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18 CLEAR Signs of Rejection From Women!

Signs of Rejection From Women

Signs, signs everywhere there are signs. Signs are posted in all areas of life. We use them to help us make decisions whether it’s to offer a job opportunity to someone or to warn us of a dangerous location. Now, we will talk about the signs of rejection from women you should look out for! […]

How to Stay in a Healthy Relationship: 14 Emotional Rules

How To Stay In A Healthy Relationship

As a relationship counselor who has been someone’s backup, I would like to share with you these emotional rules that have been summarized in many healthy relationships between myself and others over the years. 1. Women are not pursued but attracted (the same is true for men) Once I liked a girl, I was conceited […]

Topics on Our Date: 36 Questions to Get Closer Quickly

Questions to Get Closer Quickly

In this article, you will discover creative questions to help you in getting closer to one another quickly on a deeper level, a conversation starter unlike any you’ve ever seen. In the past dating counseling, one of the most frequently encountered problems is: “I met a guy/gal who I like very much on XX. I […]

Dead on First Sight: What to do on the first date

The first date is the most important of the three dates for psychological reasons. The psychological “primary effect” determines the overall impression of you, assesses your suitability, and even determines whether to give you a second and third date. In this article, you will enjoy our tips for the first date so you can avoid the “dead […]

6 Best Golden Rule: How to end your single life

How To End Your Single Life

The longer someone stays single, the more he loses the ability to communicate with the opposite sex because he hasn’t been in contact with the opposite sex for a long time, and the longer it goes on the road of single dogs. Read further and you might end your single life now. Therefore, the one […]

Dating a girl? Top 3 Things You Should Never Do

Things You Should Never Do When Dating A Girl

When it comes to dating a girl, there are certain things you must avoid. Find out what they are here. A few days ago, there was a hot topic about “Your worst dating experience“. A group of female netizens seemed to have found an outlet, and started a crazy complaint mode. ◆ ◆ ◆ “I […]

Dating Options Other Than Eating and Movies

Dating Options Other Than Eating and Movies

Have you tried the latest dating options besides the traditional dating couple activity of eating and watching movies together? Let’s talk about the big problem of dating today. In the consultation case I encountered, the main issues that men exposed in dating were as follows: 1. Dating is nothing new, every time it is a three-piece […]

Relationship Advice for Men: 26 Golden Rule

relationship advice for men

Do you think you want to have a long-lasting and healthy relationship? To avoid wasting time, money, and frustration from making the same mistake over and over again, these are the: 26 pieces of relationship advice for men 1. A girlfriend who never posts your photos in a circle of friends is best to break […]

What Girls Should Know to Start Dating

What Girls Should Know to Start Dating

Dating can be exciting and fun, but it can be very scary for girls and women. Here are some tips that girls should know to start dating. Are you ready to start dating? Are you now ready to entertain someone? Read this tips and make sure to understand this top dating skills for girls. *Image […]

Girls: If Too Many Guys Pursue You, You Must Be Terrible

If Too Many Guys Pursue You

A good relationship is not that there are too many guys who pursue you; it is the right person in thousands of people that only loves you. I saw a sentence on TikTok with a high like rate: If a lot of people like you, then you must be terrible. It is a good thing to be liked. […]

Is He Worthy of Dating? Look at How He Acts When He Is Tired

Is He Worthy of Dating

Are you wondering if he is worthy of dating? In this article, discover meaningful tips to help you make the best decision possible. Last month, I went mountain hiking with my friends. I deeply realize that age is inversely proportional to willpower. When I was halfway through the trial, I felt that my legs were […]

When to Leave a Relationship: Top 4 Signs

when to leave a relationship

When to leave a relationship? It’s a tough one. We would like to say – it never happens, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If it is happening for you, try our top 4 signs to help you decide when to leave a relationship. Whether it is in love or marriage, when a relationship occurs, […]

3 Dating Skills for Guys

dating skills for guys

The importance of dating: online chat focuses on “show”, we need to show our humor through words and skills to attract ladies. Offline dating focuses on “confirmation”. We need to use face-to-face actions to prove that the impression we left on her at the very beginning is valid and consistent. So here are the 3 dating […]

5 Love Language Articles

5 Love Language Articles

In this article, you will discover 5 meaningful articles to help you learn more about the love language. Most people express their love for their partner and others by doing what they want.  For example, you like gifts.  When someone sends you a gift, you will feel loved. You will then usually express your love […]

3 BEST Dating Skills for Girls

In the past, I wrote an article about how men can establish relationships with their dream lady on three dates, and now, so many women are asking me about my best advice for dating skills that girls should have. If you are a “him” then you might want to read this article “3 Dating Skills […]

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