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7 Assurances That Your Partner Is In Love With You

You may have heard the saying that love is blind. Love is blind but not dumb. If you have been looking for sure signs your partner is in love with you, here are seven assurances.

A long time can pass between when you first meet your significant other, and the moment they confess their feelings for you. Especially if you’re in love with someone, you may desire to hear them speak those three magic words so that you may finally know how they truly feel about you.

There are certain signals that your significant other has fallen in love with you that you may search for instead of questioning “does my partner love me?” and throwing your head into a tiring spiral of evaluative “what if?” scenarios. We can all relax now. To figure out how to determine if your partner is infatuated with you, we talked to a clinical psychologist.

Here are seven signals that your partner is in love with you.

1. Would Do Anything for Your Requested Help

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The main idea of practically every love song is that someone will do anything to make you happy if they are in love with you. They’ll go out of their way to make you happy, and they’ll constantly look out for your best interests. When your partner puts you first and attends to your every need, it’s a sure sign that they adore you and are deeply committed to your happiness. They get pleasure out of making you happy. “What happens when you’re attacked by a friend or coworker?

Does your partner stand up for you or join in the conversation? As literature has shown us, individuals who sincerely care about one other are willing to put their own well-being in danger for the benefit of their loved ones.

2. They Exhibit Appreciation.

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It is a sign of love when a spouse goes out of their way to thank you for everything you do, large or small, from dropping them off at the airport to picking up dinner or being there when they need you. It’s a sign of how glad someone is to have you as a partner when they openly express their gratitude for having you in their lives. 

Your time and effort are also shown to be valued since they are selflessly given to meet their own personal needs, and this shows that they appreciate you as a person and the value of your time and work.

3. They Show Consideration

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Look closely at how they treat you if you want to know how your partner feels about you. Do they treat you with kindness, courtesy, and warmth, or are they cold, dismissive, and demeaning to your feelings? Pay attention to your partner’s words and actions when trying to figure out if they’re madly in love with you.

4. They Allow You Access to Their World

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When you’re deeply in love with someone, they’ll want to share everything with you, even their darkest secrets. If your partner is open and honest with you about their private thoughts and feelings, it’s a good sign that you’re a good match. They’re showing you exactly how important you are and how much they want to become closer to you by revealing a lesser-known side of themselves to you.

The more open your significant other is to sharing personal tales and anecdotes with you, the more likely they are to strengthen your connection by discovering new ways to connect with you. Building trust or cultivating it already, showing vulnerability is a telltale sign of trust.

5. They’re Thrilled to See What the Future Holds for You Both

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How far in the future do you and your partner want to look? Does your partner openly discuss their aspirations and dreams for the future of your relationship? Long-term goals and open discussion about your future as a pair are signs that someone you’re seeing is madly in love with you. When they are excited and passionate about the future, whether it is about a wedding that is months away or about where they envision themselves in five years, it is an indication of their joy and love for you.

6. They have complete faith in your abilities.

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If you’re wondering if your significant other is truly in love with you, the most obvious evidence is that they have entire faith in your abilities. There is confidence and actual care when the partner doesn’t question your whereabouts or look through your cell phone bills when you arrive home late. Over time, a profound affection can develop when your significant other has complete faith in you and knows they can rely on you for advice, support, and encouragement.

7. They want to spend time with you.

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In love, your partner will do all in their power to be able to see and spend time with you. These people want to spend every weekend with you in mind, and they’ll go out of their way to make it happen. To keep you in the loop, they’ll text or call you even when they can’t be with you in person. 

In spite of the fact that both of you may be occupied with work, family, and other obligations, someone who truly loves about you will use whatever time is left over to spend some time together. Regardless of how they communicate with you, they place a high priority on establishing a relationship with you.

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