Awkward Date Moves That Turn Out To Be Adorable

Awkward Date Moves That Turn Out To Be Adorable

What’s that I’ve been saying? The new sexy thing is awkward! Try these embarrassing movements on the person you’d like to flirt with and see whether they work.

Awkwardness is a subjective concept. A person who doesn’t like you will seem embarrassed if they see you doing something out of the ordinary. In contrast, if you have a good relationship with someone, they may find your idiosyncrasies endearing.

Awkwardness is no longer considered something to avoid in our society. It’s no longer weird to have a distinctive quirk like Tom Hiddleston, Jennifer Lawrence, Zooey Deschanel, or Emma Stone, because these celebs are so wonderfully wacky. To show that you are human and free to make mistakes and seem cute at the same time is to be a little awkward.

Inappropriate actions that actually end up being adorable:

There will always be a tinge of apprehension in the dating scene. Make your date like you, but don’t appear to be sticking your tongue out. There isn’t one. These actions will help you become endearingly clumsy!

A request for a passionate kiss.

When a guy asks you whether he can kiss you, it’s both embarrassing and adorable. You often have no idea what to expect when a guy asks if it’s okay if he kisses you. After all, most men assume they can take and have anything they want without any qualms.

Someone who approaches you and politely inquires about the possibility of a kiss is showing that he’s taken the time to think about it, has probably practiced asking you in a variety of ways, and values your feelings toward him enough not to assume he can simply place his mouth on yours and expect you to like it.

Impersonating a need for a fresh perspective.

This is an odd and daring gesture, but I find it endearing. An example would be if you were shopping at your local grocery store, and a man approached you holding two bouquets of flowers. For his date tonight, he asks you which one you like, and wants your input. In the parking lot, he’ll approach you and present you with those flowers, indicating that you’re his date.

Yes, he may be arrogant in assuming you’ll go on a date with him, but a man who exudes self-assurance is seductive. Awkward, but admit it: Your heart would melt if this occurred to you!??

As if you were on the Food Network.

Whatever your skill level in the kitchen, food will always be appreciated, whether you are a master chef or a novice. Your attempts at cooking to impress your significant other may be embarrassing if you are clueless about the difference between the two types of knives. However, the endeavor will be charming in and of itself. In the end, doesn’t it come down to what you put into it?

Either dancing or attempting to dance.

Nowadays, there are few venues where you can go on a date and dance the night away to a slow song. I don’t mean grinding-style dancing, but true dancing, employing the skills you gained as a debutante or taking cotillion when you were a child.. Slow-dancing with a guy is romantic, at least one would assume, but it’s not always the case.

It’s not exactly romantic to get up from your table and dance with your date just to find out he has no idea what he’s doing. Yes, it’s awkward. But at least he tried, and that’s cute!

Using one another’s cosmetics.

There is a good chance you’ve been dating the guy for a long time if this happens. Typically, this does not happen. I’m sure you’re wondering, “What the hell?” when you read this, but I can’t help but find it adorable in a strange sort of way. I’ve never dated a guy who wore make-up, but I’ve heard that straight men do. Most men don’t own cosmetics, but if you offer to cover up a pimple or blemish for him, he’s likely to accept.

This is more adorable than embarrassing, because he trusts and loves you enough to want to be zit-free while you’re facing each other on your romantic evening. So, if you and your husband have a big date night planned but he has a breakout, remember it’s more cute than awkward. If you thought sharing makeup with your pals was bad, imagine sharing it with your partner.

An unintentional declaration of affection.

There are moments when it’s impossible to control our enthusiasm for someone or something. If you’re in a relationship, one thing you probably don’t want to do early on is to say “I love you.” In relationships, there is no “perfect time,” but rather, it’s all about how you feel and when you know, and there is no such thing as a “right or incorrect” time to express it.

The fear of what the other person will do or how they will react is what makes expressing these three words more frightening. Even though it’s embarrassing, most girls find it endearing when the L word slips out of their mouths. There’s no girl alive who doesn’t want to be loved.

When it comes to relationships, awkwardness is a tremendous tool. Even if one of you does have a “head in your hands” moment at some point, you’ll both appreciate the opportunity to joke about it later!

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