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What are signs of rejection from women?

1. She is not interested in the content of your conversation, don’t talk to you, or use a perfunctory reply”. 2. Subconsciously dodge your unintentional physical contact. 3. Do not accept any gifts or gifts from you; keeps a friendly attitude and distance from you. 4. No call, no reply, or only one or two […]

Only by understanding these emotional rules can you take the initiative in love.

As a relationship counselor who has been someone’s backup, I would like to share with you the rules that have been summarized in many relationships between myself and others over the years. 1. Women are not pursued but attracted (the same is true for men) Once I liked a girl, I was conceited and inferior: […]

How to solve online dating “dead on the first sight” in your first date

The first date is the most important of the three dates for psychological reasons. The psychological “primary effect” determines the overall impression of you, assesses your suitability, and even determines whether to give you a second and third date. So today, we will talk about how to deal with the details of the first date in […]

What are the signs that the guy can’t live without you?

Women want to be favored by men and selfless tolerance. When a man loves you, he won’t make any excuses. You will always be the woman he loves the most. Do everything for you willingly, but women sometimes very silly and don’t understand. When a man can’t do without a woman, what will he do […]

Top 3 things you should never do when dating a girl

A few days ago, there was a hot topic about “Your worst dating experience”. A group of female netizens seemed to have found an outlet, and started a crazy complaint mode. ◆ ◆ ◆ “I was starving, but he took me 50 miles away to eat at a restaurant he likes very much.” “I put […]

Are there any other options for dating besides eating and watching movies?

Let’s talk about the big problem of dating today. In the consultation case I encountered, the main issues that men exposed in dating were as follows: 1. Dating is nothing new, every time it is a three-piece “dining, shopping and watching movies”, I feel dull, and my girlfriend also feels boring; 2. When dating a […]