each other. Maybe it’s time to stop fooling yourself and take your “friendship” to the next level.

15. You’ve both met the parents of the other person.

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In a relationship, it’s important that you get along with their parents and meet them. With a friend? Not really. If you’ve both met each other’s parents and gotten along well with them, this can indicate that you are more than friends.

16. You both want to know about your previous partners

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It’s fine to talk to your friend about your past relationships and breakups. But if you both want to know everything about each other’s relationships, that’s when things get tricky.

Even close friendships have important limits, so ask yourself why you and your friend know everything about your past relationships. If you don’t feel this close to your other friends, you might both be denying that this is more than just a friendship.

17. You both make a deal

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Even though friends sometimes give in, this is more important in relationships. If you always move mountains and cross oceans for your friend, and they do the same for you, then this isn’t a friendship anymore, is it?

Instead, this shows that you want to be together and are more than just friends. You’re willing to meet them halfway, even if it means giving up a little bit.

Now that you’re more than friends, what do you do?

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Here’s where things get tricky. Even though you’re more than friends, that doesn’t mean you’re going to fall in love and get married soon. It could get to that point, but all of these feelings could also be one-sided and turn into lust or even limerence. Is it love or sexual desire? 

People don’t usually date their friends because there’s always a chance that it will ruin their friendship. But if it’s real love and they both feel the same way, it might be worth the risk for that happy-ever-after.

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Say to your friend, “You know, I wonder why WE haven’t dated each other,” and they’ll know exactly what you mean. How to ask a friend to go out with you If you’re not sure if you’re more than friends or just friends, use these 17 steps. If it’s more than that, why not take a chance and go one step further?

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